July 2017 review – Best month this year so far


July has been my best month so far in 2017. The weather was good and the Daygame God was finally smiling at me. I only approached, dated and laid girls from Daygame in July. So purely game wise, this review will be only about Daygame.


Approach 61
Contact info 19 31%
iDate 0 0%
Date 1 3 5%
Date 2 1 2%
Date 3 2 3%
Date 4 1 2%
Lay 2 3%

After a no lay June, in July I managed to get laid twice:

The other dates were Date 1:

  • The small tough blondie: I’ve back off for like a week and only started to message her again a few days ago. She seems still keen. I think I should be able to take her out soon enough.
  • The French speaking Russian: She is coming back from holidays tomorrow.

Unfortunately, in July, I also lost my two regulars:

  • The Kazakh Pilates Instructor: She wanted exclusivity or at least something more serious with a future. I saw it coming when she started to introduce me to her friends. I actually liked her a lot. She was quite fun.
  •  The Bride Makeup Artist: She is reaching 30 and had a son. I was a fun adventure and she got back into looking for a relationship. It was not a big loss so to speak. She was starting to get princessey. She went me to take her to upper-class places and expected me to obviously get the bills. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind treating a regular for a nice dinner once in a while. But she started to ask me to sent her a taxi and even tried to ask me to get her a pair of shoes. I told her that I was poor and she should look for a prince or an oil oligarch with a cheeky smile. I took it ok on the spot but then she dropped off a few days after.

The big learning from this month was that I started to make dates less routine for my own fun and vibe. I touched on this on my past two monthly reviews.

  • Even if my main venue is still the Howl bar, I started to try other venues, such as the Friendly Hugs Bar and Gastronomika.
  • I’ve also updated my photo routine and therefore have been telling other DHV stories.
  • I haven’t been doing the ring routine as often anymore. I’ve been more direct in a way when I go for the hands. I just simply use the excuse of checking her nails.
  • In term of physical escalation, I’ve done more the replacing her hair behind her ears to check her earnings and playing with her hair. Somehow, it feels more natural for me.

Gym – 5×5 Stronglifts

  • Body weight: 61.85kg (vs. 62.4 kg the previous month)
  • Squat: 115 kg (vs. 110 kg the previous month)
  • Bench press: 65 kg (62.5 kg the previous month)
  • Deadlift: Still at 100 kg. The problem is my grip, which was still too weak.
  • Overhead press: Still 45 kg. No improvement.
  • Barbell row: Still 57.5 kg. I failed 3 times in a row at 60 kg. So I had to deload to 52.5 and walking my way back up.


Date 1 with French-speaking red head Russian

I suppose some of you were expecting a report on my last lay:

It will be the next post and the one after. I “need” to write this Date 1 report so that I can wrap up July 2017.

Let’s jump into the story with a small red head Russian.

Redhead Russian
She looks pretty close to this girl


It was not during a proper Daygame session so to speak, where I purposely go out to approach. I had two friends visiting from Riga and I was on my way to buy a pair of towels in Nevsky Center.

I approached her on July 10 as she just entered Nevsky Center. I did a side stop and opened direct as usual. Then she asked me straight away if I speak French. I could head my accent. I replied that I do and we switched to French as her English was very limited but her French was actually pretty good. About 2 minutes in, she hooked and started to ask me many questions. She told me she was a technical writer and was on her way to the top floor to have dinner with her mom. I think just being French was a strong DHV for her. Anyway a couple of teases and few minutes of comfort chit-chat after, I went for the number close.


We messaged over good old SMS as she doesn’t use any online messengers and social media. It was pretty standard pings. We talked a bit about the VK festival and where she has learned French. She was reactive and the length of her texts matched mine.

She declined my first date request because she already had plans with some friends. But accepted the second one.

Date 1

We met at the Gostinyy Dvor metro station on July 20. She was wearing a summer flower pattern dress with ballerina shoes.

I led her to the Friendly Hugs Bar. We sat on a table in the back of the room with angle couches. She got a cake and a tea and I got a beer. She has downloaded a Russian-French dictionary on her phone. I teased about it but it was also a good sign of investment.

The whole date was in French. She was checking words in the dictionary every now and then. It was kinda funny and she felt a bit embarrassed about it.

The first 45 minutes was mainly comfort. She told me about her family, hobbies and that she still lives with her parents at 24 years old. I told her that she will just move from her parents’ to her future husband place in a teasy way. She hit me on the shoulder. She has a very cute, sweet and feminine smile and vibe. It was very pleasant I have to say.

I told her a few DHV stories about my volunteering experience on major sports events and from the different countries that I’ve lived it, supported by pictures (aka. photo routine). I was doing some social kino at the same time, like usual. She doesn’t kino back but she was not moving away either.

Then she showed me some pictures of her holidays in Greece and Cyprus. There were a few bikini pictures, which gave me an easy opportunity to through on some sexual spikes. It was about 90 minutes or 2 hours into the date when she told me that she will have to go in about 15 minutes as she had to catch a plane early in the morning to go on 3-week holidays with her parents in France and Spain. I took noted that I had to go for the kiss soon. We talked about the sites she was planning to visit. I gave her a few suggestions. Then I grabbed her hand to check her nails. She felt comfortable with it so I escalated further and touched her long red hair. Then, I moved up to placing her hair behind her ear so I could check her earrings. She was blushing and looked timidly away but she didn’t move away. When she turned back her face toward me, I went for the kiss and she accepted it. I stopped first. She said she is not used to kissing guys on the first date, and I didn’t say anything and went for a second kiss which lasted a bit longer. Then it was about time for her to go. I didn’t push. We just paid the bill and walked to the metro station where I left her after another kiss.

