Lay report: A Romantic week with a 25 year old virgin Siberian

I haven’t been posting for a while. Busy life so this blog has to go down in term of priority. But I finally got some spare time to tell you the story of this very K Siberian 26-year-old tourist that took the virginity on the second date with long iDate which was more like Date 1.

It was at the beginning of August, on a Monday. I was walking down Nevsky after work and was thinking if I should go home and cook dinner or dine out when I saw a very cute Asian looking girl among the crowd. She was denim short, trainers and a white top. She was a bit smaller and I thought it was Kazakh.


I went in and tapped on her shoulder. She gave me the “WTF is this guy look” until I told her she looked cute. She blushed straight away and looked down. She found out she was a tourist and lived in an industrial town east of Siberian. She was that for a week after spending a few days in Moscow.

She asked me what I was doing now and I told her that I was thinking about where to have some dinner and decided to go for the iDate by telling her she could come with me. She was alone and visiting so I thought why not see how far I could push it. We went to Little Italian, a small restaurant of Nevksy. All tables outside were taken so we had to sit inside.

We got some wine and share a pizza. I went into comfort, she told me she studied in Moscow and moved back to her Siberian town as her mom went to. She got raised by a very traditional and strict single mom and 26 years old. It was her first time traveling without her mom and told me that she has been enjoying the freedom of not having her mom around. After the dinner, we told a long walk down Nevsky, toward my place. I was hoping to bounce but I didn’t happen that night.

I took her to a beer garden, I got a Belgian beer and she got a latte. We sat next to each other on a couch. But I could feel it was not feeling comfortable with me so close. So I move back a bit and she natural turned her body toward me but every time I would move closer she will move back a bit.

At some point, she called it out and said that she is not used to be alone with a man and doesn’t comfortable with men. She fancied me I could feel it but it was definitely too fast for her.

After about an hour, we left the beer garden and walked down Nevsky a bit more until Mayakovskaya metro station went we ended the iDate. We agreed to meet the next day at Mayakovskaya at 19:30.

The next week, I went straight to meet her after work. She dressed up that day, she would an elegant red dress on, let down her hair and put her pink heels shoes. I complimented her on her look and she giggled.

I led her to Howl bar. We sat on the edge of the windows and go some wine. She told me about her job. She was working in logistics for some kind of gold trading company and how many she was to get such a job in such a small town. I asked her if she was ever thinking about moving to Moscow and St. Petersburg. She said she would love living in Moscow but her mom would be against it. I decided to dig a bit deeper regarding her relationship with her mom and found that she is very protective even though she is 25 years old. They live together and she basically goes straight home after work. I asked her about her life in Siberian. She spends her weekends with her best friends, they walked around in some park or go to some coffee places and restaurants. They almost never go to bars and drink. She told me that she has drunk more alcohol with me so far that her entire life.

We moved into our previous relationships topic. She only had one boyfriend when she was studying in Moscow for 2 years, and yeah during those 2 years, they never had sex together. I told me this on the next date. I told her about a couple of girls I’ve dated.

At the point, it was more comfortable with me sitting close to her. I tried to go for the hand. She would timidly let me touch her hand but she definitely didn’t feel comfortable with this. She was politely rejecting all my physical escalation attempt. She knew what I was doing and I think I got a bit impatient and she could see it on my face. So she actually voiced out that she likes me and find me cute and interesting. She opened up a bit and told me that she felt ashamed to feel uncomfortable with men outside beyond friendship.

This is when the mess up part came out. She started to tell me about the root cause of this feel of men. When she was a kid and her dad would come back home drunk, he would hit her and her mom. Her parents are not divorced. But it’s like blocking her on the psychological level.

I decided to change a bit the mood. So we left the bar and went of a walk. I told me that I would stop trying to touch her today but offered my arm and told her she could take it whenever she felt like it. She would try a couple of time and let go after just a few seconds until she eventually could grab it longer while we were walking. I decide to end the date then as I was getting tired myself and nothing would likely to happen that night. We hugged goodbye.

We meet on for Date 2, two days later, as the next evening, she went to go see black swan at the theater.

At meet a 20:00 for Date 2 at Nevsky metro station. She put on a blue summer dress showing more cleavage around her boobs, still had her pink heels shoes and her hair down with some waves. I really wanted to fuck her badly and decided that I would push as much as I could during this date.

I took her to my favorite bar/coffee place toward Sennya square. We sat on a table next to the window. I sat on the edge of the window and she was sitting on a chair. She got a coffee and I got a beer. She took me about her day and the black swan play with quite some passion and emotions. We decided to order some snacks, got a cheese and meat plater, which moved the conversation toward food. She told me she is a good cook. So I went into a role play that when we will get married in 10 years, I would sit on the couch all day long and she would cook me delicious dishes and bring me beers. I added more “color” telling her that she would work her to bring money home to dine and wine me. She laughed and started to touch my arm and laps.

We got a second round of drink, this time I got a red wine. She started to take my hand. So at some point I told me to move next to me on the edge of the window. She complied and called out that she was impressed by herself as she could be closed with a man and be ok enough (her words).

I tried to put her hair behind her ears but she froze and said it was too personal. She kept drinking and she started to thank me for those amazing dates and how brave I was to hit on her on the streets. In my mind, I was like “Yeah, if she knows how many times I’ve done that”. She was having a great time in St. Petersburg thanks to me. Her words again.

She kept going and told me she would like to kiss me but she can’t. I went for it but she moved back and said again that she couldn’t. I rolled back and didn’t say anything. She did a bit of talking but I was just being quiet. She thought she had some something wrong. I just said no and that I was just listening to her.

At some point she said:

“If I drink more and kiss you, would it be ok’?”

I just laughed and tried to kiss her again. But she still would let me. At the point, I was starting to lose hope on the lay. So we got the bill, left the bar started to walk back toward Mayakovska.

It was a long walk and I was tired of talking and her as well so it was rather an awkward quiet walk. When we got closer to Mayakovska and was about to part away to go home. I thought “Let’s go for the bounce back anyway” and told her that I live a block away and she could come for one more drink. To be surprised she agreed and followed me.

At the place, we took off our shoes, I gave her a little tour and she sat down on the couch. I opened a bottle of red. I played it safe and decided to sit on the other couch.

I asked her some questions from the question games. Very general questions are first and then we moved into more sexual ones. When I asked her “What part of her body she likes the most”. She said her legs. I replied that she does have nice legs. Then she told me on Date/D2, she put on her the red dress and pink legs to highlight her legs. I told her to come to sit on next to me. She complied and started to escalate further. He put her legs over my laps and had my one of my hand on them. She just looked at me with a smile. I grabbed her head by the back and pulled her face in for the kiss. Successfully this time. She suddenly switched gears and sat on my laps facing me and started to kiss me harder with both of her hand on my hair.

I had my hands caressing her back and then on her ass. She froze a bit but let me kept going. I pulled her dress up and put my hand under it this time. It was all good as well so  far. I move my hands up her back to unhook her bra. She stopped kissing me and looked at me with some kind of shocking face. I just smiled.

