2017 Review – A year in St. Petersburg


I started 2017 in Kiev, finishing a half a year jaunt while waiting for my Russian Visa. Then I moved permanently to St. Peterburg on January 11 for work. So actually a couple of days ago marked my one year anniversary in Mother Russia.

When I started my Daygame journey in Dublin, I was lacking quality and volume. So I moved to Tallinn in mid-2016, where I’ve lived a year there. In Tallinn, girls were hot! Quality was definitely there but it’s a half a million city so volume was low. But this is where I’ve really mastered solo Daygame.

Finally, since I’ve moved to St. Peterburg I got what I wanted, a city with quality and volume. Therefore, I haven’t felt the need to go on Daygame trips (aka Jaunts) anymore. I’ve been a couple of weeks in Moscow, a reconnaissance trip in Rostov-On-Don and recently to Hong Kong. But as RickyRoma pointed out once: “Pretty much everywhere else you go would be a step-down”. Obviously, it can be argued depending on the kind of girls you likes. But, I personally totally agree with him. I have never lived in a city with so many hot girls! I’m a lucky bastard! 😄

So yeah guys, I’ve been almost all 2017 gaming in Russia.

Statistics – Daygame only

As a reminder, I don’t track my Nightgame, Social circle or other kinds of games. The below numbers are purely Daygame stats.

Approaches 486
Contact info 121 25%
iDate 3 1%
Date 1 27 6%
Date 2 9 2%
Date 3 7 1%
Date 4 3 1%
Date 5 1 0%
Lays 9 2%

486 approaches

ed. I really thought I’ve done way more! At mid-2017, I was at around 358 approaches. So I’ve done only 128 approaches during the second half of the year. Well… I got a big work assignment from October, so I guess it makes sense.Over half of my approaches (282) were in malls, mainly Galeria. It’s cold in St. Peterburg.

Same as RoyWalker in his 2017 review, 99% of the time, I have no idea what I’m going to say to the girl until I’m in front of her. I’m happy to stay that this part has been internalized. It comes “naturally” now. I’m not saying I can’t improve that in-set part anymore but the foundations are there and solid enough. Go through the 1000+ sets of hell and it will happen eventually.

1 contact out of 4 approaches

I’ve done a bit better than the benchmark 1 contact out of 5 approaches. I’m quite happy with that ratio. Hopefully, Daygame Infinity will help improve this ratio even further.

1 Date 1 out of 4.5 contacts

Same as for the approach to contact ratio. I’m pretty happy with the 1 Date 1 out 4 approaches ratio. To be fair, since I haven’t traveled much, it didn’t have to rush the text game part.

Date 1, the filter date

Out of the 21 girls, I went on Date 1 with, I’ve only managed to get 9 of them for Date 2. But I dug deeper into the data, and here the interesting fact. Out of the 9 that I got out on a Date 2, I’ve gotten a lay with 5 of them. I’m still hoping to get a notch with the 6th one, which is the Russian Tourist Student.

Two Date 2 that I have gotten a lay with were long leads from Tallinn with Date 2 in Tallinn: the Estonian Agro Student and the Ukrainian Medieval Dancer.

So aside from her, I got a lay with the 5 other girls that I went out at least on Date 2.

It seems like, in general, if they agree to come out for a Date 2, sex is on the table at some point, on Date 2 or later.

2.25 dates to get a lay

It took me on average 2.25 dates to get a lay. It’s a bit over the benchmark 2 dates to get laid. So I guess it’s not too bad considering that Russian girls, generally, need more time according to some gurus and players.

1 lay out of 54 approaches

Apparently, “advanced” Daygamers hit 1 lay out of 25-30 approaches. Well, like RoyWalker, I still have a lot way to go…

12 lays in total

9 Daygame lays and below are the lucky ladies.

… and 3 other lays (Social and Nightgame)

Some thoughts, learnings, improvements for 2018

Addressing the approach to lay ratio

I don’t think I will be doing much more approaches. I still have a lot to learn but over the past 2 years, I’ve been dedicated almost most of my free time and travel to Daygame, especially time in the field approaching, at the expense of other parts of my life.

Don’t get me wrong, it was a mandatory phase to go through and overall I enjoyed it, especially the lays! It was more than worth it. I need to think about addressing the balance with the other aspects of my life, and approaching more is not gonna help much. A good 500 approaches should be enough.

But what I will work on from a Daygame perspective is the approach the lay ratio. Hitting 1 lay out of 30 approaches would be great! 

Dealing with LMR

I believe I’ve made significant improvements on the verbal and physical escalation part but as pointed out by other players on the Polish Erasmus Student post, it seems like I could “dance” better and smother to deal better with LMR and get the lay faster or more earlier into the date.

To be honest, at the moment, I really don’t enjoy LMR at all. It takes me too much time and it’s affected too much my next day with is usually a working day.

Daygame Trips/Jaunts

Nothing is sure at the moment but, I’m thinking about Tokyo in Spring, going back to Vilnius and Tallinn. I got a glimpse of Zagreb over New Year Eve with RoyWalker and RickyRoma and I quite enjoyed it. I might go back to Ukraine again, likely to Odessa/Nikolaev. Suggestions are welcome!

Regarding this blog

Some of you might have noticed that toward the end of 2017, I’ve been struggling to keep this blog updated due to lack of time and other priorities. I still have 5 posts in draft, some Date reports from December and monthly reviews. I thought posting this yearly review would be more useful.

I will probably have to write fewer Date reports, move from monthly to quarterly report posts and maybe start doing some mindwank-ish posts.

Happy 2018 players! I wish you to approach, date and bang plenty of hot girls! 


Lay Report: Polish Erasmus Student


This is the rest of the story with the Polish Erasmus Student from Nightgame.

I managed to get the lay with on Date 3 and saw her again once before she moved out of St. Petersburg. This is just one girl but I gave me quite some interesting feedback on our last night together. I believe this is the most important part of this post.

Date 2 – November 7

I met her for Date 2 right at Mayakovskaya, right after Date 3 with the Black Hair Receptionist.

This time, we managed to go to the Hugs Bar. We got a table at the windows, with some pillows on the edge, and two chairs. The chairs were wobbly so it was a great excuse to sit on the edge of the windows next to each other [1].

We ordered 2 glasses of wine and started to talk about her exams just to warm up. Then I told her about my trip to Hong Kong and showed her some pictures. She then mentioned going on exchange in St. Petersburg was her fourth choice and Hong Kong was her second choice, and her first choice was Paris. She obviously didn’t get Paris and Hong Kong. We went into why she wanted Paris first. She told me that she had been trying to improve her French for years and that it would have been a great opportunity to do it by living in Paris.

