Lay report with a French Speaking Blondie

This a very late lay report. As mentioned on last September review post, I’ve been extremely busy with work.

French speaking blondie
More a cute face than a hot face but body is close enough.

Messaging on Facebook

Following the Date 1 with ended with near miss. We are back on Facebook Messenger.

More multiples reasons the timing was not great to get her out again for a Date 2 at mine for a Raclette and wine, as seeded on Date 1. I’m not gonna go into too many details as it was a long thread from basically the end of Date 1 on August 23 until Date 2 on September 20.

But to sum up, we talked about wine glasses, red heels shoes, MacBook [1], Thai food and her work. She messaged me a lot of pictures: her lunch, her shopping, her weekend with friends, her friend’s wedding and her holidays with he mum in Italy.

I finally took her out on Date 2 at mine for a Raclette a month after.

Date 2

We met a bit after 20:00 directly at my place. She showed in a black cocktail dress and had ridiculously high heel shoes but damn she was looking fine!  She also bought a bottle of red wine. I took the bottle, told her she looks very sexy but that I’m sure she can’t wait to take out those shoes. She just replied “Oh YES!”. We both laughed.

She sat on the couch while waiting for the potatoes to be cooked. Everything else was already set up. The raclette machine, the cheese, and the smoked meats were already on the table [2].

I opened her bottle of wine and we get a glass while waiting for the potatoes to be ready. She just told me about her day and I told her about mine. I hold her hand a bit but nothing more.

After 10 minutes or so, we moved to the table and we basically had dinner and talked about some comfort chit-chat blabla.

She asked if I had something for dessert after the meal. I didn’t have anything and I just told me that I was the dessert. Yep! Cheesy like hell! But she laughed and said that it was nice.

We moved back to the couch with the bottle of wine and the glasses. It slowly got more sexual as we were sitting comfortably next to each other and eyes contact got stronger and deeper as well. She clearly wanted to be kissed. So I pulled her in and we kissed, which quickly turned out quickly to a make out. It got slowly heavier and she started to put her tongue deeper into my mouth. Our hands starteds to wander. I stopped the make out at some point and looked her her. She was blushing and I told her it was cute. She hit me. Then I pulled her in again but kissed her on her neck and smelled her. She was getting more and more turn on.

I led her by the hand to the bedroom, she was a bit hesitant and she said she wanted to use the bathroom. After about 5 minutes, she came back without her tights. Yeah! Definitely a very green light!

I pull her down on the couch and kissed her heavily and grabbed her ass. Then I put her hand on my dick over the jean. She started to caress it. I unbuttoned my jeans and she put her hand under my boxer and started to give me a handjob. I tried to put her head down me she wouldn’t.

I grabbed her hand again and led her to the bedroom. This time with no resistance. I pushed her on the bed and went on the top and started making out. I slowly move my hand up her leg under her dress and as soon as I touched her pussy over her string, she screamed and moaned. Her string was very warmed and wet. I pulled it down slowly her along her legs slowly while looking at her and took off on. I went back on the top and fingered her. Then I took my t-shirt and she took her dress off. I took off her bra. I leaned back a bit just to enjoy the view. She had proper bouncy boobs and I’m a boobs guy. I went back at her for more kissing while fully grabbing her boob for a few minutes then she told me to grab a condom. I went in and we had sex. We had a post-sex talk and went on for another round with her on top.

Post sex talk

She told me that she really would like to find a good man and have a serious relationship and she basically told me that I would be a great boyfriend. But she knew I was not looking for a relationship. I’d never clearly said it but she could feel it. It was the main reason why she hold off on Date 1. The other reason was that she didn’t shave properly her legs as she was not expecting sex.

She knew that Date 2 at mine means sex and she wanted it. She has had sex for over a year! And last time it was with her ex.

She found blowjob disgusting.

She told me she loves my ass and labs. She said that they are smooth and firmed. OK, OK, too much details! But I guess I’ve been squatting for nothing.

[1] Yeah… I know, not a sexy topic but well it’s “normal”. 

[2] I know kind romantic and cheesy but well it worked. 



Date 1 with Zatanna

Busy month as expected. I drafted this post on the flight on my way back to St Petersburg from London. Not a holidays guys! Just a crazy working week visiting a client in a small town outside of London. But I still managed to go on this date and another one from Nightgame [1].