It went well and I would say there are 90% chances I will take her on a Date 2 when she will be back from holidays, even if lately I had a few girls ghosting me after coming back from their summer holidays. Fingers crossed!

Lay with the architect student




Pretty close with a bit bigger boobs

This is the rest of the story with the architect student. The approach to Date 3 is on this post.


Messaging on WhatsApp

At the end of Date 3, when she got back home she messaged me that she was she was indeed very tired but she also told me that she didn’t go back to mine because she didn’t trust herself and that she found me cute. She is rather shy when it comes to expressing her feelings in-person. My first thought was to try to find out more why she was afraid to get more physical. But then, I realized that it was too serious and logical, especially over messages. So I went the non-serious way and agreed and amplified. I replied that she should be afraid and runs as far as possible from me. She just sent me emojis of smiles and kisses. I went for the Date 4 request for the following weekend but she said she was busy. I just didn’t reply and the next day, she messaged me that she was going to the aqua park with her friends. I did some sexual banter about picturing her in a pink bikini. Then nothing until the date of Date 3, on July 28.

Date 3

What happened is that I randomly met her on Nevsky while I was daygaming. I saw her and went to talk to her. She instantly grabbed my hands. We did a bit a chit-chat over Google Translate for a couple of minutes. She told me that she was on her way to meet her friends and but that she will be done by 22:30, and she asked me if we could meet at 23:00. Meeting her so late, I really didn’t want to take her to a date venue. So I just went for it and asked her to come directly to my place, and we would eat some ice cream and cheese.

At my place, she just sat on the couch. I put the music on and poured her some orange juice since she doesn’t drink. I got myself a bottle of beer. We spent like 15 minutes balcony. Not much talking. She was just leaning against me.

Then we went back inside. I got the ice cream and she looked tired but we chit-chat a bit on the couch. She leaned against me again. Again not much talking. To be honest, it is rather tiring at some point to have to talk through Google Translate. I just looked at her and lifted her head up with my hand and kissed her full on. It turned to a make-out. It got heavier. She started to breath deeper. Our hands were wandering. I grabbed her boob over her top. She was clearly enjoying it. Then I processed with grabbing her boob under her top but over her bra. I tried to take off her top but she wouldn’t let me. My other hand moved down to her ass. I grabbed it full on. She let me. I played with her boobs over her top again and tried to take out her top again but she wouldn’t let me still! I loosened my belt, unbuttoned my jean and put her hand straight inside my boxer. She caressed my cock for like a few seconds but then took her hand out. I kept physically escalating putting my hand between her legs. Then tried to unbuttoned her jean but she wouldn’t let me. We made out more and more for a while. Then she asked me to stop. So I just stopped escalating altogether. She needed more time and comfort.

I suggested watching a movie. She agreed. I screened on The Age of Adaline on Netflix and went to pour me a glass of wine. I asked her if she wanted more juice. To my surprise, she said that she wanted some wine. Again she told me she doesn’t drink and has been drinking up to this point. I came back to the couch with the drinks. We watched the movie. While watching the movie we kissed every now and then but that was it. I think about an hour into the movie, she was started to fall asleep. It was about 1:30 am when she asked if she could take a shower and if she could borrow a t-shirt. I gave her a towel and one of my geeky IT t-shirts.

While she was showering, I was thinking that I really wanted to fuck her and I really didn’t want to wait for a Date 5. She was there, late date, and taking a shower at my place. I thought that I just had to push it more.

She got out of the bathroom with my geeky IT T-shirt and her pantie on. It was like in an American movie for teenagers. I got an instant boner. I walked it to her and pushed her again the wall and kissed her hard with both hands grabbing her ass full on. Then I pressed my body against her. I could feel she wasn’t wearing her bra. So I put my hand under the t-shirt and grabbed her generous breasts. She was clearly on. I told her that I wanted her. From her smile, I guessed she understood. I led her to the bedroom. I pushed her on the bed and moved on the top. I took my top off. She took off her (well mine) t-shirt. Then the rest of the clothes came off. I took out a condom from the night stand. She positioned herself in doggy and the rest is history.

She slept over and we had one more round in the morning. We had breakfast and she left.

The post-sex talk happened over breakfast.

She is only 20 years old and was in a relationship for 4 years. Her ex-boyfriend was her only boyfriend and she only had sex with him before. So I’m only the second guy she had sex with. She told that she made him wait for over a year!

She decided to have sex with me in the shower because she thought I was exotic and had a smooth skin. I’m Asian after all. The two reasons why she has been resisting was because she wanted to have sex with guys that she was in a relationship with and she was not confident regarding her bedroom skills as she only had sex with one guy before me.


Date 1 to 3 with an architect student


Pretty close with a bit bigger boobs


The weather has been pretty bad and I don’t feel like grinding so I might as well catch with my posts and my Russian lessons.