When I put my hand on her boobs, she moaned and said it felt so good. I stood up, carried her by her legs and moved to the bedroom. I took her my top and my jean first. Then took off her dress. She instantly covered her boobs with her hands, moved to sit at the top of the bed and covered her body with the duvet. That’s when she told me that no man has ever so her naked before. I went to sit next to her and asked her if she was a virgin. She timidly confirmed. So I said her that in 2 years with her ex-boyfriend, they have never done it. She confirmed by nodding. She called out that she felt embarrassed as she is 25 years old and never had sex before. Well, considering her issues with guys, it makes sense.

I started to kiss her again, she kissed me back heavily. I went under the duvet myself and put my hands on her boobs again, she moaned and screamed “Daaaa!”. I went on the top and then started to play with her lips down there. She was clearly wet and pushed out a few more “Daaaaa!”. This is totally turned me on! I grabbed a condom from the nightstand. She gave a scared face. I told her I would go slowly. She timidly said “Ok”. So I slowly put it in. It was very tight. She screamed a bit and totally put it in and took it out. A bit of blood came out but that was it. I finger banged her a bit, she was moaning and then I grabbed another condom but fucked her properly this time.

After the sex, she took me it was fantastic. Well, it’s not like she could compare with anyone else. I thanked me so many times that I lose count of it. She told me that when she agreed to go back to mine, she was thinking that we could kiss and more but the sex was not an option. But when I had my hand on her boobs when we were on the couch, she got really turned on and thought that she wanted sex. But yeah she froze and got cold feet then she realized that she was half naked. And finally, she told me that she felt safe with me and felt that I won’t hurt her.

I offered her to stay over but she wanted to go. So she ordered a taxi. I walked her down and kissed her goodbye.

We met again 2 days later. We took her for a nice dinner in a steakhouse before walking her to the railways’ station. She went back to Moscow for a couple of days before flying from there back to Siberia.

She said we will try to be back or asked if we could try to meet in Moscow next week. We will see.


Q1 2018 Review – Dry spell time

Sad Russian.jpg

In the 2017 review, I mentioned that I would move from monthly to quarterly review. It’s a bit late but here the Q1 2018 review and stats. It has a busy period for me at work and quite a downtime on the Daygame end.

It was quite a miserable quarter as I did get any new notch. But thankfully the French Speaking Blondie was there around to be me satisfied.

Below the stats from the whole Q1.

Approach 89
Contact info 23 26%
Date 1 1 1%
Date 2 1 1%
Date 3 1 1%
Lay 0 0%

As you can see, it has been pretty terrible. Most of the approaches (59) were done in March and contacts (15) were in Dubai, which has been a struggle for me there.

The Date 1 was on February 21 with a Russian Wedding Planner, which ended with a small kiss. We are still in touch and hopefully, Date 2 will happen soon.

The Date 2 on January 20 and Date 3 on February 20 were with a Russian Penal Lawyer, we kissed on Date 2 and Date 3, we made out. We exchanged a couple of messages while I I was in Dubai but she ghosted when I got back to St. Petersburg.

My first new lay of the year only happened in April with the Columbian in Dubai. So yeah it was 3 months+ dry spell period. Why?

Two reasons mainly:

  1. I was not approaching enough in January and February. Yeah, it makes sense, if you don’t approach, we are not going to get new notches.
  2. Dubai

If you are interested, below the breakdown of the stats by month.

January 2018

Approach 27
Contact info 7 26%
Date 1 0 0%
Date 2 1 4%
Lay 0 0%

February 2018

Approach 3
Contact info 1 33%
Date 1 1 33%
Date 2 0 0%
Date 3 1 33%
Lay 0 0%

March 2018

Approach 59
Contact info 15 25%
Date 1 0 0%
Date 2 0 0%
Date 3 0 0%
Lay 0 0%

Lay report: Russian bartender

She is the girl that gave me the most LMR in my entire life during around 10 hours over 2 consecutive nights. A true hindbrain-forebrain battle. I’ve never met a girl that clearly wanted to have sex but has such a tight control over her body. Here is the story…

It was after a cut a bad date 1 with a Vietnamese to hit the Nevsky. I’ve done 2 approaches and gotten 2 numbers before running into Mystery, Tom Torero and Beckter. She was the second approaches.

I was on the sideway, standing, checking her phone and smoking. I opened direct as usual and despite her very basic English, the set lasted for about 10 minutes before she has to go to work. I knew she fancied me because she was really trying very hard to speak English and she managed but it was a struggle. I found her she works as a bartender in one of the bars on the Rubinstein street and from Samara. I got her number.

Closs enough

The messaging was easy enough. I sent her the feeling while I was having a beer with Mystery and Co. and she replied straight away. I was going to Paris the next day to visit my parents for a couple of days so I did a couple of photo pings from there (DHV obviously). As soon as a got back from Paris, I sent her a date request and she accepted.

We met on Friday, May 18 for Date 1 at my usual meeting location and I took her another usual date venue, the Howl bar.

She was in a chair while I was sitting on the edge of the windows at 90 degrees. We chit-chat a bit because asking classic question game’s questions: What is the craziest thing you’ve done? If you could go anywhere in the world right now where would you go? What is the one thing you would change about you? Where do you usually go when you would like to be alone?

I think at some point, someone was playing piano so I took the opportunity to ask her to come sit on the edge of the windows next to me because I couldn’t head her well.

I ran the ring routine on her and she was fascinated. But what really raises her temperature was when I parodied our future about getting married, divorced, married again and her being a drug addict before finally realizing I had her prince charming.

I easily put her in for a kiss shortly after. Then we kissed again with tongue and she was already showing some sign of LMR. She was enjoying the makeout as she was more on that I was but she would stop suddenly as soon as she was enjoying too much.

We did more comfort by talking about movies and music. I seeded the bounce by mentioning the famous date movie “Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona” and asked her if she has seen it. She hasn’t I suggested that we could see it together later. She just said ok.

We made out again and she did the same, as soon as she was enjoying it too much she would suddenly stop.

She was a very slow drinker so I had to help her finish her glass of wine. I got the bills and bounced her back. In front of the building, she was feeling some hesitation and said that it was late to watch the movie and they won’t be any metro soon. I told her that we can just go for one more drink for 30 minutes and then she could go, and basically opened the door of the building and led her in. Back then, little did I know that she would give me 3 long rounds of LMRs.

Once we got into my apartment, she went to smoke on the balcony while I went to the bathroom to wash my face and take out my rings.

When she got back in, I opened a bottle of red and sat on the couch. We talked about family, then hopes and dreams before we started to make out again. This when the real start long incremental series of LRMs started.