It was on August 9, inside Nevsky Prospect metro station after work. I was about to step on the elevator to exit the station when I saw her on the opposite elevator, going down. There were quite a lot people as it was rush hours. I followed her a bit and approached in the middle of the metro platform.
She had a ballerina body’s type, black hair, wearing a black and white summer dress and a tall black magician hat. She just reminded me of Zatanna, the mistress of magic from the DC universe. Yeah I know, I’m geeky superheroes fan.
So I used this to stack and told her she looked like Zatanna. Her English was very limited but I’m used to that by now in Russia. She smiled and seemed to like that she sees. She had no idea who was Zatanna. So I pulled out my phone and googled a picture of her. She laughed and said that she saw her somewhere but didn’t know her name was Zatanna.
She hooked a bit after that by asking me the classic “Where am I from” question. We vibed about Paris for a couple of minutes and moved into comfort. I just had the time to find out she was studying something related to optics and was from somewhere in the very east of Russia. She had to go meet friends. So I got her number. It was expected as we were on the metro platform.

Messaging on WhatsApp

I messaged her the feeler around 21:00 the same day. She replied a couple minutes after apologizing about her bad English. I agreed and amplified.
The following weekend I was off for a long weekend in Tallinn to deal with bank stuff. I did a couple of photo pings from there. It was on August 13. She read my photo pings but didn’t reply. I thought it was a dead lead.
Over a week alter, on August 24, I sent the “Alive?!” resurrection ping [2] and to my surprise, she replied the next day.
We exchanged a few back and forth messages about her learning new magic tricks referring to Zatanna, and sent her a date request that she accepted.

Date 1

As usual, we meet at the Mayakovkaya metro station at 19:00 on September 4. It was chilly that night so she was wearing a long wooly gray dress, black boot, and black leather jacket. She came with her trademark black magician hat. She put her on my head as a greeting. Yeah, she was a fun happy type of girl. I like them!
I took her the coffee right next to the station. We ordered a cup of latte each at the counter and got a table next to the window. Her English was limited and I was a bit lazy to put out Google Translate so we had very basic comfort conversation using simple words and gestures. She just talked me she loves to sleep, wanted to change her major at the university. She was 20 years old, lived in a dorm room with 3 other girls and moved to St Petersburg about her year ago to study. I told her bit about my hobbies.
After about 45 minutes, I bounced her to the Howl Bar. We got a table with a bench and she sat on the chair. The staff knows me well by now. So the waitress just said “Two glass of Merlot?”. I just said yes.
I led the conversation into travel and logically started the photo routine and as usual for the photo routine, I told her to come sit next to me as it would be more convenient. Still, as usual, I went through the photos supporting by short DHV stories. She was fascinated as she had never been abroad. Half way though the photo routine, I didn’t even bother going for an excuse and just took her hands and kept going though the photo with the other hand. I started to caress her hand. She didn’t caress or squeeze my hand back. But didn’t take her hand off either.
At the end of the routine, she took off her hand to use her phone and then showed me pictures of her hometown and her family. I was not sure she is was on or more how on she was. And I know it’s scary for most guys but the best way to find out to find out if a girl is on or no, is to physically escalate. So as she was commenting on the pictures, was looked more intensely at her, and when she looked at me I leaned in for the kiss. But I got the cheek.
I just smiled and just asked her to carry on with the pictures. I took a step back and touched her hair, put them behind her ear and started to check her earnings. She just let me and was just swiping pictures.
Then we switched to food and drink topic. I told her that I brought back my raclette machine from Tallinn [3]. She didn’t know what it was so I googled pictures of how to eat raclette. She got closer to me so I leaned in for second kiss attempt. But I got the cheek again. We put smiled and I told her that I understand that it was too fast, especially in Russia. Then she asked me if girls kiss on the first date in Europe. I didn’t reply but gave her the “Society judges girls harder when it comes to kissing and sex, and that it was unfair” talk. She agreed and went for the kiss again. This time, she accepted. But it was just a small one.
As we were finishing our wine, I suggested getting another round at my place. She said she was too tired and had an earlier class in the morning. I told her to skip it. She laughed and said that it was the beginning of the end, she had to be serious. I told her that she was just pretending to be a good girl but I knew she is bad and crazy. I pulled her in again for a kiss. This one lasted a bit longer.
I went to the bathroom and paid the bill at the bar on my way back. I asked her to grab her purse and put her jacket on. I took her hand and led her out of the bar up to the front gate of my building. But she wouldn’t come in. I didn’t insist, told her “I understand! Another time” and suggested doing a raclette. She replied, “It would be great”.
I walked her back to the metro station and ended the date.
[1] I won’t be written a report on it unless I manage to get a lay or near miss. I have to be selective based on the limited time I have. So unless there are interesting/crazy dates, I won’t be posting dates from other that Daygame
[2] Credits to Tom Torrero 
[3] I left a small bag with the raclette machine in it at a friend’s place when I moved out of Tallinn