Then, like on Date 1, she started to tell me more travel stories on budget. She is really well-traveled so to speak, and a very good storyteller with amazing English. Like on Date 1, I got captivated. She was so interesting and I was enjoying too much the conversation. Time flew and it was already close to 23:30. At that point, I haven’t done absolutely zero verbal and physical escalation. But I still decided to try to bounce back [2] by telling her that I have a better bottle of wine at mine. She agreed. She offered to pay the bills because I paid on Date 1.

Back at mine, after a little tour, we sent on the couch with some wine. I chromecasted some photos on my travel on the TV screen and kept talking about travels. Her favorite topic! After like 15-20 minutes, I had to remind myself to start escalating. So I told her that her black dress highlighted her legs and it was sexy. She took it on, not shying away. Then I put her hair behind her ear to check her earning. All good as well, she lets me and was feeling comfortable with my touch.

Then I looked her in the eyes, she was holding eye contact as well. So I went pulled her face in for a kiss but I got the cheek. She just smiled and I said that I had to try. She replied that “You should!”.

I went back to comfort and talk about her future. Hope and dreams. She mentioned about wanted to run a Carribean restaurant someday but doesn’t know where she would like to live. She mentioned a flew annoying stuff, she had to deal with when she will go back to Rotterdam.

Then, out of nowhere, she said she wanted a hug and just moved into my arms. I complied and looked down at her face, she looked up at mine and we kissed. We stopped for a minute and then kissed again with some tongue this time. I have to say she was a very kisser, soft and hard, confident. I really enjoyed it.

Then she realized it was a bit back midnight and she had to go catch the last metro. I told her that she could stay a bit more and get an Uber. But then she said that she had an exam in the morning and haven’t studied for it yet.

Knowing very well that she didn’t have much time left in St. Petersburg, so we set up Date 3 for December 13 right before she took off.

Date 3 – December 13

I took her to Hookah lounge, behind Mayakovkaya. They are several rooms with private pods and usually, during weekdays, it’s not too busy. Unfortunately, that night it was full so all the private pods were taken. We settled for a couch in a big room. But it was ok, we just stayed for one glass of Georgian wine and a Hookah. She mainly told me about her exams and how she felt about her last days in Russia and if she would come back.

I bounced her back without any reasons in the way that it was natural. We finished smoking the Hookah and I said let’s go to my place and she just followed.

My place was a short 5-minute walk away but we stopped by the Burger King to get some take away burgers as we were both hungry.

Back at mine we sat on the couch and ate our burgers. Then I opened a bottle of wine. She kept telling me how nice and friendly I was and I kept telling her how bad I was. It was just funny. Then she started a monologue on how she was not looking forward to going back to Rotterdam because she had to find a student job and hunt for a place to live.

At some point, I stopped her and pulled her in for a make-out session. After about 5-10 munites of making out like horny teenagers, she sat on my laps facing me and gave me one of the kisses I’ve never had. She definitely knew how to use her tongue. My hands started to wandering on her back then I moved into her ass while she pushing herself again my cock. At the moment, I thought it was in the bag, so I was grabbing both of her legs and started to lift her up but she stopped and we kept kissing. Her hands were all over me and I was playing with her boobs over her dress.

At some point, I tried to take off her dress but she stopped me. I tried to go under it to finger her but she also stopped me.

So I decided to be more dominant and made her laid on her couch and went on the top. I kissed her harder and put my knee between her legs. She enjoyed it but stopped me again when I tried to put my hand under her dress.

So I stopped the escalation and went to pour another glass of wine. It was getting late, 1am, maybe 2. I lost track of time. She said she had to write a short paper on Russian Startups and she was not sure if the deadline was the next day or in 2 days. She checked her emails and fortunately it was due in 2 days. Otherwise, you would have left.

I resumed the escalation and we fooled around on the couch for good 45 minutes, trying the make progress. But at around 3 in morning, she said that she probably had to go.

It was a working day. Back then, I was thinking that it was really my last chance to lay her I know she was enjoying all the escalation so far and again, amazing kisser and ass! So I decided to keep trying. I told her she can stay. She looked like me in the eyes for a couple of seconds and asked: “Would you like me to stay?”. I didn’t play games or give a PUA-like reply. I simply replied, “Yes, it would be cool”. And she just said “OK”.

She wanted to take a shower. I gave her a tower and a t-shirt and an extra pair of lenses case.

While she was showing I just changed into a tank and short and was laying on my bed. She came out wearing just her pink underwear and my t-shirt on. I don’t for you guys but for me, having a girl showing up in your bedroom with matching underwears on and YOUR t-shirt is a fucking sexy!

She came to join me in bed. We made out again and I tried again to finger her and take out my t-shirt but she kept stopping me. It was passed for and I was really tired. So I decided to give up. At that point, I thought it was not going to happen. I was about to fall asleep while she started to cuddle and kiss me again. I was not into it so she asked me “You don’t like it?”. I called it out this time and told me “Well, you kept stopping me”.

Then she took her pantie and said that she just needed a lot of foreplay. I fingered bang her until she reached orgasm. She took her my t-shirt and I took off my top. We made out again. I was a funny moment when I had trouble unhooking her bra. She whispered in the ear “You need the secret digit code”. We both laughed a bit but I eventually managed to take out her bra.

I put the P into the V shortly after. We went for another round and slept.

In the morning, I messaged my manager that I was be working from home in the morning. She made me breakfast while I was working (sending some emails and checking some reports). She left around noon and I left for work.


I met again the night before she flew out of Russia. She gave on a handjob and blowout and again kissed me like a pro! We had sex like aminal. It was the best sex had so far.

It just one girl but she was opened and gave me quite some interesting feedback.

  • Because we started heavy at the club, she played it hard to get because she really didn’t want me to think she was a slut.
  • She likes my body, especially my shoulder and my ass. She thought they were firm and smooth.
  • She was a “wow” moment when I took her my tank. Don’t get me wrong, I’m far from behind jacked but I’ve been hitting the gym hard.
  • She did find me very nice and friendly but the fact that I escalated and was persistence was key.
  • We went on date with 3 guys in St. Petersburg, all from Tinder and all non-Russian, but they were all too friendly or boring. One guy, she was giving her green lights but he wouldn’t make a move. Same with guys in Rotterdam apparently.
  • On the Date 2, she was not “ready” for sex but on Date 3, she was not giving LMRs, she really needs a lot of foreplay. She knew Date 3 was sex night.

We don’t text as much anymore but we are still in touch. I would definitely look to see her again for the sex but also because she is a pretty cool girl.

[1] I mentally took notes and will try to get this table now. 

[2] From experience and I guess this is obvious, but girls will be ok to go back to your back as soon as they feel safe with you. It doesn’t always mean they want sex.