LMR battle – Round 1: from around midnight to 4am

  1. She stated a few times that she had/should go. But every time, I would said “Yeah you should” followed by a makeout.
  2. When she was feeling comfortable with making out, she put her legs around me for a couple of seconds and then suddenly rolled back. I laughed because I knew she enjoyed it but would kind felt guilty about it.
  3. I used a bit of rational by telling her she is a girl and I’m a man and it was perfectly natural, followed by the classic “I know it’s too fast”.
  4. We made out again, heavier this time. She put her legs around me again and rolled back again. I laughed again.
  5. She hit me but then kissed me.
  6. Then more make out for a while. I think at this point it was 1am or so.
  7. She stood up and was about to leave while I grabbed her hand and led her back to the couch for more make out.
  8. I picked her up and carried to the bed. On the bed, I moved on the top for a long make out session with my legs pushing again her legs. She had a short dress, by the way. I could feel the heat on my knee coming from her pussy. She was clearly wet.
  9. She started to put her hand under my tank but again suddenly stopped and pushed me out a bit.
  10. I told her again that I know it was too fast. But a couple of minutes later, she initiated the make out again. And again she put her hand under my tank. This time I took it off.
  11. I escalated further and grabbed her ass for like a minute before she would stop again and pushed me back.
  12. And again a couple of minutes later, she would kiss me again. This time, I unzipped my jeans and put her hand my cock under my boxer. She initiated a hand job but then stopped AGAIN (!) and pushed me back. It was over 4am and to be honest I was getting very tired.

I decided to go take a shower and she went for a smoke oh the balcony. When I got back she told me she wanted to take a shower as well and asked me for a t-shirt.

LMR battle – Round 2: from around 9am to noon

  1. Obviously, she had fewer clothes on. She was in red underwear and with my tank on. Super sexy by the way! She started to kiss me again and I found that she gets turn on quicker when I kiss her longer on her neck. I focused more on this area and she moaned a few times just from that. She wrapped her legs around me again and the more I kissed her on the neck area the more she would push me again her. But unfortunately, she was still resisting and would do her trademark move again, which is to stop and push me again and again, before kissing me again.
  2. She processed again with a handjob but would stop midway. I guess you could imagine how hard and how horny I was. I was screaming for the inside. She was super sexy, nice curve, great soft boobs, and peachy ass. I could grab them, feel them but she would do her trademark move again and again.
  3. At the last move of Round 2, I stepped up the dominance by kissing her harder, pushing her harder again me, grabbed her ass and boobs harder. She moaned louder but she would let me take off her cheeky or finger her.

I gave up that day. We both got dressed. She went to the balcony for a smoke while I was making some coffee. I asked her about her day. She said that she just had to meet a friend for an hour or so. I had a French networking event in the evening to attend. But I told her that she could come back after for a Date 2 and we could watch “Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona”.

The event lasted longer than expected and by the time I got some food, it would be midnight. I messaged her that I would be available only around then. But she was still up to come to mine. I thought that a girl who comes back to yours at midnight, it has to be for sex right?

So I got some food and went meet her at Mayakovskaya. We went back straight to mine. I poured some wine and chit-chatted about our day. I told her about the French Networking event.

We were finishing our wine while she reminded about the movie. I totally forgot. I had it on my iPad Pro. I led to the bed and put the iPad between us. The movie was about 15 minutes in when I fell asleep. Obviously, I didn’t get much rest the previous night.

LMR – Round 3: from around 1am to 3-4am

  1. I was sleeping when she woke me up my kissing me. I rolled her back and went on the top and started to kiss her softly and harder on the neck area as I know that love it. She was moaning and started to push and rush her pussy again my knee. She was wearing a pant this time, I pulled it down in one go and my hand would find its way down to her pussy under her cheeky. She let me finger her for a minute or so and stopped me again. She even put her pant back on. Yeah! I was about to go crazy and this is, of course, not over yet!
  2. I rolled back but she grabbed my arm and pulled me against her back to a cuddle. We napped maybe for 15 minutes or so before she would initiate kissing me again. And here  we go again, we made out of a while, I moved on to kissing her neck area for a while as well, she would again wrap her legs around me. Then she would push face-up on the bed, sat on me and kissed me. I unhooked her bra and she took it off.
  3. Then it’s my turn to push her face down move on top to kiss her more and more while playing with her amazing soft boobs. When I was about to go down again, she pushed me back and put back her bra! Crazy! Really! At this point, I was starting to get tired but remember looking at her and her body and was thinking how sexy and hot she was.
  4. I stepped up the dominance, pulled her in for a heavy kiss while I was taking out my boxer. She put her hand on my cock and started to give me a handjob but I had to stop her because I didn’t want to cum yet.
  5. I went for the pussy and as soon as my hand was on it, she moaned and screamed Da!”.  She pulled down her cheeky herself and finally popped out the magic question “Do you have protection?”. I took the condom out for the drawer, she moved into doggy position and finally it happened! She totally lost control at this point, she moaned and screamed in Russian. I have to say it was amazing! And I could help it but cum. We slept after that and had sex again in the morning.

Her English is pretty basics and during the post-sex talk, we were in bed and chilled and she didn’t feel like using Google Translate. But from what I understood, she loves sex a lot but for some reasons, she feels guilty for liking it. She only had sex with one guy before me and she made him wait more than a year (!)”

IMG_1462 copy.png
Courtesy morning pic



Lay report: Busty Georgian

She is in the Top 3 of the hottest girl that I have bedded so far. The two others being the Kazakh Pilates Instructor and the Romanian. She was a YES girl, a gift from the Daygame God. An award for grinding through Dubai.


With bigger eyes, bustier and actually hotter! 


She was even more of a gift considering I approached her twice, two months apart, as the first time, her number was not saved. Anyway, there the story.

The first time I approached her was at the end of January in Galeria and it was about to close. It was the last approach of the session out of 8 and the only number I got. She had typical Russian fur coat, short black short skirt, bo, ts and legging with cat pattern. I stopped with from the side, right in front of Zara.

She opened easily and flashed a smile straight away. It was a very short interaction as the mall was closing enough as she was in hurry to meet her friend.

She actually offered me to take her number. When I got home a hour later, I was about to message her when I realized the her number didn’t get saved! It was just her name my contact without a number in the contact. You can imagine how frustrated I was!

Fast forward to the end of April. I’ve just gotten back from a two-month business trip in Dubai. It was right before the Victory Day and they had closed Nevsky for traffic. It was also at the end of a Daygame session when I saw her again walking pass on the road while I was on the sideway. I didn’t realize it was her until I got in front of her. I just got a DNA tug, small built, long black hair in a flower pattern summer dress and an amazing rack. Since she was wearing a big thick fur coat the first time, I couldn’t see this part of her body. I remembered that I already have stack ready “I love your long hair, you could be in a shampoo commercial”.

But I didn’t get to use it at all, as when I got in front of her she angrily said:

“I remember you! You know it’s rude not to call a girl that gave you her number! You don’t like me!”.

It took me a second to remember her. I took out my phone, looked for her name and showed her that there were only her name but no number. She insisted that she was sure she saved it and then she asked me for my number. But I told her to input her number again and I will WhatsApp her straight away (like I usually do).

We agreed on Date 1 on the spot.

First exchanges

On Date 1, we meet at my usual meeting spot and I took her to a Jager House. She was dressed the same way as when we met again on Nevsky. We got a glass of wine each. She was very talkative and quite loud, the whole room could hear her for sure. She was basically leading the conversation for the first couple of minutes and I had to stop her or from a frame perspective, it wouldn’t have been in my favor. So I told her something along those lines.