August 2017 review – Quiet in term of game


In August, work has been pretty much taking a lot of my time. Even after work, my brain was just dead. Unfortunately, it looks like it’s not gonna better in September. I’m getting assign to manage a 50-member development team starting tomorrow. I guess this is the price to pay to be able to live in Russia [1].


Let’s jump right in the Daygame numbers.

Approach 22
Contact info 10 45%
Date 1 3 14%
Lay 1 5%

I’ve done only 22 approaches. I had only 2 proper Daygame sessions on August 9 and 18. Those two sessions totaled half of the number of approaches in August. I dare to say the other approaches were spontaneous in the way that they were integrated into my daily life, like one my way to or from work, groceries store and gym.

I still managed to 10 numbers so a pretty going 45% approaches to numbers ratio.

I went on 3 Date 1 and got one notch on the very first day of the month:

Unfortunately, many leads dropped mainly due to lack of time to do decent texting/messaging and taking them out on dates.

Other games

I had a near miss with a French Speaking Blondie from a 3-set approach during a wine tasting event. RoyWalker has a poll going on on Twitter about the definition of a near miss.

So I’m gonna clarified this one. She was back to mine, I got her top off and my hand caressing her boob under her bra.

Gym – 5×5 Stronglifts

The free weight section of the gym was in renovation for 10 days and I had to deload by 10% and walked my way back up.

  • Body weight: 61.85kg (vs. 62.4 kg the previous month)
  • Squat: 117.5 kg (vs. 115 kg the previous month)
  • Bench press: 60 kg (62.5 kg the previous month).
  • Deadlift: 105 kg. (100 kg the previous month)
  • Overhead press: Still 45 kg. Failed at 47.5 kg
  • Barbell row: 55 kg (57.5 kg previous month)

[1] I do like what I do.

Near miss with a French Speaking Blondie

This is my last field report for August. The next post will be the August review. This is not a girl from Daygame approach but from a wine tasting event organized by a girl that organized events for the French community.

I usually don’t allocate a whole post for field reports not from Daygame and just summarize them in a monthly review post. Mainly because I’m already struggling to find time to write Daygame posts already! But this girl was a near miss and out of my usual game model so to speak. So I think it would be interesting to write about it.


It was back in February. I went to this wine tasting event. The organizer is actually a girl that I approached in another event in January. So when I got there I was spending most of the time drinking with her and her friends for a good 30 minutes. Then, I started to open a few sets then I saw her with 2 of her friends. They were sitting at the table drinking wines. I was about to go in when 3 guys beat me to it and opened them. So I opened other sets and also went back to hang out with the organizer and her friends for like another 30 minutes or so, and opened when the 3 guys left.

I opened with that they all look fancy and were more looking more like Moscow girls vs. St Petersburg girls. Then I bantered about styles of girls from St Peterburg and Moscow. So there were the French speaking blondie, a French speaking Kazakh, and average non-French speaking looking brunette.

The Kazakh asked me if I speak French as it was a French party. I replied in French that I do. I moved into comfort and just sat next to the Kazakh and talked to all of them in French for a few minutes until the average brunette complained that she doesn’t understand so I switched back to English. I found out they were childhood friends and all spent 6 months studying in the South of France as exchange students a few years ago.

Then the organizer joined the set, I introduced her to them but it turned out they already knew each other for a couple of years as they have been regularly coming to her parties.

We all talked together and I found out at the Kazakh was engaged. She was the hottest one. The blondie was more reserved and was not speaking much, and the average brunette was talking to me a lot more and even asked the Kazakh to swap places with her so that she could be next to me. She was fuckable but I fancy the blondie more. She was definitely hotter and well had a great rack and I’m a boobs guy.

French speaking blondie
More a cute face than a hot face but body is close enough.

Anyway, I kept talking to the average brunette and the 2 others were talking with the organizer.

At some point me and the organizer left them to go get a refill and we just went to talk to other people. In the meantime, other guys were gaming them.