It was after work, on July 11. I was walking down Nevsky and saw her walking up right after crossing the Anichkov Bridge. She had tight blue jeans, a generous chest under a white top. I front stopped her and told her she was cute. She was like “No! No! No English”. She really had close to zero English. I gestured her to wait as I pulled out my phone to use Google Translate. I basically did the whole interaction on Google Translate. I entered “You look cute!”. She blushed. I kept going and typed in “You look like a student who had a bad grade and is afraid to let her mom knows”. She laughed and said “No No No”. She looked like she wanted to say something. So I switched the keyboard to Russian and handed it to her. She typed in “I’m an architect student. What is your name?”. I just told her my name and gestured “And you?” and she told me her name. Then she asked for my phone again and typed in “Where are you from?”. I tried to tell her by speaking very slowly that I’m from Paris, France. But no, she couldn’t get this! So I used my phone again. She just said “Oh! Good!”. At this point, I was not ok just go super simple and she typed it “You look like you are on your way to a party”. She told my phone again and typed in “I’m going to the cinema with friends”. Then she gave me back the phone and said “Go!” and gestured it as a well. Yeah, basically she had to go. I gestured her to wait and typed into Google Translate “You are attractive, I would like to take you out for a drink another day”. She said “Ok”. At least she could say this! I went for the number by just entering her name and handed her my phone so she could put in her number. I sent her a message on WhatsApp with just my name straight away.

Messaging on WhatsApp

I sent her the feeler message at 23:16 the same day and she replied 10 minutes later. I messaged her the next day during my lunch break and it was a game on. I parody the romantic guy telling her that I couldn’t sleep yesterday because I couldn’t stop thinking about her.” She replied that I was exaggerating. I continued a bit telling her that I was tired and that it was all her fault, and I would never be able to sleep again at night. She played along and sent me a string of emojis.

She messaged me the next day asking me if I speak French. I just replied in French that yes I do speak French and grew up in Paris.

Then, I went for the date request. She replied that we would be able to flirt like on messages as she doesn’t speak English. I sent her that we will use eyes and body language and it would be more fun. She agreed. She was very reactive and she didn’t seem like she was very busy so I suggested to meet the same day at 20:00 and she agreed.

Date 1

I’ve been trying to break a bit my date routine for myself, just to make it let monotone and more fun for me. So I decided to take her to a different date venue, the Friendly Hugs Bar. It’s a bit further away from my place but I find it better as a venue 1/2 as it’s quiet, with angle couches. All the tables are quite isolated as well. Music is soft and the drink menu is very well balanced between soft and alcoholic drinks.

We met at the Gostinyy dvor metro station [1]. She was 30 minutes late but I forgave her as she was stunning that day. She was dolled up, a sexy black dress and heels. She also had straightened her hair, which makes them longer, down to the ass level. We walked to the bar.

I picked a table end of the room with L-shape couch and we sat accordingly. She got an iced coffee and I got a beer. I pulled the table closer to us, pulled out my phone with Google Translate and put it on the table. The whole date was entirely through the voice translation basically. We were just talking through this app. It was actually quite fun because many times the app wouldn’t recognize the right words, which created fun misinterpretation.

Nothing really new during the first 30 minutes. It was comfort. She would tell me about herself, her life and I would do the same. She actually asked me a lot of questions about it. I would spike sometimes by giving silly answers and would be serious also. Like many girls in Russia and elsewhere, she was fascinated by the different countries I’ve lived in. I learned that her dad passed away when she was only 9 years old and has been living alone since she was 16 years old but her mom just lived a couple of blocks away.

She asked me questions about my rings [2]. I have 3 rings: a dragon claw, a phoenix claw and one with roman numbers. Dragon and phoenix are more regarding my Asian heritage. I always tell a Disney story like about how I killed a dragon and a phoenix at first. Then I will just say that they are just symbolic mythical creatures for Asians.

We were very close since the beginning since we had to talk with Google Translate. So I’ve been kino-ing every now and then. But she hasn’t reciprocated any of my kino so far in the date. But she wasn’t feeling uncomfortable as well. About an hour in, I decided to be a bit more direct with my kino. I took her hands to examine her nails colors. She told me that she was at the nail salon yesterday and as I was still grabbing her hands she would ask me if I liked it and which nail color I like on girls. I replied honestly red because it’s sexier in my opinion. Then I put her hand on my lap. She left it there so I escalated further and went for the hair. I played a bit with them and replaced them behind her ear so that I can (pretend) to examine her earnings. I was also touching her ear. She was ok with it. So I looked at her in the eyes for a bit then went for the kiss. She said: “no, no, no!”. I replied classily that it was ok and probably a bit too fast. I’ll try again later.

I did more comfort and did the photo routine but just went through a couple of pictures. Then, I went for the kiss again. This time I got the cheek.

A bit later the waitress told her that the bar will close in 5 minutes. I totally lost track of time. It was almost 23:00 and yeah this bar closes 23:00. I suggested taking a walk. I led her down to Nevsky toward my apartment. She was grabbing my arm all the way when we were walking. After about 10 minutes, I realized it was a bad idea as using Google Translate while walking is really not convenient. So I led her to the Ekaterininskiy garden and we sat on the bench. Some more comfort then I went for the kiss again and got the cheek again. It was getting close to midnight and she wanted to make sure to get a metro. I didn’t push further. We both went back to Gostinyy dvor metro station. I got out at Mayakovskaya and she went down further down the metro line.