Date 1 to 3 report: Black Hair Receptionist from work

Yeah I know don’t shit where you eat. Maybe I should have asked her out but she is very hot and very much my type physical. She is a hell of a flirter and one of the most feminine Russian girl, I’ve never met. I’ve been on three dates with her so far below the story so far.


This is not a typical lead from game some to speak but from work. It’s kinda more normal so to speak. So I guess some background would be helpful.

She is literally the second girl I’ve met in St. Petersburg in January. She welcomed me at work and did all the first initial administrative stuff. I got a big splash of attraction for her as soon as I saw her. She is a very beautiful girl, small build, slim body, ideal figure for me. She always wears sexy but yet formal dresses and always with nice heels and a cute smile all the time.


The flirting started straight for the beginning. I can confirm that because she told me on Date 2. Not verbally but sub-communication. Note that I rarely go to the administration office where she works. I’ve been that only a couple of times since 9-10 months. But when we would meet elsewhere in the office, she would always give me short but strong eyes contact, smiled at me to get me to look at her. It’s hard to explain it was just flirty all the single time. I remembered teasing her about being lazy and not taking the stairs. We will also small talks in the kitchen from time to time. We were always professional but everything was in the sub-communication.

I’ve always wanted to make a move but because we work for the same company I’ve never tried up until right before going to Hong Kong in November. We randomly met on our way out outside the office and we took a metro ride to the center together.

I got even flirtier and in the metro, she was standing pretty close to me, a couple of times we were face to face and at each stop, she would squeeze by arm with both hands. I told her about my trip to Hong Kong and I decided to take her number so that I could send her some pictures on WhatsApp right before I got out at my station.

Messaging on WhatsApp while in Hong Kong

I sent a ping on my stopover in Moscow and from then on, she messaged every single day I was in Hong Kong. We basically got to know each other over WhatsApp.

She turned out to be very funny, positive, fun and not taking things seriously. It was easy and a pleasure to message her. It was natural or I guess we could call it the “perfect” text game. We connected well and she was sending me so many signs that she was fancying me for months and the messaging, while I was in Hong Kong, was very on. I couldn’t resist and toward the end of the trip, I sent her a date request and called the whole “working for the same company” situation. She is kinda “living in the moment” and said to meet and take it from there.

Date 1 – November 27

We met at Mayakovkaya at 19:30 and we went to the Howl Bar. She had a typical trademarked Russian dress style but with boots instead of her typical high heel shoes. It was not the best weather to wear high heels.

We sat on a table next to the window. We sat on some pillow, on the edge of the window. She confirmed that she likes me from Day 1, as she finds me cute and gave a positive vibe to the office. She thought I would never ask her out and was so feeling so relieved when I finally asked for her number. We took a bit about office gossips and parties. Then I bounced her back after we finished our glass of wine. It was pretty easy to bounce. But it was not in the way that something would happen but more that she was feeling safe as we knew each other for months.

Back at mine, she took out he coat and boots and went to sit on the couch while I was opening a bottle of wine. I went sit next to her on the couch with the glasses. She told me a bit about her family. I asked her about her best and worth dates. She replied and returned back the questions to me. Then she showed me pictures from her Instagram.

Then I pulled her in for a kiss. It feels natural. She kissed me back. Then she just called out “I can’t believe, Seven kissed me” like a little girl. We kissed again with some tongue this time.

It was getting late and she starts working at 8 in the morning and said she wanted to go. I didn’t try to make her stay. She ordered an Uber and left a few minutes after.

I played it very safe and slow because in my mind I kept thinking that we work in the same company.

Date 2 – November 30

We meet at Chyornaya Rechka, which is the metro station closes to our office, and went the Kafe-Bar Gastrolor, close to Mayakovkaya, which means close to my place.

We got a table with a couch and we both sat on the couch next to each other. We got a glass of red wine each and she started to tell me about her day and I told her about mine. She had a very elegant white dress and I complimented on that but also about her dresses, her femininity, and how Russian she is.

She blushed a bit and teased her about it. She hit me on the shoulder and then was just holding my arm. It was very couplely so to speak. She asked me where does my confidence come from. I have to say it boots a bit my ego. I knew I’ve gotten more confident in girls thanks to all those game hours but I don’t feel good when especially a beautiful girl calls it out. On the spot, my reaction was to just smile and not say anything. Then she asked how if I’ve met many girls in St. Petersburg and how do I meet them. In general, I take those kinds of questions as the girl is shit testing me but I didn’t feel like she was. I didn’t call in Daygme obviously but just talked her that I can talk easily to strangers anywhere.

Then she told me how she usually meets guys, which is in bars or social circle. Nothing surprising here. She mentioned that her ex-boyfriend was Italian and he picked her up at a bar. He was only in St. Petersburg on holidays, he took her number and messaged for a couple of months on WhatsApp before he came back to St. Petersburg. They were in a long distance relationship for a year and he proposed to her. But she said “no”. She just told me that she was not feeling it. She also mentioned that many guys in the office have asked her out but true or not, I’m the first one from work she has been on a date with.

She asked me what kind of girls I like as in my previous girlfriends. I did not reply directly to her question but I told her the story of the Romanian Accountant Student and Miss Sunflower. They are two great DHV-like stories with pre-selection and quite some romanticism but also some cheating. I also did care a lot for both of them. It just naturally makes easier to tell those stories.

Then we made out for a few minutes until the waitress came to let us know they were closing in 5 minutes. I bounced her back to mine. She just agreed.

Back at mine, it was the usual at the beginning: a little tour, then drinking some wine on the couch, physical escalation fractionated with some comfort chit-chat.

I accelerated the physical escalation after about an hour. We made out heavier, more and more wandering hands. I put her legs on my labs then made her sat on them. We made out for a while with her on them.

Then I grabbed her legs that were wrapped around me and carried her to the bed.

I went on the top of her and we made out more. I grabbed her ass over her dress. Then LMRs kicked in. I stopped me from grabbing her ass under her dress and completely stopped after I grabbed her boobs over her dress.

She was not pissed or anything. She just said it was too fast. I just agreed and rolled back and did some comfort. We talked about sexual topics. I teased her about being a virgin. She blushed a but replied that she hasn’t had sex for over a year and last time was with her ex-boyfriend. She asked me when was last time I had sex. I tried to agree and amplify by saying “At work, today”. But she wanted a serious answer. It was honest and told her that I had sex in Hong Kong.

To my surprise, she was not surprised. She told me “From what I can see, you seem to be good with women”. I have to say, it did flatter my ego a lot. I tried not to smile too much.