It was getting close to midnight and I saw them putting their coats on. I went in again and told them that it was still early and they should stay longer. But they said they were “tired”. I got their Facebook and they left.

Other parties

I ran into the blondie and the brunette a few of times at parties organized by the same organizer. In the meantime, I was gaming the blondie over Facebook messenger. I would banter and do some comfort. I’ve never seen the Kazakh again, apparently, she has been allocated most of her time with her fiancé.

The Jazz concert

I went for the date request in June but then she invited me to a Jazz concert with the brunette. It was during the time when RoyWalker was in St Peterburg. So I invited him to come after his date. I mentioned this during the June review. Nothing happened that night but I got more 1:1 time with the blondie and she started to be more invested on Facebook Messenger after this Jazz concert.

The Korean barbecue

I ran into her, the brunette and 2 male French male friends another time in the party organized again by the same organizer. But nothing significant happened. Then the organizer invited me to a Korean barbecue with a few of her friends a couple of weeks ago. To my surprise, the blondie and brunette were there as well. The blondie was sitting in front of me. She is usually shy and doesn’t talk much in person. But during that dinner, she was way more chatty with me. At some point, the brunette wanted to go but she decided to stay. I took the opportunity to move to sit next to her. They were other people at the table so it was not very appropriate to sexual escalate but I did some light kino that she reciprocated.

Proper Date 1

About a week ago I asked her out again and she happily agreed. We met at Mayakovskaya after work. I led her to the Howl bar. Luckily the most isolated table with a bench was available. We ordered some red wine. I did a bit of comfort chit-chat only as we kinda knew each other already. I moved quickly to the photo routine. She moved in closer until we were lap-to-lap. We finished our glasses and ordered another round.

I processed with questions from the questions game then ran the ring routine as an excuse to take her hand. I rolled back and went back to comfort and drinking our wines. She told me about her time in South of France. She also told me that she was engaged to a French guy that she met when she was studying there. But he was very indecisive and blabla. So she broke up. We finished our glasses and I went for the pull by telling her we should go for another round at mine. She agreed. She picked up the bill (!). Not common at all in Russia.

At my place, I started with giving her a tour then as most girls I’ve pulled back, she would sony in the balcony a bit. I went back in to pour some wine and went back out with her. We cheered and just enjoying the moment.

After a few minutes, we went back inside and sat on the couch with our glasses. Her mom called a couple of times. I teased her about having be home by midnight referring to Cinderella. She played along and asked if I was a prince. I told her that I was too bad and naughty to be a prince.  She looked at me with a cheeky look. We were holding hands and I remembered thinking “Why the fuck haven’t I kissed her yet?!”. So I just looked at her in the eyes and slowly leaned it. She did the same and we exchanged a kiss. I stopped and looked at her and she was blushing. I teased her a bit about looking like a tomato. She hit me and said that she hasn’t kissed a guy since a year. I forgot how but somehow we were talking about cheating. I told the story about the Romanian accounting student and the fact that a few days after we had sex she messaged me that she got engaged [1].

I was expecting her to go all “This is terrible! What a slut!”. But no! She was telling me that she just wanted to have a last adventure before committing to one guy and that girls are unlucky that society judges them harder than men and blabla! I was like “Flashing green light!“. She was still talking and I just pulled her in for a kiss and we started to make out. She started to kiss me harder with more tongue so to speak. Hands started to wander. After about 10 minutes, she was all over me. I got her top off and started to caress her boobs over her bra. She kissed me more and was moaning. I put my hands under her bra for a skin-on-skin boob caressing. That’s when she snapped. She stopped and started to say things like “This is crazy!” “This is not like me!” “This is too fast” while replacing her bra and putting back her top.

I managed to calm her down. She told me she didn’t want me to think she was not “this kind of girl” and it was too fast. I gave her the “Life is short and be in the moment” speech and that I didn’t think she was “this kind of girl”. Maybe I could have been more persistence but I got the feeling that it would have been that night and she needs more time.

She just chilled a bit, some more kissing, and cuddling and we ended the date. I walked the Mayakovskaya metro station and kissed her good bye.

A couple of thoughts

I probably could have taken her out earlier and not dragged on for such a long time. But somehow, because she is very much involved in the French community in St Peterburg, I run into her often and it could be awkward. More of my friends and probably most guys feel more comfortable getting laid with girls that they meet during warmer settings. But I have some anxiety with girls that I will likely to see again to avoid an awkward situation.

It still strange to be me how after the “Flashing green light“, she would still feel like she was too easy.