“I see that you like to be a man and be in charge of the conversation. You are a girl of the outside and a man on the inside”

I took back the lead from that moment, which led to a conversation about if she wished to be born as a man. She was sitting on the couch and I was sitting on the chair on the opposite side of the table. I’ll be honest, I couldn’t help to look at her boobs. It was seriously distracting. She noticed it and she gave me the “I’m aware I have nice boobs” look. Yeah, she obviously knows. We just exchanged a smile and I still unapologetically looked at them.

About just 10 to 15 minutes in, I asked her a few questions about her family and friends. Somehow, I went into deep comfort and made her cried. It turned out, her ex-boyfriend cheated on her multiple times and she put her with it until he started to beat her. The last straw was when he sent her to the hospital. Her father abused her as well when she was a teenager. As you can imagine, her gates opened with this kind of history.

I stood up and went to her side to give her a hug. It was not a move, I was feeling bad.

She went into the bathroom to fix her makeup. When she got back we were both sitting on the couch. We move into the “Tell me about your best and worse date” topic. On the worse date, she was telling me about a guy that always tried to touch her. So at a spike, I moved away from her and said: “Is it a safer distance”. She just laughed and she actually moved closer to me. Greenlight, obviously!

Then I was looking at her in the eyes, our faces were closed and I was about to go for the kiss but she beat me to it and kissed me first.

I stopped her and told her again that she does like to take the lead. She blushed. I made her sit on my labs and we kissed again with full tongue this time. Her hands were going through my torso and she whispered into my ear “You have a nice body”. Another green light.

I went for the bounce back with the “I have a bottle of wine at home”.She gave another smile sub-communicating “I know what you are trying to do”. Then said that she had to go meet her best friend for dinner at Galeria soon.

The Date 1 ended 10 minutes later. She said that she will message me if she would be available later but it didn’t happen.

After Date 1, over WhatsApp, she got a bit gold digger-ish by telling with a serious tone that I should wine and dine her at fancy places, and bring her 100 roses. I parodied the choddy romantic guy. But she didn’t take it well. We changed topics and we’ve never mentioned this again.

But to play it a bit safer, on Date 2, which was 5 days after Date 1, I took her to a Korean restaurant, a block away from my place. Nothing fancy, very student like, even and a bit below average in term of price. I’m not cheap, I’ve more than happy to treat colleagues and friends with rounds of drinks and dinner to regulars. But I’m in this game to get girl to fancy me for me so to speak.

At the restaurant, it was pretty much comfort chit-chat. I made fun of her as she was struggling with chopsticks. It was even more challenging as they were metallic ones.

We went to my place after that, she followed without hesitation. At mine, I gave her a little tour, opened a bottle of red and we were chilling with our glasses on a terrace as she was smoking.

As soon as we got back inside and sat on the couch, she started to kiss me. It escalated pretty fast. She was more on than I am. A lot of kissing, makeout and hands were wandering. She started to put her hand under my top and was enjoying just going through my torso. I took off my top, and she started to kiss my torso. At this point, I thought it was in the bag. I lifted her up and carried her to my bed. I took off her shirt. Man! Her big and perfectly round pair of boobs seems like they were about to bust out of her bra! I unhooked her bra and they came out. They were natural and likely the best pair I’ve ever had into my hands so far. I could have played with them forever!

I pulled down my jeans, her skirt and legging. But when I was about to take off her thong, she stopped me and told me she couldn’t tonight because she was on her period. I was frustrated as not only did she let me escalated but she also escalated on me up until this point.

I tried to convince her that I didn’t matter but it was a strong no-no on her end. We fooled around in bed for a while and she left.

We met a week after for Date 3. I took her to the Howl Bar, but we stayed for less than 30 minutes. I could have kept it but I still played it safe. It was obvious in the bar that we were both on, the sexual tension was electrifying.

We went back to mine, and as in movies, I pushed her again the door and kissed her like never before. We both took off our clothes down to our underwear and led her to the bed. The underwear came off and the rest is history. With her a porn star like body and her moaning in Russian “Da! Daaa…! DAAA…!”, it made me come out very fast and she made her laugh. We went for round 2 a bit later for a profer fuck this time.

After the sex, she told she told I was very cute and sexy body with smooth skin and she found it very attractive. She decided he wanted to have sex with me once she felt safe and comfortable. She was surprised that she told about her ex-boyfriend beating her and her father abusing her.

She was truly a god-sent gift! A hot girl like this, who basically just fancied what she saw. If we consider the fact that the first time I approached her, her number didn’t get save and somehow I met her again two months later, the Daygame God really wanted me to get this one!

Polarization – YES/NO girls strategy

Most of the posts on this blog are about my journey as a Daygamer – Field reports and Stats. I rarely post anything theoretical/mind-wanking post. Most of the game theory is out there and being decorticated over and over again. But mainly, I don’t feel I have much to add and I’m pretty bad at explaining this kind of stuff. So bear with me here.

However, a couple of weeks ago, coincidentally, just minutes apart I got some praise from Krauser and RoyWalker on game results. Not because I’m smashing it (I’m not!) but because I’m short and a minority and I still manage to bed significantly numbers of girls for the past couple of years.

I made me laugh but also took it as my ascribed SMV must be low. In the past, sure. I thought I was not attractive at all – Short and skinny with glasses.

I can’t do much about my height, but I’m not skinny anymore and dropped the glasses. I’m not jacked but I’ve definitely gotten bigger.

The conversation went on a bit more with Krauser and we ended up touching on the concept of Polarisation and I think I’m rather a good example to illustrate this concept.

By polarisation in my case, I mean that due to my look, style, ethnicity and modest height, I get a significantly more NO girls. Let’s face it here, I’m very well aware that my height is a No-No for many girls. I’m taking height as an example, because from my experience, it’s more of a blocker for girls that your ethnicity.

I’m not such a cutie! This is just to give you an idea. FYI, this Jun Matsumoto

But, on the other hand, I also filter in a significant number of YES girl because of my more exotic look and style. I’ve unconsciously been leveraging it and got positive references to drive my inner game.

So when I go out and approaches, I’m ready for the many NO girls but I also know that some girls will fancy me just for my different look.

To conclude, if you have different (in a cool way of course!) and you can pull it off, you get more NO girls and YES girls and narrow the percentage of MAYBE girls. Therefore, making it more as YES/NO game strategy. brush out the NOs and double down on the YESs.

I basically have no game since the game is played with the MAYBEs. 🤣

Obviously, you still need to know how to approach, stack, vibe, escalate, be calibrated, etc. It’s just a way for me to run a more efficient game when I’m out approaching, by leveraging what is more unique about me.

So here you go guys! Some mindwanking from Seven.

Struggle in Dubai

A short misery post to show the Daygame Rollercoaster.

I have been posting much since the last couple of months, especially since I’ve been sent to Dubai at the beginning of March. The reason is quite small: Nothing significant happened until I finally got my first lay in Dubai.