I re-initiated the physical escalation, by kissing her, which lead quickly to another heavy make-out session. She let grabbed her ass. It was her limit. I put her hand on my cock, she took it out straight away. I tried to zip her dress, she stopped me as well.

I kept trying until about 4 in the morning and gave up. She wanted to stay at mine to sleep. I thought about trying the “Have sex in the morning” move but I was really tried and I spent way better alone. I’ve made significant progress and I knew I will get her out again. So I actually told her that it’s better if she goes because otherwise, I would keep trying.

She left on an Uber at about 4:30.

Date 3 – December 7

It was a short date of like 45 minutes as she had to go to see an opera play with her mum. So I knew already I wasn’t gonna get lucky with her that day. Here the “beta” reason, I decided to take her out still because I actually like spend some time with her. I’ve been on a lot of dates and I think I’ve mentioned it before but unfortunately, most of the girls have been boring or not very interesting. This one is witty, funny, banter well and positive. It’s refreshing.

We went to the Friendly Hugs Bar to drink some seasoned mulled wine.

She was telling me about Russian Orthodox Christmas traditions. She is quite a little girl on the inside. She is very into Christmas, the food, the mood, the decorations, the traditions in general and quite traditionally family oriented. I find it sweet.

I told her as an Asian descendant, Christmas is mainly an opportunity to have a wider family dinner.

We kissed and made out a bit. But that was it.

Hong Kong Trip Report – Nov. 10 to 24, 2017

t-ara eunjung hong kong (3).jpg

This is a quick post to summarize my recent trip to Hong Kong. It was not a Daygame trip. It was a regular holiday. I had some family here that I haven’t seen for years, so personal business take care of and also to relax and enjoy some good food. I don’t get good food in Russian unfortunately.

But as any Daygamer, I couldn’t help but get at least a taste of how it is to Daygame in Hong Kong and here at the stats for this trip.

Approach 32
Contact info 7 22%
Date 1 3 9%
Lay 2 6%

Yep! Two lays on Date 1. I was very surprised by myself. Especially with only 32 approaches. I really believe I got lucky. The two lays were from strong/obvious IOI: The Indonesian Intern and the Filipina Domestic Helper.

The third Date 1 was very hot a Chinese-Japanese. She was one of the hottest Asian I’ve ever approached and taken on a date. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to fuck her.

Unfortunately, compared to RoyWalker, who got laid with a local celebrity, I didn’t get to get to lay a local Hong Kong girl and I should be back there someday to get the Hong Kong flag.

I’m not into Asian girls but I don’t dislike them either.  I thought the overall quality was low, like a sea of 6s, some days 7s. But with 7-ish million people, of course,  I did see some hot Hong Kong girls. I’ve scared a lot of them out. It seems like RoyWalker had the same experience.

I’ve softened and got less direct on my approaches but still, all my Hong Kong leads flaked or ghosted me. But the sample (32 approaches) was too small to make any proper conclusions.

Below the list of places/districts, I’ve daygamed in Hong Kong.

While I was there I’ve stayed a week around Sheung Wan and the second week in Soho. I prefer Soho, as there are way more date venues around.


Lay Report: Filipina Domestic Helper in Hong Kong

This is the last report from my recent trip to Hong Kong. It took a bit over 90 minutes from meet to lay on a Date 1 and bounced straight from a coffee house. She didn’t give me much choice as I was running out of time and she cut the date from 3 hours to 90 minutes.


It was in the afternoon on November 15 in the IFC mall in Hong Kong. As she walked passed me I looked at her thinking that she was cute and she flashed me a smile. It was a clear IOI, I just had to do it. I walked me and did a side approach by tapping her on her shoulder. I told her she looked cute and she giggled. She was small and slim with light brown skin wearing a denim short skirt, a black leather jacket, and converse shoes.

Pretty close

She was cute and look like a happy girl. I made the assumption that she was from the Philippines and I was spotted on. I stopped staking at that moment as she hooked by crossing legs and she asked more my name first and then if I was Japanese. But I knew she likes me just her voice tonality and eye contact, adding the IOI, all I had to do was be normal enough.

The set was going well, the conversion was flowing natural while in comfort. So I tried to take her for an iDate. Unfortunately, she only had 15 minutes left to do some shopping and she had to go back to work. She moved to Hong Kong 4 years ago to work with her aunt who employs many domestic helpers from South East Asian countries. So I took her number.


I sent the feeler message a couple of hours later and she replied straight away. I read it but didn’t reply, because I was busy planning dinner with my uncle and cousins that I haven’t seen for years. So she sent me another message later that night saying asking me if I was busy. I was definitely on. I replied back if she misses me already and told her about the dinner with my uncle and cousins, and sent her date request straight away. She asked where we will go. I told that we will go for a glass of wine. Then she said she doesn’t drink and would prefer to meet in a coffee shop. It was ok with me and good enough for a venue 1 anyway. Then setting up the date and time was a bit more difficult as her only day off is Sunday and I didn’t have another weekend as I was flying out on Friday.

So the only slot available was during her afternoon break from 15:00 to 18:00 on weekdays. So we agreed to meet on November 22 at 15:00 at Central.

I was thinking I will only have time for one date with her and that I just had to push for a lay with this 3-hour window.

Unfortunately, a couple of hours before the date, she messaged me that she will have to work more and only had time from 16:30 to 18:00. I was thinking “… And fuck!”. I had 90 minutes instead of 3 hours. I was very tempted to cancel and go do some shopping as I was not confident at all in my ability to pull out a lay during the afternoon within 90 minutes.

But I decided to go on the date and that I would try to go for the bounce back after 30 minutes and if I can’t I’ll just end the date. I also had to change the date venue. It just had to be very close to the Airbnb apartment I was staying at. So I decided to take her to the coffee shop across the street. haha!

Date 1

We met at the Central MTR, at the exit close to the mid-levels elevators. She was dressed like last time. I could feel she was a bit nervous and I called it out. She said that I intimidated her because it was the first time a guy has hit on her in a mall. As we were on the elevator up to the date venue, pretty much at the top of Soho, she mentioned that she used to go to clubs and bars often and sometime in Hong Kong she still goes to bars with friends and sure they get approached by guys but never on a mall just out of nowhere. I called out that she did look at me and smile at me. She replied that yeah she does smile at guys she thinks are cute but she rarely expected them to approach her.

At the coffee shop, she went get a table while I was ordering the drinks at the counter. I got a latte and she wanted a coconut juice.

She picked a table at the corner of a room with chairs set in angle. We went into comfort mainly, she telling me about her life in Manila and how she missed it and would like to go back there but has to stay in Hong Kong to work and provide for her family there. She showed me a few pictures the different coastal cities in the Philippines that she used to go to. I mentioned that I’m not really a beach person. I prefer cities [1] and if I need to retreat time, I would prefer to go to the mountains.