[1] Using previous lay stories as DHV, why the fuck didn’t I used them before?!


Date 1 with Radio Journalist

It was the first girl I’ve approached and number closed in a restaurant. Well, a restaurant where you place your order at the counter, wait for your number to be called to pick up your food. I had to be persistent over WhatsApp to get her out. It has been a while I haven’t invested that much into messaging!


It was on July 18, It was a long day where I got out of the office rather late. I decided to hit a Vietnamese(-ish) place to get some dinner. I was just sitting on a table and eating when she got into the restaurant and ordered her food. The main reason I noticed her it’s because she reminded me of Kristin Kreuk, a celebrity crunch I had when I was in high school.


Very similar but with bigger and brown eyes and different fashion style.


I’ve never approached in a restaurant, more because I’m not used and some spotlight effet. But as I said she looked too much like Kristin Kreuk for not giving it a shot. I waited until I finished eating to open.

I went in direct like always. I was about to banter when she said “Wow!” and told me that I was confident. Her English was good! Then, I mentioned to her that she looks like Kristin Kreuk. She didn’t know who she was. So I googled a picture of her to show her. She asked in which movies did she played in. I just mentioned Smallville, the TV show. I told her that I’m going sit down because it was getting awkward to stand there as I was sitting.

We moved into comfort. She told me her mom was from Eastern Russia and her dad from Northern Russia, which is why she has this specific Slavo-Asian look. I learned she works as a radio journalist in a university radio.

Five minutes in, she said that she really had to finish her food and go to see Spiderman Homecoming with a friend. So I took her number and exited the restaurant.

Messaging on WhatsApp

After the feeler message, I pinged her a “Windows into my life” type of ping: “Just came back from volleyball. I’m gonna sleep like a rock”, which led into a conversation about sports.

A day later, I pinged her another “Windows into my life” type of ping: “Having lunch just now! Long morning”. She replied with a message about her work.

Two days later, I photo pinged her a new picture of my breakfast. She replied with a photo ping of her shopping bag.

I went for a date request but declined because she wanted to have a lazy weekend.

I pinged her again a couple of days later but she didn’t reply. I waited 4 days and sent her a resurrection message: “Alive?! ;)”. She replied with “Yeap)))! How are you?”.  Then we had a few back-and-forth messages about fruits. I told her I was an orange melon guy. She told me she was a mango girl. I teased about tasking too sweet. She said: “Noooo”. I replied: “Yeeeeessss!” and: “We will never get along! You want to fight?! ;)”.

Then I went for a second date request. She said that she would let me know later and then told me the next day that she couldn’t and only told me she was busy. Obviously, I didn’t ask for more details as it would have seemed needy, and just told her it would be for another time then.

Two days later, I went for a third date request. She declined again as she had to go to her friend’s birthday. I just left it there without a reply and I was thinking it would be a dead lead. But three days later, she sent me a video of her showing me her new and only tattoo. It was a pink butterfly. I told her it was sexy but blue would have been better.

Then the next day, I pinged her a poster of a party I was going to and she replied with a photo ping of her new handbag. I teased her about the bag being too elegant for her. She replied that I didn’t know her. I replied playfully that it was all her fault that I didn’t know her as I have been trying to get her out but she has been pushing me away.

She replied that it was no one’s fault. I amplified: “What?! Come on! It’s so obvious that is totally 200% your fault! ;)”. She just replied with a smile emoji.

Then I went for another date request and she accepted it.

Date 1

We met on August 10 at 20:00 at the restaurant where we met. I got there 5 minutes late. When I got there she was already sitting and waiting for her food. I went to order mine at the counter.

We just talked about our day while eating. She also told me why and when she moved to St Petersburg and bit about her family. I did the same.

After we finished eating, I took her to the Howl bar. She got a cider and I got a beer.

We did more comfort and then started asking questions from the question game so to speak: “What are the craziest thing you’ve even done?”. She gave me a boring answer, which was moving to St Petersburg was the craziest thing she had ever done. I teased her on this and she just said she was a rather serious girl. I moved on to travel related questions. Like make Russians and I guess many European girls, they like to go to Spain, Italy and Portugal.

I logically transitioned to the photo routine and asked her to come to sit next to me on the bench. She complied. I flipped through the pictures and classily telling her stories about the places on the pictures.