The city can be summarized in 3 words: beach, malls and nightlife. Quality is actually good. A lot of hot girls from around the world. But I have been struggling hard. I’ve been feeling like I just started to learn Daygame here. A few stats to give you guys an idea.

Up to now, I’ve done 71 approaches and 15 numbers. I’ve taken 1 girl out and laid her on Date 2. She was “Yes” girl and it was lucky number game.

Usually, I get at least some look from girls but here I’ve been struggling just to get girls to look at me. I haven’t gotten any harsh blowouts but when I approach, I feel like the the hook point is thousands of light-years away.

Below the list of reasons why it has been so difficult for me in no particular order.

  • I’ve been putting 9 to 22 most days because of a shitty client that I still have to please. This has been sucking my vibe.
  • Girls here just don’t fancy me at all.
  • I’m not provider enough so to speak. Many people told me that money speak louder in Dubai.
  • I’ve been getting the Daygame blues.

But obviously it cannot be my game. 😁

I have been asked by the client and local management several times to move here permanently but it was an obvious no. Dubai is not for me but maybe for other guys.

I have a week to go and I’m out of here and flying back to mother Russia 🇷🇺. Unfortunately, it looks like I might have to flight back here in June for a month for the same project.

Lay Report: Petite Colombian sales assistant in Dubai

I’ve been in Dubai for work since the beginning of March and it has been very challenging so far [1]. But, finally, after 58 approaches and over a month, I finally got to bed a girl in Dubai. She was the first girl I managed to go out and got the lay on Date 2, and here is the story.

It was on March 21, in the Mall of Emirates at around 21:00. I saw her from a few meters away as she was taking the escalator up to the second floor. She a bad flower light pink summer dress with flat sandals. She was small, around 155 cm, I would say.

Not that hot and less busty

I followed her up on the escalator and approached a few meters after getting out of the escalator.

“Hey! I saw you downstairs and I have to say you look quite cute! You look like you have been laying out of the beach the whole day checking out cute guys passing by in Jumeirah.”

She just laughed and replied that she was indeed on the beach for a few hours and decided to check up the Apple store before heading home.

She was a bit shy but looked pretty easily by asking for my name and if I was a tourist. I found out she was Colombian and have been living in Dubai for a couple of years selling traditional local clothes.

I got her number after chit-chatting a bit about our life.

The messaging was basically: feeler – ping – ping – date request – declined as she needs to think about – more pings with photo – date request again and she accepted it.

On Date 1, we met in front of the Nike store on the ground floor of the Mall of Emirates last Friday. We were more a bit late. She showed dressing more conservative, shirt with long sleeves, jeans, and sandals with wooden platform heels. I was thinking that she didn’t come out expecting sex.

I led her to the Aprés bar. We got a table next to windows with the view on Ski Dubai. I got a beer and she got a white wine.

To be honest, she was rather boring. She lives with 2 girls in a condo an hour away from the Mall of Emirates, when she is not working she either watch TV or go to the beach. I told her about my life and the different countries I’ve lived in. She was captivating with big round eyes. She was rather impressed, which was obviously good.

I did a ring routine on her and she felt comfortable with me touching her hands. The energy was getting flat so I decided to take her to a park closed to my hotel. She stopped by to get some ice cream before heading out.

It was a 10 minutes walk to the park and I could see she was suffering in her sandals. So I went for the bounce as my hotel was a bit closer. She gave me the “I know what you are doing” look and I just smiled. It took her a few seconds but she eventually agreed.

Now, my concern was to take to make it not too weird about leaving her ID at the reception of the hotel. Yeah, about this, I’m staying in a hotel apartment (vs. regular hotel) and apparently in hotel apartments, according to the local law, all guest needs to be registered. But a couple days previous to the date, one of my colleagues tried to follow me up to my apartment but got stopped because she was not registered. The next day, I went down to negotiate with the manager and because I would be staying for 2 months, he agrees under the condition that any guest would have to leave their IDs at the reception.

Back to the date, we went it as I just acted like normal and asked her like normal for her ID. She just took it out without asking any questions and gave it to the front desk guy.

We went up, I poured some wine that my colleague brought me from the airport duty-free.

After a glass, she opened up a bit and was more chatty. That’s when I pulled her in for a kiss. She accepted and she went full tongue straight away. She was on so we made out for a few minutes and I stopped. She poured herself more wine and started to get a bit tipsy and sleepy. It was about 23:40 and she said she was tired and had to go soon. I told her that she is free to go anytime but that she could stay over. She had to work in the morning so she said she had to go again. As she was standing up, I grabbed her arm and pulled her in again for another make-out session of a couple of minutes. I wasn’t sure if it was just a token LMR or she was really tired. Then she said that she will nap a nap and asked me to wake her up at midnight.

I went to the bathroom to lose the rings and my belt, and freshen up. Then took a picture and tweeted it.

I think she is just a light-weight drinker and 3 glasses were too much for her. Anyway, I woke her up at midnight. As she was about to go, again I pulled her back for a make-out. She was laying with her head on my laps. The make-outs got heavier and heaving. I had my hands on her ass then on her boobs over her shirt. She led my hand under her shirt. I went under her bra and played with her niggles. She moaned. At this point, I thought it was in the bag. I took off her shirt and her bra and played more with her boobs. She moaned even more.

But when I tried to take out her jeans, she kinda snapped out and stood up and said she really needed to go as she had to work the next day. I kissed her again against the wall but she still left.

We went on Date 2 yesterday. She had plans with friends but she was still good with meeting later at 22:00. She messaged me a few minutes before 22:00 that she will be 30 minutes late as she was still at the Dubai Marina with her friends. I played it cool and did 2 approaches in the Mall that went nowhere.

She showed up as she said at 22:00, dressing to the sky. Red tight dress, red heels and dolled up. I got an instant boner. I took her to a London style pub in the Grand Elisor hotel about 5 minutes away from the mall. We got a table at the corner and got some beers. If we would have been in Russia or pretty much in other parts of the world, I would have started to escalated and kiss her in the pub but this is Dubai so I played it safe. But really wanted to fuck her.

As soon as we finished our drink, I bounced her back to my hotel. My only concern was again passing the reception. She was showing a lot of cleavages and I was afraid that that security wouldn’t let her in, thinking that she was an escort and also because there sign requiring people to dress decently.

But thanks, they didn’t stop her. She left her ID as last time at the front desk. As soon as we got into the room, our clothes came out and the rest is history with no LRM.

During the post-sex interview, she told me that last time she had sex was over a year ago when she was on holidays in Bali with an Australian guy. She wanted to have sex with me when we kissed for the first time but she was, indeed, very tired. He thought I was brave and confident to go hit on her like that in a Mall, especially in Dubai. She thanked me for the sex as it has been a while for her.

I offered to stay but again because of the conservative culture, she wanted to leave as it was safer.

First lay in Dubai so it was a relief. But I still need to get the fuck out of here!

[1] I’ll do a misery post on Dubai later.