Other than that, unfortunately, she was pretty boring. Most of her free time, she spends it at home watching Korean drama shows and sometimes she would meet friends for coffees.

We were 30 minutes in the date. As mentioned earlier, I was on a clock and told myself I would try to bounce after half an hour. So I went for it. I told her that I have some ice cream back at the apartment and it’s just across the street. She just said “Ok”. Just like that with objections. I stood up and walked toward the exit and she followed me. We crossed the street and got into the building. In the elevator, she was a bit nervous. Which is normal.

We got into the apartment and took out our shoes. I told me to go sit on the couch while I’ll get the ice cream. I got her some water as she doesn’t drink and got myself a bottle of beer.

While eating the ice cream, I classily ran the photo routine. She was amazed by the photos taken in Eastern Europe and Russia. They were exotic to her. We got pretty close during the photo routine. I checked the time, we were a bit passed an hour into the date and we had a bit less than 30 minutes left before she had to go.

I had no choice but to escalate fast. And you know what? I ran into zero LMRs. She complied all the way until the sex in 10 steps and within 10 minutes

  1. Put my arm around her.
  2. Pulled her in for the kiss.
  3. Made out
  4. Put her on my laps, facing me and made out.
  5. Put my arms under her top and grabbed her boobs
  6. Picked her up and carried her to the bed.
  7. Took off my tank and jeans as she took her her clothes with only her underwears on.
  8. Put my hand under her pantie for a fingering session.
  9. Took off my boxer, her panties and her bra.
  10. Went in.

We only had a couple of minutes for a post-sex talk before she had to go back to work. She was also my first Filipina so new flag.

She wanted sex when she decided to go on the date but she was sure only when I kissed her. She found me attractive when she saw me on the mall. So yeah, kinda “good looking guy” game and all I had to do with to approach and escalate. She used to have sex in often in Manila but it has been hard in Hong Kong. Same feedback from the Indonesian, guys seems to be afraid to escalate [2].

Yep! It seems like it is possible for me to get a Date 1 lay within 90 minutes.

[1] Obviously for game

[2] Not judging as I used to be like that and I know, when you are not used to it, it can be scary. I forgot where I heard that but, the second biggest roadblock after approach anxiety is sexual anxiety.

Date 1: Chinese-Japanese Lolita Fashonista in Hong Kong

She was a girl I approached and went on a Date 1 straight at the apartment during my trip to Hong Kong last month.

In general, I’m very neutral in term of Asian girls. I don’t especially like them but I don’t especially dislike them either. But she was one of the hottest Asian girls, I’ve ever approached and gone on a date with. Definitely a solid 8. I had 2 lays during this trip. The Indonesian intern and a Filipina. Both of them were new flags. But I would have traded those two lays and flags with this Lolita Chinese-Japanese in a heartbeat!

The Approach

It was on November 16, in the Tsim Sha Tsui MRT around 20:00. She walked passed me and was looking at her phone. She was really sexy, dressed in a Lolita Fashion style, with cat pattern tights and black heeled shoes with a black mini-skirt. She was pretty slim with what seems to be firm round boobs. I’m not sure but I thought I got a quick IOI. I think I saw her looking up for a second. It would have definitely regretted it hard if I wouldn’t have approached this one.


Closes enough with a less dolly face.


I front stopped her. I opened by telling her she was cute and had an usual style. She replied “Really?!” and I replied back ironically “No, you don’t. Obviously, all girls here dressed like you”. I continued saying that she was Japanese with this Lolita style. She laughed and replied that she was half Japanese half Chinese and was born in Shanghai and asked me where I was from and what I was doing Hong Kong. I just replied and returned the question back to her. She said she moved there only a couple of months ago and has been looking for a job. I noticed that she started to make a step toward the exit. I called it out. She told me that she was on her way to meet some friends to see a movie and she was late already and that the movie was about to start. She specified that her friends were 1 girl and 1 guy and she was not involved with the guy. It was a good sign as she basically wanted me to know that she was single.

Anyway, so I went for the number close by telling her first that she was attractive and she said straight away that she found me attractive too. Then we exchanged numbers.


I’m not calling this texting/messaging because there were almost none. I sent her the feeler message and replied with a call.  Maybe you guys had this kind of experience but ever since I started to game, I’ve never had a girl call and not text at all.

We did some chit-chat over the phone for like 5 minutes and I asked her out. We agree to meet at Central for some wine on November 20.

Then, I think the next day, she called again, saying it was weird, that she didn’t know me. I did some “agree and amplify” a bit but stopped when I noticed she was serious and genuinely concerned about going out with a random guy for alcoholic drinks. She suggested just to get a coffee at a Starbucks closer to her place in Wan Chai. I settled and agreed.

The day before the date, she called to confirm the date. But then on the date day, while I just arrived at the Starbucks, she called me saying she was not coming, calling out it was too weird, not normal, not safe enough for her and got cold feet. I was pissed but I thought it didn’t make sense to convince her over the phone and basically gave up on seeing and told her I understood. And well, if you have been gaming enough, you know girls flake, gosh, disappear suddenly and no-show on dates happen as well. It still pisses me off but I got used to it and take it as “part of the game”.

But then, to my surprise, she called me at around midnight, asking me where I was. I told her that I was home. She was in a taxi and she can come to my place and asked me to tell the driver my address. I did and about 5-10 minutes later, she called again and said she was outside.

In my mind, I was like “WTF”, how can you go from not feeling comfortable and safe with a random guy in a public place to coming straight to a guy’s place!

Anyway, I went down to get her. She had a sexy tight low cut black dress. She was stunning!

In the apartment, we sat at the bar table, on high chairs, across from each other. She went on a monologue. She started in English but then switched to Cantonese. I can understand Cantonese more than I can speak. So basically she was speaking in Cantonese and I was replying in Engish. The monologue was her apologizing, explaining again that it was weird and not normal but still thought I was interesting and cute.

I didn’t jump on her. I just called her out on her behavior in a teasy way and with a smile. She giggled. I went to open a bottle of wine and offered her some ice cream.

She also told me she was 30 years old. I was very surprized. I would have given her 20. But I guess with Asians you never know.

We moved to the couch with the ice cream and wine. She told me about her life in Shanghai. I told her about Europe and Russia, and ran the photo routine. We got very close while running the photo routine. There were definitely some sparkles between us. I reached out for the hand, then moved her hair, then put her hair behind her ears. Finally leaned it for the kiss. She took it and kissed me back. I stopped and played with her hands again, verbally escalated by telling her she looked quite sexy with this dress. She blushed and I put her in for another kiss with some tongue this time. I rolled back, picked the emptied bowls and went to put them in the sink. I got back to her and refill our glasses with more wine.