Then I took her hand to check her nails and moved to caressing her hand. She let and didn’t pull back. So I kept physically escalating by first intensifying my eye contact, she blushed a bit, as for sure she knew I was starting to move things to a more sexual level. I complimented her hair and touched them. Then she turned her face. So I decided to roll back. We went back to comfort. We talked about movies and I mentioned that I can’t see any movies at the cinema in St Petersburg as they don’t screen them in English. Then she went for like a monologue for a couple of minutes. I was really just half listening, I was just looking at her face, her lips and I really wanted to kiss her. So as she was talking, I put her hair behind her ear and touched it and slowly pulled her in. She was still talking but she knew it was about to kiss her and stopped talking. I went for it and just got a small kiss. She said it was too fast and that she doesn’t know me enough. I agreed and told her the truth, that I was just in the moment and felt like kissing her. She asked if all French men are all so direct. I said “Totally!”. She blushed and I went in for another kiss. I got a small kiss only again. I decided to stop escalating there as it would have definitely appeared too needy if I would have. We went back into comfort for 5 minutes or so before ending the date.


Date 1 with a Tattooed Eskimo

A stereotype pic but she actually look like that with tattoos and with regular clothes


It was on July 9, after work. I saw her on the Anichkov Bridge in front of me.  She was wearing a very short black leather skirt, black leather boots and a low cut white top. She was also covered with tattoos. I’ll be honest, on the spot, I thought she was filthy and totally looked DTF.

I waited until she crossed the bridge and opened her from the side as she was turning into Vladimirskiy.

I got a bit of an audience as we were in front of a bar with an open terrace. She flashed a smile and seemed to like the approach. Her English was basic but good enough. I bantered on her purse as it was in a shape of a milk brick. I also told her that she will fit well in Camden in London with her fashion. She hooked after a couple of minutes by asking me where I was from. A classic.

We moved into comfort conversation, I remembered looking down to her low cut top a couple of times and she noticed but I didn’t care and just smiled. I found that she was a waitress and was an Eskimo. It was a first. I really thought she was from somewhere in Central Asia. She seems to fancy me. The set was going well. So I tried to go for the iDate but unfortunately, she was on her way to have wine with friends. So I took her number.

Messaging on WhatsApp

We messaged every now and then for a month! As a waitress, she was on a restaurant/bar industry schedules with a lot of night shift and working on weekends. Moreover, she was changing restaurants. I asked her out of a couple of times but the timing was always off. I thought it was a dead lead but she messaged me, on August 2, to let me know she will be available the coming weekend. So we agreed to meet on Sunday, August 6, at 18:30 at Mayakovskaya.

Date 1

She arrived dressed in a sexy grey dress and black leather boots. She got another tattoo and to my disgust, she had shaved off her hair on one side of her head! Yeah, I really didn’t like it. But well we were there already so I thought I’ll invest in one venue, one drink and go for the pull back. Just process and see. I led her to the Howl bar, we ordered wines.

I didn’t care to burn her so we did just 5 minutes or so of chit-chat and I moved straight into the photo routine and started to physically escalate. I pulled her to the bench next to me. and put my arm around her shoulder a couple of times, then I went for the hands. Moved up to her ear by checking up her earrings. She was not reciprocating my escalation but she was not pushing back either. We talked a bit about wine. She is an expert.

To be honest I was not so much attracted to her anymore but I was just telling myself to just forward. We finished our glasses and I told her I had 3 bottles of wines at home from Italy, Chile and New Zealand, and that we could go have another glass at mine. She enthusiastically agreed.

At mine, she sat on the couch while I was pouring the wine. I went to join her on the couch and she was telling me about Eskimo cuisine. Then I led the conversation toward her tattoos. I found it she had 11 tattoos. I asked her which one was her favorite. She lifted up her dress to show me a big tattoo of the Beauty and the Beast on her lap. I put my hand on the tattoo and “pretended” to examine it.

Then I just pulled her in for a kiss. She accepted it. She kissed me back and we made out. I knew it was fast but I went straight to caressing her boobs over her dress. But she stopped me and said it was too much. I just agreed. We made out a bit more then went to get more wine. We resumed the make-out. I grabbed her ass. She stopped me again. I tried to put her hand on my cock but she wouldn’t. She told me that I was quite bold and that she usually doesn’t even kiss on the first date. I didn’t say anything and went for more make-out. I went for the boobs again but she stopped me again. That’s when I decided to stop and actually ended the date. I had to work the next day and she was not attractive enough anymore to push further into the night. So I told her that I understand, that it was getting late and that I had to go rest. She agreed and I walked her out of the building.