2017 Review – A year in St. Petersburg


I started 2017 in Kiev, finishing a half a year jaunt while waiting for my Russian Visa. Then I moved permanently to St. Peterburg on January 11 for work. So actually a couple of days ago marked my one year anniversary in Mother Russia.

When I started my Daygame journey in Dublin, I was lacking quality and volume. So I moved to Tallinn in mid-2016, where I’ve lived a year there. In Tallinn, girls were hot! Quality was definitely there but it’s a half a million city so volume was low. But this is where I’ve really mastered solo Daygame.

Finally, since I’ve moved to St. Peterburg I got what I wanted, a city with quality and volume. Therefore, I haven’t felt the need to go on Daygame trips (aka Jaunts) anymore. I’ve been a couple of weeks in Moscow, a reconnaissance trip in Rostov-On-Don and recently to Hong Kong. But as RickyRoma pointed out once: “Pretty much everywhere else you go would be a step-down”. Obviously, it can be argued depending on the kind of girls you likes. But, I personally totally agree with him. I have never lived in a city with so many hot girls! I’m a lucky bastard! 😄

So yeah guys, I’ve been almost all 2017 gaming in Russia.

Statistics – Daygame only

As a reminder, I don’t track my Nightgame, Social circle or other kinds of games. The below numbers are purely Daygame stats.

Approaches 486
Contact info 121 25%
iDate 3 1%
Date 1 27 6%
Date 2 9 2%
Date 3 7 1%
Date 4 3 1%
Date 5 1 0%
Lays 9 2%

486 approaches

ed. I really thought I’ve done way more! At mid-2017, I was at around 358 approaches. So I’ve done only 128 approaches during the second half of the year. Well… I got a big work assignment from October, so I guess it makes sense.Over half of my approaches (282) were in malls, mainly Galeria. It’s cold in St. Peterburg.

Same as RoyWalker in his 2017 review, 99% of the time, I have no idea what I’m going to say to the girl until I’m in front of her. I’m happy to stay that this part has been internalized. It comes “naturally” now. I’m not saying I can’t improve that in-set part anymore but the foundations are there and solid enough. Go through the 1000+ sets of hell and it will happen eventually.

1 contact out of 4 approaches

I’ve done a bit better than the benchmark 1 contact out of 5 approaches. I’m quite happy with that ratio. Hopefully, Daygame Infinity will help improve this ratio even further.

1 Date 1 out of 4.5 contacts

Same as for the approach to contact ratio. I’m pretty happy with the 1 Date 1 out 4 approaches ratio. To be fair, since I haven’t traveled much, it didn’t have to rush the text game part.

Date 1, the filter date

Out of the 21 girls, I went on Date 1 with, I’ve only managed to get 9 of them for Date 2. But I dug deeper into the data, and here the interesting fact. Out of the 9 that I got out on a Date 2, I’ve gotten a lay with 5 of them. I’m still hoping to get a notch with the 6th one, which is the Russian Tourist Student.

Two Date 2 that I have gotten a lay with were long leads from Tallinn with Date 2 in Tallinn: the Estonian Agro Student and the Ukrainian Medieval Dancer.

So aside from her, I got a lay with the 5 other girls that I went out at least on Date 2.

It seems like, in general, if they agree to come out for a Date 2, sex is on the table at some point, on Date 2 or later.

2.25 dates to get a lay

It took me on average 2.25 dates to get a lay. It’s a bit over the benchmark 2 dates to get laid. So I guess it’s not too bad considering that Russian girls, generally, need more time according to some gurus and players.

1 lay out of 54 approaches

Apparently, “advanced” Daygamers hit 1 lay out of 25-30 approaches. Well, like RoyWalker, I still have a lot way to go…

12 lays in total

9 Daygame lays and below are the lucky ladies.

… and 3 other lays (Social and Nightgame)

Some thoughts, learnings, improvements for 2018

Addressing the approach to lay ratio

I don’t think I will be doing much more approaches. I still have a lot to learn but over the past 2 years, I’ve been dedicated almost most of my free time and travel to Daygame, especially time in the field approaching, at the expense of other parts of my life.

Don’t get me wrong, it was a mandatory phase to go through and overall I enjoyed it, especially the lays! It was more than worth it. I need to think about addressing the balance with the other aspects of my life, and approaching more is not gonna help much. A good 500 approaches should be enough.

But what I will work on from a Daygame perspective is the approach the lay ratio. Hitting 1 lay out of 30 approaches would be great! 

Dealing with LMR

I believe I’ve made significant improvements on the verbal and physical escalation part but as pointed out by other players on the Polish Erasmus Student post, it seems like I could “dance” better and smother to deal better with LMR and get the lay faster or more earlier into the date.

To be honest, at the moment, I really don’t enjoy LMR at all. It takes me too much time and it’s affected too much my next day with is usually a working day.

Daygame Trips/Jaunts

Nothing is sure at the moment but, I’m thinking about Tokyo in Spring, going back to Vilnius and Tallinn. I got a glimpse of Zagreb over New Year Eve with RoyWalker and RickyRoma and I quite enjoyed it. I might go back to Ukraine again, likely to Odessa/Nikolaev. Suggestions are welcome!

Regarding this blog

Some of you might have noticed that toward the end of 2017, I’ve been struggling to keep this blog updated due to lack of time and other priorities. I still have 5 posts in draft, some Date reports from December and monthly reviews. I thought posting this yearly review would be more useful.

I will probably have to write fewer Date reports, move from monthly to quarterly report posts and maybe start doing some mindwank-ish posts.

Happy 2018 players! I wish you to approach, date and bang plenty of hot girls! 

Lay Report: Polish Erasmus Student


This is the rest of the story with the Polish Erasmus Student from Nightgame.

I managed to get the lay with on Date 3 and saw her again once before she moved out of St. Petersburg. This is just one girl but I gave me quite some interesting feedback on our last night together. I believe this is the most important part of this post.

Date 2 – November 7

I met her for Date 2 right at Mayakovskaya, right after Date 3 with the Black Hair Receptionist.

This time, we managed to go to the Hugs Bar. We got a table at the windows, with some pillows on the edge, and two chairs. The chairs were wobbly so it was a great excuse to sit on the edge of the windows next to each other [1].

We ordered 2 glasses of wine and started to talk about her exams just to warm up. Then I told her about my trip to Hong Kong and showed her some pictures. She then mentioned going on exchange in St. Petersburg was her fourth choice and Hong Kong was her second choice, and her first choice was Paris. She obviously didn’t get Paris and Hong Kong. We went into why she wanted Paris first. She told me that she had been trying to improve her French for years and that it would have been a great opportunity to do it by living in Paris.

Then, like on Date 1, she started to tell me more travel stories on budget. She is really well-traveled so to speak, and a very good storyteller with amazing English. Like on Date 1, I got captivated. She was so interesting and I was enjoying too much the conversation. Time flew and it was already close to 23:30. At that point, I haven’t done absolutely zero verbal and physical escalation. But I still decided to try to bounce back [2] by telling her that I have a better bottle of wine at mine. She agreed. She offered to pay the bills because I paid on Date 1.