I did a bit more comfort about our family this time and we kissed again, made out a bit but she would stop any further physical escalation. When my hand would get too close to her ass, she would use her hands to put them away. If the made-out would turn her too much on, she would slow it down. She would never hold hands for too long. Sometimes she would grab mine but would let it go very quickly. So I decided to roll back again for more comfort chit-chat about “hopes and dreams” before getting back to another kissing session but she would still not let me escalate.

I think it was almost 2 in the morning when she said that she had to go. I tried to make her stay by pulling her back to the couch but she would stand up again. I decided not to insist or it would feel needy. But we agreed to meet again two days later before she left in a taxi.

Unfortunately, she ghosted me after that. I messaged her but didn’t reply/called back. I tried to call her once but she didn’t pick up.

I will never know for sure but she definitely fancied me and I think it was all too “not normal” and too fast for her. She was seriously hot! So I have some regrets. I could have taken it slower but at the same time, I was running out of time in Hong Kong.

Lay with a small Indonesian intern in Hong Kong

Last month, I was in Hong Kong. Not a Daygame Jaunt, but proper regular holidays to get great food, visiting friends and family and taking care of some administrative stuff. But I guess it’s hard not to do some Daygame wherever you go.

It was a pretty straightforward Date 1 lay and an approach off an IOI and she found me attractive off the bat because of my J-Pop-ish look and style. She was a low 6 and the first girl that was available for a date. She was also my first Indonesian lay.


I was about to go take the MTR at the Sheung Wan station when I saw her. She gave an IOI, she looked and smiled at me. After she passed by, I turned back my neck, she was looking at me and obviously noticed that I look back. I guess she was feeling embarrassed. So she turned back kept on working. Again, she was Ok-6-cute-ish. It was my second day in Hong Kong and quality has been not good at all up until then. So I ran after her and front stopped her.


Closes enough


She flashed a smile and had anime-like eyes even before I said a word. I opened with “You know I saw you checking me out”. She was nervous, embarrassed and avoiding my eye contacts. I called it out and told her that it was ok and that I would do the talking. I went with the classic animal comparison tease – a shy hamster. She was dressed very formally and all back so I assumed she was a divorce lawyer. She laughed and said she was working in an investment bank in compliance. I thought she was a local Hong Kong girl but it turned out she was Indonesian in Hong Kong for an internship until next year.

I told about what I was doing in Hong Kong and that I was French. She reacted that I look like a Japanese Pop singer. I busted out laugh! She showed me some pictures of some singers on her phone. She was a fan of J-Pop and K-Pop music. She looked very on, so I tried to get her to iDate and see if I can go for a SDL. Unfortunately, she was on her way to hang out with other interns. So I number closed her.

Messaging on WhatsApp

The messaging was easy. I sent her the feeler in the evening. She replied straight away saying how happy she was that we met and that she was still hanging out her intern group.

I messaged her to make sure to go crazy like proper interns abroad. She said she was not that kind of girl. I followed up with a date request for the next day. But she couldn’t but offer another day, two days later.

Date 1

During the first in Hong Kong, I was living close to the Sheung Wan MTR so this where I arranged to meet up. She showed up dolled up, black sandal heel shoes, black mini-skirt, and a tight white tank top. She was a low 6 as mentioned before but did appreciate the effort and her feminine style. Oh! Obviously, it was a very good sign!

I led her to the Jaa Bar, a couple of blocks from the studio I was staying at. There were quite a lot of people. So at the beginning, we settled for the bar. I got a beer and she got a glass of white wine. We started the small talk chit-chat for like 30 minutes. Hobbies, her job, a bit on her family. She asked me a couple of questions about my life. I was impressed by the fact that I’ve lived in different countries. Then I saw that some people on a table with a couch were leaving. I grabbed her drink and mine and moved to the table. She just followed me. It was just a couch, we had to sit next to each other. I started to ask her travel questions. From there, it’s easy to move into the photo routine.

She told me she had only been traveling in Asia and her favorite city in Tokyo. She has been there only once but wishes to live there someday but it’s quite an expensive city to live in. I asked her if she had some pictures her trip to Tokyo. She grabbed her phone, opened her Instagram and showed me a few pictures from Tokyo and Seoul. At the point, we were lap-to-lap.

Then I pulled out my phone and showed her pictures (photo routine) myself. She was fascinating St. Peterburg and Moscow covered in snow. But in general, like always when I do the photo routine, I tell some DHV stories. She was totally impressed by my life and all the countries I’ve lived it.

Our faces were closed. I just looked at her in the eyes with a smile and we both leaned in for a kiss. Then I played a bit with her hair and kissed her again.

I think we were around 90 minutes into the date and went for the bounce back by saying that I have a bottle of wine at mine and it would be quieter there. We stood up, stopped by the bar to pay the bill and headed to my place.

The studio was on the 6th floor with no lift. She was too tired with her shoes half way. So we had to stop for a couple of minutes for a break. In the apartment, she was feeling nervous, which is very normal. So I took the bottle of wine and the glasses and lead of one floor up to the rooftop. We sat on a small cube. We were not talking much. I stood up and went closer to the edge a couple of times. I was actually genuinely enjoying the view.

I told her that I had to enjoy this weather as back in St. Peterburg it will be cold, windy and dark. She just replied some blabla about how she wouldn’t be able to live in cold country.

Then I went back to sit next to her and pulled her in for a make out. She was getting more and more on. I started to put my hand under her top for a skin-to-skin kino. She just got more into the makeout.

I grabbed her hand and led her back down to the studio. Back inside, I kissed her against the wall. Then I carried her and put her on the bed. She said it was too fast. I just replied “Yeah it is. This is crazy” but kept kissing her. I stopped a bit just to take off my tank and went back on her for more makeout.

I put my hand under her skirt and moved it slowly up until I reached her pussy and started to finger her over her pantie. She was wet for sure. Then I put my hand under her pantie and fingered properly until she moaned.

I took out her skirt. She took out her top while I was taking off my jeans. Then, when I was about to pull down her pantie, she asked her magic question “Do you have a condom?”. I took out the condom from my wallet and the rest is history.

Post-sex talk

She told me she knew that sex was a possibility when she agreed to meet me. She only had sex with one guy before. But she was sure she wanted sex when I kissed her at the bar.

She also mentioned that she has been on many dates with locals, Americans, Koreans and Japanese from Tinder but none escalated.

I got the confirmation that she found me attractive because I have a J-Pop style and admitted that she enjoyed checking out my ass while I was standing up close to the edge on the rooftop.


Date 2 with a Russian Tourist Student

Russian Tourist Student
Like with less make-up and no, she doesn’t know how to make this kind of seductive look.