I haven’t messaged her and she hasn’t messaged me as well. I don’t think I’ll message her again.

Lay with a Siberian Philosophy Teacher

Philosophy Teacher
Not that hot but same style

This is a long due lay report and I feel like if I delay it further my memories of it will fade away. It was a Date 1 lay with one venue, one drink and pull. So my fastest lay overall so far in Russia. As I approached her on July 28 and took her out and got the lay on August 1.


It was after work, I just got out at the Gostinyy dvor metro station when I saw her walking toward the underground passage to get to the other side of Nevsky. I stopped her right after she got out of the underground passage. It was my first approach of the day and there were quite many people in the underground passage. So I got a bit of AA but more of a spotlight effect.

She opened easily with a big smile. I bantered on her fashion. She was wearing a classical Russian dress with flower pattern.  Her English was pretty good. She just finished teaching a philosophy class at the university. She started to ask me a few classical questions I get often: What are you from? What are you doing in St Petersburg? What is your job?.

The set was going very well so I tried to go for the iDate but she was on her way to meet a friend. She was about to be late so I walked down Nevsky with her until the Anichkov Bridge mainly doing some comfort chit-chat and got her number. I sent her a message on WhatsApp with my name.

Messaging on WhatsApp

She was reactive over WhatsApp. I teased her about drinking too much with her friend and then we exchanged a few messages about wines. She was telling me that all her local wines she had tried were made from wine powders. I just took to opportunity to ask her out by telling her that I’ll take her to drink some real proper wine.

Date 1

We met at 20:00 on August 1 at my usual meeting place, Mayakovska metro station. We were both on time. It was raining heavily so we waited inside the station for about 15 minutes until the rain stopped.

I led her to one of the usual venues, the Howl bar. We took a table with a bench. I ordered 2 glasses of red Spanish wine. She liked and we talked about wines and she was just babbling about “So this is how real wine takes like”.

Then it was a lot of comfort. She told me about her life in Tomsk in Siberia, her family and her move to St Peterburg to teach at one of the universities here. I did the same, I told her about my family and the different countries I’ve lived it. I logically transitioned into the photo routine, to show out pictures of all the different cities I’ve lived in.

She was impressed and had sparkling eyes as she has never set a foot outside of Russia. She told me about her place in St Peterburg, that it was small and old. I told about mine, that I was pretty new inside and seeded the bounce by telling her I should give her a tour. She didn’t say anything and we kept drinking.

I think it was about an hour into the date, she was looking intensively at into my eyes with a smile. She wanted to be kissed. That was my feeling at that moment. So I pulled her in and successfully kissed her on the first attempt. I escalated further by grabbing her hands, touching her hair and her face. She was totally feeling comfortable with all my physical escalation. I told her she looked hot and she blushed. I was thinking “Ok! Time to pull back!”. I said to finish out drink and to go see my apartment. She didn’t say yes but she didn’t say no either. We only had a could of slips left so it just took her a couple of minutes to finish our glasses.

I got the bill and led her out of bar and to my building. At the gate, she said “I think I should go home”. I replied that it will just be for 5 minutes and she doesn’t need to do anything that she doesn’t feel comfortable doing. In the lift, I could see she was very stressed. I forgot what I said but I was just talking random stuff.

We got into the apartment, I didn’t lock the door and made sure she saw it. I gave her a tour and then we went to the balcony and did some more comfort chit-chat for like 5-10 minutes and pulled her in for a kiss, which turned out to be make-out.

We go back inside. I go get some wine and some chocolate while she sits on the couch. She tried a couple of chocolate. I was drinking and just playing with her hair, giving her deeper eye contact. We made out again and for a while. I stopped first and went to the bathroom to watch my face. I also loosened my belt.

I got back to the couch with her. I pulled her in for another make-out session. She was very into. Her hands started to wander. I put my hand under her dress and slowly walked it up to her pantie. I started to finger her over it with one hand and was grabbing her boob over her dress with my other hand. Then I slipped my hand under her pantie and fingered her properly. She started to moan more and more. She said couple of times “What are you doing?”, “You are bad!”, “You are dangerous!”. I was just agreeing by saying: “I’m the worse.” “Yeah, it’s too fast”, “I’m evil”. While still kissing her, grabbing her boobs and fingering her.

Then she went to the bathroom. When she got back she was standing close to the dinner table and said she had to go. I stood up and kissed her while slowly leading her to the bedroom.