Messaging on WhatsApp

This intermittence was very short. Date 1 was on July 11. I pinged her only on July 13 about what I was cooking. She replied back that she just woke up. It was about 14:30. So I just messaged back that apparently, she seems pretty available. So we arranged the Date 2 at 20:00 the same day.

Date 2

We met inside Galeria, in front of Starbucks. To my disappointment, she was dressed very casually compared to Date 1: light blue jean, white snickers and flower pattern top. I took her to one of the two bar/lounge on the top floor of Galeria. On the escalator, she grabbed my hand but I gently broke the hand holding. She was a bit shocked and was a bit mad. But after about a couple of minutes, she smiled again and grabbed my arm. I let her.

We sat on a couch next to the window. It was kinda romantic with the rain. Like on Date 1, we were sitting very close to each other as we have to talk through Google Translate on my phone. She got a fresh orange juice and I got a beer. We did some comfort chit-chat for about 30 minutes with quite a lot of kino: Holding hands, playing with her hair, touching her ear and her legs. I also seeded the bounce back by asking her if she like chocolate and ice cream and she said yes [3].

So I went for a kiss attempt and got the cheek again. Back to comfort for 10 minutes or so and went for the kiss again but got the cheek again. But then I asked her to kiss me on the cheek. She complied.

I looked at her in the eyes, then at her lips and back to her eyes with deeper eye contact, and decided to go verbally direct and told her that I wanted to kiss her. This part she got it without Google Translate. She replied with a louder voice “I know!”. Then she grabbed the phone and said through Google Translate “Not here! There are people.”. Yeah, she needed to be in full isolation to let me kiss her. So I went for the bounce back saying that I had French chocolate and ice cream at my place. She said ok. I paid the bill and led her to my place, which is a couple of blocks away.

Back at mine, she took out her shoes and I gave her a quick tour before leading her to the couch. I offered her chocolate and poured her a glass of orange juice since she doesn’t drink. I got myself a glass of red wine. We do some comfort chit-chat again for a few minutes while drinking. Then, I went to get the ice-cream.  Then, I went for the kiss and it was full on. It turned quickly to a make out. She was biting my tongue. I stopped first and got back to eating ice cream. We made out again a few minutes later. my hands wandered on the back under her top. She does the same. I alternated soft and hard make-outs and pulled her hair a couple of times. She was clearly enjoying it. I tried to grab her ass but she stopped me. More kissing for a few minutes. I stopped again. We finished the ice cream. I grabbed the emptied bowls and put them in the sink. I got back and she initiated the make-out. She kissed me harder. I reciprocated. I tried to do some dirty talk but since she doesn’t speak English, I had to stop the actions and use Google Translate. Obviously, I was not smoothed at all. So I gave up on using words to turn her on. I tried to press my knee between her legs but she asked me to stop. So I did. We kept making out. I tried to her hand on my dick over my jean but she resisted. I stopped kissing her and told her that I understand and it was too fast. We got back to making out a couple of minutes after. But even I could tell she was really enjoying she asked me to stop. I did and we just cuddled a bit. I think it was about midnight by then and said that she had to go before the last metro. I didn’t push more and let her go.

Messaging on WhatsApp

Back to WhatsApp. I pinged her a couple of pictures from the VK festival [4]. She told me that she went to the cinema to see the new Spiderman. Then I didn’t message her for 2 days. It was not on purpose, I was genuinely busy messaging other leads and work. So she messaged me “You have so much work, business man”.  I just replied with a Date 3 request the same day. At first, she declined and said she had to work late but then later in the afternoon she said that she was available and walking in the center. So we arrange to meet at 20:00 at Mayakovka.

Date 3

Unfortunately, Date 3 was not great. I took her to the Howl bar. She was very tired and sleepy. We just talked for 30 minutes and most of the time she was just holding my hands and half sleeping on my shoulder.


I tried to bounce her back still but she really wanted to go. So I walked her to Makakovska metro station and ended the date.

She was really tired but when she got back home she messaged me if I was mad. I took her I was a bit disappointed. Then she messaged me that she thought about going back to my place but she didn’t trust herself.

[1] This is also a great Daygame spot!

[2] Accessorize guys! I stopped counting the number of time girls, in general, commented on my rings.

[3] Most girls obviously do.

[4] I was there with a lead from nightgame.


Date 1 with a tough small blondie


Tough small Russian.jpg
Like her but a bit younger and less makeup



I approached her on June 14 around 21:00 on Nevsky, close to the Hermitage. I was on my way back home from dinner when I saw her walking past. She was quite small but on heels, probably around 155cm tall. She was dressed like an office worker and had a generous chest. I front stopped her but it was a bit too close [1]. She almost ran into me.

The set was actually quite bad, in the way that she wouldn’t give me anything! Not even a smile. Seriously! Nothing at all! Not even her name! So after about a minute or so I just decided to be verbally honest. So I told her that I find her attractive but if she is not interested she can tell me and I’ll just walk away. This is definitely not a best practice and not recommended but surprisingly she said “I’m interested but I’m tired and not in the mood”. So, I decided to go for the number but she wouldn’t give me her number so I went for her Facebook and she agreed, that how I finally learned her name.

I walked away thinking that she will probably not accept the friend request. But surprisingly she did a bit later that night.

Messaging on Facebook

The messaging was tough at the beginning. I was messaging longer messages and she would reply with short sentences or only a couple of words. Even so, she would still reply and was quite reactive. After about a week, she started to invest more into her messages. It started when I was in Paris for a wedding and pinged her some French pastries photos from the wedding. I guess it did a bit of a DHV there.