This just a post on Date 2 after she got back from Prague. You can read the approach and the Date 1 here.

Messaging on WhatsApp

The messaging was straightforward and she is not much of a texter in general. She messaged me when she got back from Prague saying that she was back and it was cold in St. Peterburg. I told that I’d be happy to warm her up. She just agreed. So I went for the Date request on Wednesday but she suggested Thursday night. I just agreed.

Date 2

We met at Mayakovskaya at 20:00 like last time. There was another talk at the Howl Bar so I told her the the Kafe-Bar Gastrolor. We sat on a table with two opposite couches.

She told me about Prague and told me that she and her friends got approached a few times in the streets. No wonder!

She was wearing her glasses. I actually found her amazing sexy with them. But I teased her about looking like a strict school teacher. She didn’t like it and took off the glasses and put them into her bag. Her phone was buzzing with messages and notifications. But she ignored all of them.

I told her a bit more about Hong Kong and what I was planning to do there. I forgot how you got into this topic but she told me quite a few personal things about her family. She lost her mother while she was a kids and her and her brother got raised by her dad.

She also mentioned without me asking her that her dad doesn’t know she was on a date with me. I joked about it saying that if he would know, she will probably come with a kalashnikov ready to shot me. Apparently, he is very protective. I guess it makes sense, he did raise her by himself. It got a bit emotional and her eyes were watering. So I teased her about being a little girl, she laughed and hit me.

I went to the bathroom and when I got back, I told her to move a bit. She did and I just sat next to her.

I asked her to show me some photos from Prague. So she grabbed her phone and showed me a few photo of her at the Prague cattle and on the old town square. I pulled out my phone and showed her also pictures from Prague, from when I was on a jaunt there.

I ran the ring routine for a good 5-10 minutes while taking her hand and then pulled her in for a kiss. This time, she kissed me back and got more into it and it was going toward a makeout. But I stopped and told her it was too fast and I was not that easy. She smiled and said that it was usually girls who use this line.

I leaned in for another kiss, squeezed her hand, played a bit with her hair and checked out her earnings. We kissed again, full make out this time.

I tried to bounce her back a couple of times but this time she was saying that it was too fast and that she had to go back home soon or her dad will really come with a Kalashnikov. It was a bit past midnight if I remembered well. I knew from Date 1 that she needs more dates.

She ordered an Uber and the date ended.



Nightgame set and Date 1 with Polish Erasmus Student

She is a girl I approached when I was out in some kind of bar/restaurant that turned into a nightclub at night, Takao [1]. We made out like horny teenager at the bar but got cockblocked by her friend. To be fair, when I approached her I had one too many beers, counting the two pints I had at the Howl bar. I still got her number and got her out on a Date 1 where I didn’t even go for the kiss. But as “beta” as it sounds like it was one of the most enjoyable dates I had this year.

Kinda like her

The set

It was not planning to go there. I was last minute. It was around 21:00, I was in the Howl bat, sitting at the bar, just enjoying a pint of beer [2] and doing some text game. I was feeling fine and still have a lot of energy in my tank. So I messaged a female friend that organized parties and quite a party girl herself, asking her she had any plans that night. She told me she was in Takao with a few friends of hers and she invited me to join her. Takao is only a couple of blocs again from my place and the Howl bar so I could go home anytime.

When I arrived, I greeted my friend and she introduced me to her groups of friends, they were only couples. After some small talk, I went to the bar to get a beer. While waiting for my pint, I did my first approach there and I got a “no English”.

The quality was really hight, many girls in sexy outfits, many were not wearing bra. Pure party girls. Many people were already tipsy. Some guys were fighting already and bouncers had to throw them out. It was very noisy, most girls were on the dance floor.

Anyway, I went back to the table and talked a bit with my friend for a while. She doesn’t know I game so to speak but I have been to many of her parties targeting the French communities and she had seen me “talking” to many girls before. So I didn’t feel bad leaving her to approach. I opened 3 girls are the bar and got shut down. Then I finished my pint so ordering another one. I opened the girl that was waiting for her drink, next to me she spoke zero English. I got my second beers, a went to the area closer to the stairs. It was a bit quieter. I did 2 sets to nowhere. It was terrible so I went back to the table to talk my friend and her friends, and tweeting how terrible my nightgame is.

I finished my second beers and I went to go home to rest and daygame the next day after a proper rest. But my friend convinced me to stay and she ordered me another pint. I was thinking just one more pint. This is when I saw a very cute blond girl with a sexy black dress. She noticed that I was checking her out and smiled. I don’t go approach on the dance floor. Too hard, not enough practice, not drunk yet. haha!

But a couple of minutes later, she went to the beer to order a glass of wine. That’s when I went it. I opened with “I know you know that I was checking you out”. To my surprise, she spoke fluently English with a proper Amercian accent. I complimented her on her dress but saying that it was a bit too short. She replied cheekily “Yeah but you like it”. I didn’t reply anything back and just smiled. She hooked by asking me if I was an exchange student. I laughed and told her I was living in St. Peterburg. She told me she was Polish doing her university in the Netherlands and on Erasmus semester. I asked if she came alone. She pointed at friends, all girls, that were dancing on the dance floor. I didn’t think like bouncing her to the table with my friend and her friends were good. So I asked her if she had a table. She pointed at the table, at the opposite of the dance floor and closed to windows.

I just led her there by the hand. We sat on the couch and it happened rather fast. No chit-chat. It’s hard to explain but there were sparkles in our eyes. We could both feel some sexual tension. I just pulled her in for a kiss. I stopped and she kissed me back. Then we were making out like horny teenagers for a good 5 minutes or so. Then one of her friends came. I tried to introduce myself but she just pulled her out and dragged her to the dance floor. But she came back, apologizing and telling me she had too much to drink and that her friend was right. She shouldn’t make out with some random guys at a club. I just said it was ok but that obviously I found her attractive and got her number.

Messaging on WhatsApp

The messaging part was easy. She was reactive on WhatsApp and was sending 2-3 messages in a row. She was very formal and very polite. I teased her about it. After a few back and forth messages I invited her out and she took the first request. But almost canceled on the day before she just got back from a trip to Oxford in the Morning and haven’t slept much the past couple of nights. It took a bit of convincing but the key message was the following.

Me: “You are so formal that I’m trying to reciprocate but in my head I just wanna tell you to move your ass!”

Her: “Haha! That’s probably more motivating than any formal invitations”

Date 1

This date is probably boring for you readers as nothing happened. I didn’t even try to physically escalate. No kino and no kiss attempt. But as mentioned at the beginning of this post, it was still one of the best dates I’ve had in a while. I did verbally escalate and hopefully, my sub-communication part was solid enough.