Back at mine, after a little tour, we sent on the couch with some wine. I chromecasted some photos on my travel on the TV screen and kept talking about travels. Her favorite topic! After like 15-20 minutes, I had to remind myself to start escalating. So I told her that her black dress highlighted her legs and it was sexy. She took it on, not shying away. Then I put her hair behind her ear to check her earning. All good as well, she lets me and was feeling comfortable with my touch.

Then I looked her in the eyes, she was holding eye contact as well. So I went pulled her face in for a kiss but I got the cheek. She just smiled and I said that I had to try. She replied that “You should!”.

I went back to comfort and talk about her future. Hope and dreams. She mentioned about wanted to run a Carribean restaurant someday but doesn’t know where she would like to live. She mentioned a flew annoying stuff, she had to deal with when she will go back to Rotterdam.

Then, out of nowhere, she said she wanted a hug and just moved into my arms. I complied and looked down at her face, she looked up at mine and we kissed. We stopped for a minute and then kissed again with some tongue this time. I have to say she was a very kisser, soft and hard, confident. I really enjoyed it.

Then she realized it was a bit back midnight and she had to go catch the last metro. I told her that she could stay a bit more and get an Uber. But then she said that she had an exam in the morning and haven’t studied for it yet.

Knowing very well that she didn’t have much time left in St. Petersburg, so we set up Date 3 for December 13 right before she took off.

Date 3 – December 13

I took her to Hookah lounge, behind Mayakovkaya. They are several rooms with private pods and usually, during weekdays, it’s not too busy. Unfortunately, that night it was full so all the private pods were taken. We settled for a couch in a big room. But it was ok, we just stayed for one glass of Georgian wine and a Hookah. She mainly told me about her exams and how she felt about her last days in Russia and if she would come back.

I bounced her back without any reasons in the way that it was natural. We finished smoking the Hookah and I said let’s go to my place and she just followed.

My place was a short 5-minute walk away but we stopped by the Burger King to get some take away burgers as we were both hungry.

Back at mine we sat on the couch and ate our burgers. Then I opened a bottle of wine. She kept telling me how nice and friendly I was and I kept telling her how bad I was. It was just funny. Then she started a monologue on how she was not looking forward to going back to Rotterdam because she had to find a student job and hunt for a place to live.

At some point, I stopped her and pulled her in for a make-out session. After about 5-10 munites of making out like horny teenagers, she sat on my laps facing me and gave me one of the kisses I’ve never had. She definitely knew how to use her tongue. My hands started to wandering on her back then I moved into her ass while she pushing herself again my cock. At the moment, I thought it was in the bag, so I was grabbing both of her legs and started to lift her up but she stopped and we kept kissing. Her hands were all over me and I was playing with her boobs over her dress.

At some point, I tried to take off her dress but she stopped me. I tried to go under it to finger her but she also stopped me.

So I decided to be more dominant and made her laid on her couch and went on the top. I kissed her harder and put my knee between her legs. She enjoyed it but stopped me again when I tried to put my hand under her dress.

So I stopped the escalation and went to pour another glass of wine. It was getting late, 1am, maybe 2. I lost track of time. She said she had to write a short paper on Russian Startups and she was not sure if the deadline was the next day or in 2 days. She checked her emails and fortunately it was due in 2 days. Otherwise, you would have left.

I resumed the escalation and we fooled around on the couch for good 45 minutes, trying the make progress. But at around 3 in morning, she said that she probably had to go.

It was a working day. Back then, I was thinking that it was really my last chance to lay her I know she was enjoying all the escalation so far and again, amazing kisser and ass! So I decided to keep trying. I told her she can stay. She looked like me in the eyes for a couple of seconds and asked: “Would you like me to stay?”. I didn’t play games or give a PUA-like reply. I simply replied, “Yes, it would be cool”. And she just said “OK”.

She wanted to take a shower. I gave her a tower and a t-shirt and an extra pair of lenses case.

While she was showing I just changed into a tank and short and was laying on my bed. She came out wearing just her pink underwear and my t-shirt on. I don’t for you guys but for me, having a girl showing up in your bedroom with matching underwears on and YOUR t-shirt is a fucking sexy!

She came to join me in bed. We made out again and I tried again to finger her and take out my t-shirt but she kept stopping me. It was passed for and I was really tired. So I decided to give up. At that point, I thought it was not going to happen. I was about to fall asleep while she started to cuddle and kiss me again. I was not into it so she asked me “You don’t like it?”. I called it out this time and told me “Well, you kept stopping me”.

Then she took her pantie and said that she just needed a lot of foreplay. I fingered bang her until she reached orgasm. She took her my t-shirt and I took off my top. We made out again. I was a funny moment when I had trouble unhooking her bra. She whispered in the ear “You need the secret digit code”. We both laughed a bit but I eventually managed to take out her bra.

I put the P into the V shortly after. We went for another round and slept.

In the morning, I messaged my manager that I was be working from home in the morning. She made me breakfast while I was working (sending some emails and checking some reports). She left around noon and I left for work.


I met again the night before she flew out of Russia. She gave on a handjob and blowout and again kissed me like a pro! We had sex like aminal. It was the best sex had so far.

It just one girl but she was opened and gave me quite some interesting feedback.

  • Because we started heavy at the club, she played it hard to get because she really didn’t want me to think she was a slut.
  • She likes my body, especially my shoulder and my ass. She thought they were firm and smooth.
  • She was a “wow” moment when I took her my tank. Don’t get me wrong, I’m far from behind jacked but I’ve been hitting the gym hard.
  • She did find me very nice and friendly but the fact that I escalated and was persistence was key.
  • We went on date with 3 guys in St. Petersburg, all from Tinder and all non-Russian, but they were all too friendly or boring. One guy, she was giving her green lights but he wouldn’t make a move. Same with guys in Rotterdam apparently.
  • On the Date 2, she was not “ready” for sex but on Date 3, she was not giving LMRs, she really needs a lot of foreplay. She knew Date 3 was sex night.

We don’t text as much anymore but we are still in touch. I would definitely look to see her again for the sex but also because she is a pretty cool girl.

[1] I mentally took notes and will try to get this table now. 

[2] From experience and I guess this is obvious, but girls will be ok to go back to your back as soon as they feel safe with you. It doesn’t always mean they want sex.

Date 1 to 3 report: Black Hair Receptionist from work

Yeah I know don’t shit where you eat. Maybe I should have asked her out but she is very hot and very much my type physical. She is a hell of a flirter and one of the most feminine Russian girl, I’ve never met. I’ve been on three dates with her so far below the story so far.


This is not a typical lead from game some to speak but from work. It’s kinda more normal so to speak. So I guess some background would be helpful.

She is literally the second girl I’ve met in St. Petersburg in January. She welcomed me at work and did all the first initial administrative stuff. I got a big splash of attraction for her as soon as I saw her. She is a very beautiful girl, small build, slim body, ideal figure for me. She always wears sexy but yet formal dresses and always with nice heels and a cute smile all the time.