Then I asked her out and she agreed.

Date 1

We met at my usual meeting point, Mayakovskaya metro station on July 4. She had a light gray top, a light blue jean, white snickers and with very light makeup. Yeah, she was not dressed like she wanted to fuck. So I took a mental note. I led her to the Howl bar but unfortunately, there was a talk happening so I took her to Gastronomika instead, that was a couple of blocks away.

She sat opposite to each other. At the beginner, for a good 30 minutes, I was like when I approached her on the streets, very cold and tough. She would barely invest into the conversation. I still don’t know what she does for living. Not that it is still that important but it still odd. She started to invest more when we started to talk about traveling. I asked her which countries she had been to. She launched into a monolog and started to tell me traveling stories about when she was to Mink and stayed over at a random guy’s place that has only talked to on Instagram. Apparently, she often goes on solo trips to Kiev, Warsaw, and Minsk [2].

Still, on the travel topic, I did the photo routine and told her to come sit next to me so that I could show her some travel photos. I was swiping through the pictures and telling stories, I gave her more intense eye contact, touched her and grabbed it and replaced her hair behind her ears. She didn’t reciprocate but she didn’t move away or pushed back either. I remembered Krauser saying that one of the big differences between guys who get laid and guys who get laid A LOT, is the ability to escalate on amber lights [3]. So I did and went for the kiss and got the cheek. I didn’t react and carried out with the photo routine. Then a couple of minutes later, I went for the kiss again but got the cheek again. I just told her that it’s ok, as a man I have to try. She just smiled. We were about to finish out drinks. So I tried to bounce her back but she just gave me the look “I know what you are trying to do”. I just smiled and offered to go to a Shisha lounge. Unfortunately, she declined. She said that she will have to go in 15 minutes or so because she had a surgery the next morning. She mentioned it over messages but I didn’t know it would be the next day. So I kept doing some comfort with a couple of spikes about her smile and legs, then we ended the date. We walked to the Mayakoska metro station and let her there.

I don’t know how to explain, the date ended well enough but I thought that my chances to take her out again were 40/60. It has something to do with the fact her emotions and mood could just go very high and suddenly very low and then back to very high. I just have the feeling that if I manage to get her out again, would be more based on luck, in a timing way. If I manage to catch her at her right emotional time so to speak.

[1] Beginner’s mistake

[2] Popular Daygame destinations. Some of you guys might have approached her. Haha

[3] In general, I think I still rely too much on greenlights.


June 2017 review – Another no lay month


Just to remind you why we are in the game 😉


Late June review post. I’ve been busy chasing skirts, working and with life in general. But I just got home from work and it’s started to piss down. So I’m using the rain as an excuse for not approaching and finally take the time to write last month review.


Approach 28
Contact info 7 25%
iDate 0 0%
Date 1 5 18%
Date 2 1 4%
Date 3 0 0%
Date 4 0 0%
Date 5 1 4%
Lay 0 0%

So far this year, June 2017 was the month where I’ve approached the fewer girls: only 22. I guess it contributed to the reason why I didn’t get a lay. I’ve been the five Date 1. Four of them I haven’t been about to get a Date 2. The reports are on this post.

The last girl was “The soon-to-be-divorced stalker”. I went on Date 1 and 2 in June and eventually got the notch in Date 3 but in July. Date 1 report is here and the Date 2 (with Date 3/Lay report) is here.

Oh! I also went on Date 5 with a Ukrainian I approached in Kiev in July 2015. She was in visiting St Petersburg. She actually messaged me to let me know and I took her out. She is a hard-core Christian. Including Date 5, the four last dates with her were near misses. Half naked, handjob and blowjob but she just wouldn’t let me put it in. After Date 4, I decided to cut her off but since she was in St Petersburg, I gave it another try. Anyway, the history is:

  • Approached on July 18, 2015 (Kiev)
  • Date 1 on July 20, 2017 in Kiev – Kiss close
  • Date 2 on July 21, 2015 in Kiev – Near miss
  • Date 3 on August 1, 2015 in Kiev – Near miss
  • Date 4 on October 15, 2016 in Kiev – Near miss
  • Date 5 on June 21, 2017 in St Petersburg – Near miss

Other games

I don’t track my night (and other games). But I think I’ve done about 20 approaches in bars and clubs. Half of them were in Moscow with Krauser, Ricky Roma, RoyWalker and Mr. Arr.

I’ve been on a Date 1 with a girl from a 2-set that I opened in a bar. Unfortunately, I got friendzoned when I tried to take her on a Date 2. I’ve got caught up in comfort. She was actually super interesting and quite smart. I actually enjoyed the date but because it was so interesting I kinda forgot to spike. I still went for the kiss but got the cheek. It’s challenging enough to keep up with my Daygame related reports. I just can’t afford to write reports from other games unless it’s interesting.

I’m not sure we can call it a date but I went to jazz concert with two girls from a 2-set from a bar. RoyWalker came to wing me later. I’m, obviously, more interested in the hotter one. Nothing happened that night but I should be able to take the hotter one out of a proper date when she will be back from holidays,

Gym – 5×5 Stronglifts

  • Body weight: 62.4 kg – I didn’t know just was possible but I gained 2 kg.
  • Squat: 110 kg – Personal best
  • Bench press: 62.4 kg – Personal best
  • Deadlift: 100 kg – I finally passed to hit it 100 kg.
  • Overhead press: 45 kg – Personal best
  • Barbell row: 57.5 kg – Personal best

[Lay report] The soon-to-be-divorced stalker


Kinda like her but with a tongue piercing, more rock style and a bit less blonde.