I took her to the Howl bar at first. But I bounced straight away to another bar called Kafe-Bar Gastrolor, as there was a talk about to start [3].

At the Kafe-Bar Gastrolor, we were sitting on a couch but across from each other. I ordered two glasses of wine and we started to talk and she was very interesting and quite smart. She is studying in an elite business school program, an alliance of the best business schools in Europe, called the CEMS [4]. But somehow, she was pretty down the Earth and the most interesting part about her was her many many stories around the world. She was DHVing me. I told her about myself (family, hobbies and values). But basically, most of the time, I hardly connect or go into deep comfort with girls on first dates. The only attraction and seduction were a bit of verbal, such as I told her she had nice legs and that it was hard to focus sometimes, the exchange of eye contact and smiles. Time just flew and it was already past midnight and she had to catch the last metro. I know! I know! I’m such a beta!

On my way home,  I was a bit pissed at myself and thinking that I would have escalated more and at least try to kiss her like I usually do. I thought that I had friendzoned myself.

We resumed messaging on WhatsApp and it has been going well and flirty. I went on a holidays to Hong Kong a couple of days after. Now she is a university trip to Moscow-Tallinn-Riga.

[1] If you’ve been to St. Peterburg, you probably know this place.

[2] I took many dates there that the staff knows me and became a regular.

[3] Those talks haven’t been happening more and more often. I might have to think about another main date venue.

[4] I just to hang out with this kind of people for years.

Date 2 with a Russian Electrical Engineer

The rest of the story so far with the Electrical Engineer. Date 1 report is here.

Russian Electrical Engineer
She was actually cuter and slimmer

Messaging over WhatsApp

I pinged her the next day when I was having a very late lunch saying that I had a crazy day. She replied that she was quite busy too but that she would head home soon.

She pinged me later that night that she was finally in her bed. I replied that I was sweating at the gym. Then she didn’t message for 3 days. So I pinged her “Alive?! 😉” [1]. She replied straight away that she was sick. I sent her a picture of a cartoon sick cat. She replied that it was a cute cat followed by a “How are you?”. I didn’t reply to her question and messaged her “A few hours and it’s the weekend”. She replied that luckily she finishes work at 16:00 on Fridays and that she will go buy a lot of food and wines. I teased her by telling that she could cook for me but she took it seriously and replied if I always force sick people to cook for me. I agreed and amplified and called out that I was just teasing her. She replied that she was not in the mood.

I played the Hello Kitty pajama tease. She laughed and replied that she does have something similar. But then she got back to being in a mad mood again. I messaged her that I’ll go for a couple of pints with some colleagues and the conversion ended there that day.

The next day, Saturday, she messaged me in the middle of the afternoon if I had any plans in a few hours because she will be in the center. I was thinking that this was good! Apparently, it was not feeling sick anymore. I told her that I had to do some bookings for New Year Eve and had to go to an Aeroflot agency to correct something on my flight ticket to Hong Kong but that she could come to mine for ice cream and wine later. She replied that she will be in the center around 19:30.

I told her to meet at 20:00 at Mayakovkaya like on Date 1. We met and walked straight to my place.

Date 2

She got into my place. We took off our shoes and I gave her a little tour before she made herself comfortable on the couch while I put on some music and poured the wine.

I went to join her on the couch with the 2 glasses of wine and went into normal comfort chit-chat for a good 30-45 minutes or so about our week. I told her about my New Year Eve plan and what I was going to see in Hong Kong. She showed me more pictures of her multiple trips to Italy.

We finished our glasses. So I stood up and went to get the bottle. At the same time, I went grab the ice cream from the freezer.

When I got back on the couch, she called out my game “move” about the chocolate and box of cookies on the table about being for girls that I bring back. I laughed as she was right on. I just agreed and amplified as usual by saying that “Yeah you got me, I’m serial dater”. She just laughed.

After that, I started to verbally and physical escalate by telling her that I missed her legs, grabbing them and putting them over my laps. I was gently stocking them while drinking my wine. She totally complied. Then I took her glass of wine, put it on the table and pulled her in for a kiss, which quickly turned into a make-out for a few minutes.

I rolled back and we resumed drinking our glass and finished them. I poured more wine, which turned on to be a mistake as she is a light drinker but I didn’t know at that moment. But you guys will understand later.

We went into more sexual topics. She told me that she has kissed a girl before and thought it was like kissing a sister. I asked her if she would consider having sex with a girl. She replied that she was not interested. At the point, the alcohol was starting to affect her a bit and was a bit tipsy. But I kept going with sexual questions. I asked her what kind of lingerie she likes to wear to turn on a guy before having sex. She actually pulled out her phone and showed me a selfie of her wearing it. It was a black semi-transparent set of bra and pantie.

At this point, I thought it was in the bag. I continued a bit by asking her if she was wearing it now. She replied “no”. I asked her to finish her glass and she did. Then I grabbed her legs again pulled them over my labs and we were making out. It got heavier and heavier. So I picked her up a bit and made her sat on my laps. Hands were wandering. She was wearing a white dress. So I unzipped it from her back. The dress was half down to her hips. We were still making out. At some point, I grabbed her boobs over her bra. I put her hand on my cock over my jeans. I tried to put it under the jean but she wouldn’t comply. I rolled back the bit the escalation and we were just making out some more for a while.

Then I resumed escalating. I picked her up and carried her to the bedroom and threw up on the bed. I was on the top and we made out some more. Then suddenly, she asked me to stop saying that she was not feeling well. It was the alcohol combined with the fact that she was feeling sick the day before. I was still surprised. She only had 3 glasses of wines.

She went to use the bathroom for a few minutes. When she got back she said she just needed to lay down. About 10 minutes after, she said that she should go and put her dress back on and went to the hall to put her shoes on. I thought I was a bad idea because I don’t think she would have made it home. She lives close to an hour away from the center. I told her that and eventually she decided to stay. She went back to my room and just collapsed for a few minutes. Then she asked me if I had a t-shirt. I gave her a tank. She took off her dress, put the tank on and slept. I was not feeling tired yet, was reflecting on the night and had blue balls. So I went to the living room to finish my glass of wine while messaging RoyWalker and RickyRoma about the situation. I went to sleep next to her about an hour later.

In the morning, she was hungover and feeling a bit ashamed. I made her breakfast and gave her a paracetamol tab. She left at around noon.

I didn’t have time to meet her again before going to Hong Kong. We have been messaging but she got less reactive and invested. I didn’t have time to message much while in Hong Kong. I guess I’ll find out more next week if I will still be able to take her out for a Date 3. Fingers crossed!

[1] Credits to Tom Torero.