The flirting started straight for the beginning. I can confirm that because she told me on Date 2. Not verbally but sub-communication. Note that I rarely go to the administration office where she works. I’ve been that only a couple of times since 9-10 months. But when we would meet elsewhere in the office, she would always give me short but strong eyes contact, smiled at me to get me to look at her. It’s hard to explain it was just flirty all the single time. I remembered teasing her about being lazy and not taking the stairs. We will also small talks in the kitchen from time to time. We were always professional but everything was in the sub-communication.

I’ve always wanted to make a move but because we work for the same company I’ve never tried up until right before going to Hong Kong in November. We randomly met on our way out outside the office and we took a metro ride to the center together.

I got even flirtier and in the metro, she was standing pretty close to me, a couple of times we were face to face and at each stop, she would squeeze by arm with both hands. I told her about my trip to Hong Kong and I decided to take her number so that I could send her some pictures on WhatsApp right before I got out at my station.

Messaging on WhatsApp while in Hong Kong

I sent a ping on my stopover in Moscow and from then on, she messaged every single day I was in Hong Kong. We basically got to know each other over WhatsApp.

She turned out to be very funny, positive, fun and not taking things seriously. It was easy and a pleasure to message her. It was natural or I guess we could call it the “perfect” text game. We connected well and she was sending me so many signs that she was fancying me for months and the messaging, while I was in Hong Kong, was very on. I couldn’t resist and toward the end of the trip, I sent her a date request and called the whole “working for the same company” situation. She is kinda “living in the moment” and said to meet and take it from there.

Date 1 – November 27

We met at Mayakovkaya at 19:30 and we went to the Howl Bar. She had a typical trademarked Russian dress style but with boots instead of her typical high heel shoes. It was not the best weather to wear high heels.

We sat on a table next to the window. We sat on some pillow, on the edge of the window. She confirmed that she likes me from Day 1, as she finds me cute and gave a positive vibe to the office. She thought I would never ask her out and was so feeling so relieved when I finally asked for her number. We took a bit about office gossips and parties. Then I bounced her back after we finished our glass of wine. It was pretty easy to bounce. But it was not in the way that something would happen but more that she was feeling safe as we knew each other for months.

Back at mine, she took out he coat and boots and went to sit on the couch while I was opening a bottle of wine. I went sit next to her on the couch with the glasses. She told me a bit about her family. I asked her about her best and worth dates. She replied and returned back the questions to me. Then she showed me pictures from her Instagram.

Then I pulled her in for a kiss. It feels natural. She kissed me back. Then she just called out “I can’t believe, Seven kissed me” like a little girl. We kissed again with some tongue this time.

It was getting late and she starts working at 8 in the morning and said she wanted to go. I didn’t try to make her stay. She ordered an Uber and left a few minutes after.

I played it very safe and slow because in my mind I kept thinking that we work in the same company.

Date 2 – November 30

We meet at Chyornaya Rechka, which is the metro station closes to our office, and went the Kafe-Bar Gastrolor, close to Mayakovkaya, which means close to my place.

We got a table with a couch and we both sat on the couch next to each other. We got a glass of red wine each and she started to tell me about her day and I told her about mine. She had a very elegant white dress and I complimented on that but also about her dresses, her femininity, and how Russian she is.

She blushed a bit and teased her about it. She hit me on the shoulder and then was just holding my arm. It was very couplely so to speak. She asked me where does my confidence come from. I have to say it boots a bit my ego. I knew I’ve gotten more confident in girls thanks to all those game hours but I don’t feel good when especially a beautiful girl calls it out. On the spot, my reaction was to just smile and not say anything. Then she asked how if I’ve met many girls in St. Petersburg and how do I meet them. In general, I take those kinds of questions as the girl is shit testing me but I didn’t feel like she was. I didn’t call in Daygme obviously but just talked her that I can talk easily to strangers anywhere.

Then she told me how she usually meets guys, which is in bars or social circle. Nothing surprising here. She mentioned that her ex-boyfriend was Italian and he picked her up at a bar. He was only in St. Petersburg on holidays, he took her number and messaged for a couple of months on WhatsApp before he came back to St. Petersburg. They were in a long distance relationship for a year and he proposed to her. But she said “no”. She just told me that she was not feeling it. She also mentioned that many guys in the office have asked her out but true or not, I’m the first one from work she has been on a date with.

She asked me what kind of girls I like as in my previous girlfriends. I did not reply directly to her question but I told her the story of the Romanian Accountant Student and Miss Sunflower. They are two great DHV-like stories with pre-selection and quite some romanticism but also some cheating. I also did care a lot for both of them. It just naturally makes easier to tell those stories.

Then we made out for a few minutes until the waitress came to let us know they were closing in 5 minutes. I bounced her back to mine. She just agreed.

Back at mine, it was the usual at the beginning: a little tour, then drinking some wine on the couch, physical escalation fractionated with some comfort chit-chat.

I accelerated the physical escalation after about an hour. We made out heavier, more and more wandering hands. I put her legs on my labs then made her sat on them. We made out for a while with her on them.

Then I grabbed her legs that were wrapped around me and carried her to the bed.

I went on the top of her and we made out more. I grabbed her ass over her dress. Then LMRs kicked in. I stopped me from grabbing her ass under her dress and completely stopped after I grabbed her boobs over her dress.

She was not pissed or anything. She just said it was too fast. I just agreed and rolled back and did some comfort. We talked about sexual topics. I teased her about being a virgin. She blushed a but replied that she hasn’t had sex for over a year and last time was with her ex-boyfriend. She asked me when was last time I had sex. I tried to agree and amplify by saying “At work, today”. But she wanted a serious answer. It was honest and told her that I had sex in Hong Kong.

To my surprise, she was not surprised. She told me “From what I can see, you seem to be good with women”. I have to say, it did flatter my ego a lot. I tried not to smile too much.

I re-initiated the physical escalation, by kissing her, which lead quickly to another heavy make-out session. She let grabbed her ass. It was her limit. I put her hand on my cock, she took it out straight away. I tried to zip her dress, she stopped me as well.

I kept trying until about 4 in the morning and gave up. She wanted to stay at mine to sleep. I thought about trying the “Have sex in the morning” move but I was really tried and I spent way better alone. I’ve made significant progress and I knew I will get her out again. So I actually told her that it’s better if she goes because otherwise, I would keep trying.

She left on an Uber at about 4:30.

Date 3 – December 7

It was a short date of like 45 minutes as she had to go to see an opera play with her mum. So I knew already I wasn’t gonna get lucky with her that day. Here the “beta” reason, I decided to take her out still because I actually like spend some time with her. I’ve been on a lot of dates and I think I’ve mentioned it before but unfortunately, most of the girls have been boring or not very interesting. This one is witty, funny, banter well and positive. It’s refreshing.

We went to the Friendly Hugs Bar to drink some seasoned mulled wine.

She was telling me about Russian Orthodox Christmas traditions. She is quite a little girl on the inside. She is very into Christmas, the food, the mood, the decorations, the traditions in general and quite traditionally family oriented. I find it sweet.

I told her as an Asian descendant, Christmas is mainly an opportunity to have a wider family dinner.

We kissed and made out a bit. But that was it.