Messaging on Telegram

After the Date 1, we got back to messaging for a couple weeks. She had to go back to Moscow for personal reasons, dealt with her divorce/husband and work issues and one of her cats that got sick. Yeah I know, unlucky and bad timing. I’m actually not good dealing with this kind things even with friends. I was afraid I’ve been too friendly or be insensible in a way. But I asked her out again on a Date 2 when she got back to St Peterburg and after her cat was feeling better.

Date 2

We met at my usual meeting spot, at the Mayakovsakya metro station. I was planning to take her to the Howl bar but I was starving. I met her straight after work and didn’t have time to get any food. She was hungry as well so I decided to take her to a Korean restaurant, located in the block next to my apartment. I very rarely do dinner date but I just had to eat.

During the dinner date, you ordered food and drinks and it was mainly comfort chit-chat. She mentioned that she just had an hour and she had to go to back some cat food and feed her cats at home or they would be starving.

So after the dinner, we took the metro to North side of the Neva, where she lives. We went to buy the cat food and then back to her place. It was old style Russian studio. It was rather big. I could see the laundry drying and the dishes that haven’t been watched. She fed her cats and played with them for a bit. Then she offered me some white wine.

We sat on the couch but she was feeling very nervous and stressed, and told me that I could only stay for a glass. I asked her why and if she had other plans after. She was actually honest and told me that she was afraid her husband would come. They are separated and lives in another apartment closed by but he still comes by to see the cats and pick up some of his belongings.

After we finished our wines, we started to kiss then making out. I escalated verbally telling her that her legs drove me crazy. Then more make out. I put both of her legs over my laps. More make out. I grabbed her ass and told her that she had a nice one. She is getting more on and kissed me harder.

I took her my top, she matched it and do the same. I grabbed her boobs over her bra. She got more turned on and the make out got heavier. I picked her up and put her on the bed. I got on the top and kept kissing her. I pulled down my jean and tried to pull down her. But she stopped me, moved back and snapped back to “reality”. She said her husband can come back anytime and she wanted to keep her reputation (her words). She told me that they work together as well and she cares about her professional reputation and she doesn’t want to deal with awkward situation at work, and took me that she was in her period anyway. I didn’t push more. I took her that I understood and I would be staying for 5-10 more minutes and I’ll go.

We got back to making out for a few minutes. Then she just suddenly said that her husband thinks that she gives great blowjob thanks to her tongue piercing. I was like “Ok, let me be the judge of that”. I stood up. She got down on her knees and took my dick out and executed the blowjob. It was indeed great with the feeling of the piercing on. I’m a bit embarrassed to admit that I came out pretty fast.

Messaging on Telegram

It was pretty straight forward. A couple of pings, back and forth. Then I asked her out again. We agreed on the date, time and place.

Date 3

As usual, we meet at Mayakovkaya metro station. This I did took her to the Howl Bar. She took a glass of wine and I got a beer. I did a bit of comfort, which was mainly telling her about the wedding in Paris I’ve been to during the weekend supported by pictures and videos. She told me about her week and her work again. The sexual tension was that and considering what happened on Date 2, I think she knew and was expecting sex. So when we finished out drinks and got the bill, I just led her to my place, which is accross the streets. I didn’t give her any reasons to come back to mine. It was just so obvious.

Back at mine, I gave her a quick tour. I offered her some wine, and we stood on the balcony. We didn’t talk much. We were just looking at the view and holding hands.

When we finished our glasses, we went back inside the apartment, left the glasses on the table. Then, I picked her up and carried her to the bedroom and the rest is history. Absolutely no LMR.

I offered her to stay over but she said she had to go back to feed her cats.

Post-sex talk

  • She took me that she was thinking about having sex with me on Date 1 but basically I took too long to go for the bounce back and we already ordered another drinks and shisha, and then it was getting too late for her. Damn!
  • She only had sex with 3 guys in her life. One before getting married, her husband and me.
  • She has been separated from her husband since January and hasn’t had sex since then until me.
  • She enjoyed the sex but was feeling very guilty afterwards because she is still married and felt that she had committed adultery basically.
  • The 2 other guys she had sex with were both Russians and she just wanted to try with a foreigner.

[Date 1 reports] Four terrible dates

This month has been pretty busy for me with two weekends trips in a row to Moscow to visit RoyWalker, Ricky Roma, Krauser and Mr. Arr met in Prague, a lot of work and learning a new non-game related skill that will hopefully allow me to be a location-independent job.

Therefore I haven’t got much time to blog. I still approach and go on dates but no new notch so far. I’ve been on 5 Date 1 from Daygame so far to be exact, and four of them were terrible and one was good, which was the soon-to-be-divorced stalker. The Date 2 is planned for Tuesday.

I’ve been trying my best to document on my dates as well, but unfortunately, I don’t time to write a separate post to each of those four dates. So I’ll just summarize them below.

Petite French Speaking Armenian in Moscow


Petite French speaking Armenian
Like but younger


I approached her close the central railways station in St Peterburg. She was leaning against the wall waiting for her mom. She hooked pretty quickly and she got more interested when I mentioned that I was French as she is fluent in French after spending 5 years studying in the French part of Switzerland. She lives in Moscow and was on holidays for a couple of days in St Petersburg. I decided to get her number before her mom arrives.

The messaging on WhatsApp was easy. She was reactive, quite fun, quite chatty, used a lot of emojis.

I took her out on June 3 while I was in Moscow visiting RoyWalker, Ricky Roma, Krauser and another Daygamer.

I took her Eat and Talk. She doesn’t drink so she got a latte and I got a small beer. She had quite a lot of energy and quite fun in the way that she would call out all my moves so to speak. We went into classic comfort topics, like hobbies, family, traveling.

I went for the kiss over 5 times for sure and she would over the cheek all the time. I would eventually manage to kiss her on the lips toward the end of the date after 3 hours or so. She was just very relationship oriented, wanted a family with 3 kids and was heavily screening guys for husband material.

I tried to take her out again the following weekend as I was back to Moscow but because it was a 3-day long holiday weekend in Russia, she was out of town with her family.

When I will be back to Moscow again, I might try to take her out again. But I think it would take me more than 2 dates to get a lay.

Kazan Student in St Peterburg


Kazan girl
Pretty much like her


I approached her on my way to have dinner with a friend, close to Admiralteyskaya. It was a very short set as it was raining and it was running late for a dinner. So I got her number after mentioning that I wanted to take her out on a date.

I was not expecting much from this one but surprisingly she was quite reactive over messages on Telegram.

I took her out of a Date 1 on June 6. We went to a Newman Coffee for 30 minutes where I was mainly doing comfort building and then bounced to the Owl Bar across the street from my place. On the Owl Bar, she didn’t want to get a drink, not even water. She was in St Peterburg for a month with her sister for holidays and was spending her days walking around Nevsky. Unfortunately, it was one of the most boring dates I have ever been to. At some point, I even offered to end the date but she wanted to stay longer. I still escalated and she would comply up to the kiss. We ended the date at 10pm as she wanted to go to see a movie in some coffee close to the Neva. She invited me to go with her but I declined. I was dying for boredness. I thought about it a few days after the date and I am pretty sure she was underage.

18-year-old brunette in St Peterburg


18 yo Russian.jpg
Not that hot but same features


I approached her while I was walking down Nevsky. She was walking very fast so I front stopped her. Her English was almost non-existent so stripped down the teasing and asked simple questions with the assistance of Google Translate. She was smiling, laughing, had sparkling eyes. It was a 5-min set or so.

Over WhatsApp, she was also quite responsive. I found that she was still in high school and just turned 18 years old. She accepted date request straight away.

We meet on June 17 at the Mayakovskaya metro station. Straight away she told me that she only had 45 minutes as she had to go back to babysit her sister. I thought “Shit! It will more like a bridge date then”. I took her to Newman Coffee. We both had a latte. I sat next to her straight away saying that I would be easier as we would have to use Google Translate.

I found out that she will move out of St Peterburg to Siberia in a couple of days. Her family is originally from there and she decided to go to university there after the summer. I went for the kiss a couple of times and she offered the cheek.

It’s very unlikely that we will meet again.

Law student in Moscow


Yep! She looks a lot like Zoe Kazan 🙂


I approached her on April 10 in St Petersburg. It was on the top if Nevsky. She lives in Moscow and was on holidays in St Peterburg with her parents. She was waiting for them so I knew the set will be short as number closing in front of her parents would have definitely not a good idea. I teased her about being a cute hamster (Krauser’s style). She hooked quietly luckily! I told her a bit about myself and then she told me she was a law student who loves history and arts. I got her number and ended the set.

The messaging on WhatsApp was ok. A lot of comfort. She asked me about my life in St Peterburg and told me about her studies and exams preparation. I sent her two photo pings: One from the Hermitage and another during my reconnaissance trip in Rostov-On-Von. She asked me when I’ll come to Moscow. I told her in June as I was planning to go visit RoyWalker during her Eurojaunt there. Then there was a period of silence as she was busy studying for her exam. Then I messaged her about a week before going on to Moscow that I’ll go to Moscow and date requested her. She agreed and we were supposed to be on a Friday at 7:30pm. After the Petite French speaking Armenian. But she didn’t confirm on date so I decided to stay with the Armenian. It’s only at the end of the date with the Armenian that I noticed that she messaged if I was in Moscow at around 8:30pm. I just played it non-reactive and date requested her for next Saturday as I knew I would be back to Moscow. She agreed and didn’t flake this time.

We met in front of Bosco on Tverskaya and led her to a coffee house a couple of blocks up to the street. We both got an iced latte and did some comfort chit-chat. We were there for about 30 minutes. Then I bounced her to Wine and Beer, a lounge accross the street from the studio I was staying at in Moscow. We ordered red wines. It was very slow in term of compliance and escalation. I ran the photo routine. It was ok. She seems attracted to my lifestyle so to speak. I ran the ring routine while grabbing her hand. She let me but I could feel she was not feeling conformable enough with my touch. It kinda destabilized me. So I cut the ring routine short. I think it was like 2 hours into the date and I was still struggling to make her conformable. She was talking about history and ethnicities in Russia. She was a very proud Russian and quite nationalist. She got into the Ukraine conflict territory but I stopped her from going further as I knew it wouldn’t be good. It was not calibrated but I just had at least to try to kiss her. So I asked her if she was more a hugger or a kisser. She said a kisser so I went for the kiss but she gave me the cheek. I played it cool and told her that it was ok and I will just try again later. She was still very serious. Then I went that some girls are not comfortable with kino and kissing until they are fully isolated. So I tried to bounce her to my studio. But she was resisting and said she wanted to take a walk. I agreed so I paid the bill and we walked down Tverskaya. She was explaining me the history of the district and so on. I spiked it up by telling her that she had a sexy smile and that her legs were distracting me. She cracked a little smile and turned a bit red.

We walked up again and I tried to pull her to my studio again telling her that we will just have one drink and then she could go. But she was still resisting. So I ended the date. It was probably too fast for her.

[Date 1 report] The soon-to-be-divorced stalker


Kinda like her but with a tongue piercing, more rock style and a bit less blonde.

The approach

She was a funny one so to speak. I approached her close to the Italian bridge in St Peterburg. She was slim, light blonde, about my height. I was plowing for a few minutes and the 3 pieces of information I got from her was her name, her job and what she was doing. I still went for the number but she wouldn’t give it. So I walked away.


Messaging on Telegram

But! The next week she texted me the below message and I didn’t give her my number.


Yeah! I know! Scary strange! But more on that later. So we moved the conversation to Telegram.

The rest of the messaging was easy, a couple of pings back and forth. I was also trying to find out how she found my number but she kept saying that it was her secret. I date requested her and she agreed. She also mentioned that she was preparing for the date by practicing her English before going to sleep.

Date 1

We met at my usual date meeting place, which is the Mayakovskaya metro station on June 8.  She looked way better than when I approached her. White undercut top, short black leather skirt, long black boots and sexy cat pattern legging.

I lead her to the Owl bar but unfortunately, when we got there, there was a talk going on. So I skipped venue 1 and went to straight to venue 2 at Sobko Lounge, a great seduction venue that I’ve randomly discovered while Daygaming.

We got a private cubical with 2 long sofas. We ordered some Georgian red wine and a shisha. I really wanted to know how she got my number. So she told me that I had my work badge hanging out my belt and she memorized my full name and the name of my company, which is actually quite famous in St Peterburg if you work in Tech. So she asked a friend of her that work at my company to look for my profile on intranet and well my number is listed there. I know… crazy and suspicious. And I called it out. Then she told me that she thought I was really cute but she is married but separated and on her way to get divorced from a 5-year marriage. So for 5 years, she got used to rejecting guys.

She also told that when I approached her, she was waiting for a friend, and they talked about me around a coffee. Basically, her friend asked her if she likes me and she obviously does and she regretted badly for not giving me her number.

During the date, she was constantly interrupted by messages and calls but she warned me at the beginning of the date that they did a product release at her work that day and she is the Product Owner in charge of the release so she would probably get questions from her boss and the support teams.

We talked about travel and then piercing and tattoos. She showed me her tongue piercing. I told her that I have never kissed a girl with a tongue piercing and it must be interesting. She just smiled and gave me the “You wanna try” look. So I went for the kiss and it turned out to be a makeout straight away. She made out for a couple of minutes until her phone rang again.

After the phone call, we moved back to comfort a bit. Then we made out again heavier. This is why I decided to go the bounce back. But she resisted. She told me that it was too fast. It was the first time she had kissed another guy another than her husband and on the first date. I told her that she won’t have to do anything that she doesn’t feel comfortable doing. Then she said that she knows but it was just too fast. So we went back to more heaving kissing then ended the date at around midnight as she wanted to catch the last metro.

[May 2017 review] Feeling like a number collector



Here are the stats for May:

Approaches Contact info iDate Date 1 Date 2 Date 3  Date 4 Lay
75 22 2 3 1 1 0 1
34% 3% 5% 2% 2% 0% 2%

I’ve done 75 approaches, which is the higher this year, which resulted in 22 contacts. That’s pretty ok for me. But out of those 22 numbers, I’ve only taken 2 on date and they were SDDL (Busty Russian-Romanian fortune teller) and SDL (Russian cardiology student) attempts, which made me feel like a number collector. Part of them have flaked or dropped out after the date request but most of them are still active enough over messages. They gave me plenty of excuses like out of town, exams, a lot of work. Classic!

I don’t think this my Daygame, in the way that they know what I want as I am pretty direct regarding my intention.

Now I still got a lay on Date 3 with the Bride Makeup Artist, that I’ve approached in January.

I’ve also been on a reconnaissance trip to Rostov-On-Don. The trip report is here.

Other games

I’ve been out during some bar game a couple of times toward the end of the month as the weather got better and people have been going out more. I got a few leads but have been prioritizing my Daygame leads. I’m by no mean good in “night” game but it seems like I can hold my own in bars now.

Gym – 5×5 Stronglifts

I had to deload by 10% and worked by way back up at the beginning of May because I missed a week.

  • Body weight: 60.2 kg
  • Squat: 105 kg – Personal best
  • Bench press: 55 kg (best: 60 kg – April 12, 2015)
  • Deadlift: 95 kg – I failed twice at 100 kg because my grip is not strong enough yet.
  • Overhead press: 42.5 kg – Personal best
  • Barbell row: 52.5 kg – Personal best