In the bedroom, I pushed her onto the bed. I went on top of her and we were making out for a bit. Then, I took off my top and went back on her for more make out while taking out her dress. Shortly after the bra and her pantie followed. I took off my jean and boxer, grabbed a condom and went in.

She was very loud!! The loudest girl I’ve had sex with so far.

We went for another round and finished with a post-sex talk before sending her home with an uber.

Post-sex talk

She told me that last time she had sex was in last year, with another teacher. I asked her when she knew she decided to have sex with me. She couldn’t reply. She just said that it just happened.

I found out late over WhatsApp that I was her best sex. It always good for the ego and gives a confidence boost. 😄

July 2017 review – Best month this year so far


July has been my best month so far in 2017. The weather was good and the Daygame God was finally smiling at me. I only approached, dated and laid girls from Daygame in July. So purely game wise, this review will be only about Daygame.


Approach 61
Contact info 19 31%
iDate 0 0%
Date 1 3 5%
Date 2 1 2%
Date 3 2 3%
Date 4 1 2%
Lay 2 3%

After a no lay June, in July I managed to get laid twice:

The other dates were Date 1:

  • The small tough blondie: I’ve back off for like a week and only started to message her again a few days ago. She seems still keen. I think I should be able to take her out soon enough.
  • The French speaking Russian: She is coming back from holidays tomorrow.

Unfortunately, in July, I also lost my two regulars:

  • The Kazakh Pilates Instructor: She wanted exclusivity or at least something more serious with a future. I saw it coming when she started to introduce me to her friends. I actually liked her a lot. She was quite fun.
  •  The Bride Makeup Artist: She is reaching 30 and had a son. I was a fun adventure and she got back into looking for a relationship. It was not a big loss so to speak. She was starting to get princessey. She went me to take her to upper-class places and expected me to obviously get the bills. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind treating a regular for a nice dinner once in a while. But she started to ask me to sent her a taxi and even tried to ask me to get her a pair of shoes. I told her that I was poor and she should look for a prince or an oil oligarch with a cheeky smile. I took it ok on the spot but then she dropped off a few days after.

The big learning from this month was that I started to make dates less routine for my own fun and vibe. I touched on this on my past two monthly reviews.

  • Even if my main venue is still the Howl bar, I started to try other venues, such as the Friendly Hugs Bar and Gastronomika.
  • I’ve also updated my photo routine and therefore have been telling other DHV stories.
  • I haven’t been doing the ring routine as often anymore. I’ve been more direct in a way when I go for the hands. I just simply use the excuse of checking her nails.
  • In term of physical escalation, I’ve done more the replacing her hair behind her ears to check her earnings and playing with her hair. Somehow, it feels more natural for me.

Gym – 5×5 Stronglifts

  • Body weight: 61.85kg (vs. 62.4 kg the previous month)
  • Squat: 115 kg (vs. 110 kg the previous month)
  • Bench press: 65 kg (62.5 kg the previous month)
  • Deadlift: Still at 100 kg. The problem is my grip, which was still too weak.
  • Overhead press: Still 45 kg. No improvement.
  • Barbell row: Still 57.5 kg. I failed 3 times in a row at 60 kg. So I had to deload to 52.5 and walking my way back up.


Date 1 with French-speaking red head Russian

I suppose some of you were expecting a report on my last lay:

It will be the next post and the one after. I “need” to write this Date 1 report so that I can wrap up July 2017.

Let’s jump into the story with a small red head Russian.

Redhead Russian
She looks pretty close to this girl


It was not during a proper Daygame session so to speak, where I purposely go out to approach. I had two friends visiting from Riga and I was on my way to buy a pair of towels in Nevsky Center.

I approached her on July 10 as she just entered Nevsky Center. I did a side stop and opened direct as usual. Then she asked me straight away if I speak French. I could head my accent. I replied that I do and we switched to French as her English was very limited but her French was actually pretty good. About 2 minutes in, she hooked and started to ask me many questions. She told me she was a technical writer and was on her way to the top floor to have dinner with her mom. I think just being French was a strong DHV for her. Anyway a couple of teases and few minutes of comfort chit-chat after, I went for the number close.


We messaged over good old SMS as she doesn’t use any online messengers and social media. It was pretty standard pings. We talked a bit about the VK festival and where she has learned French. She was reactive and the length of her texts matched mine.

She declined my first date request because she already had plans with some friends. But accepted the second one.

Date 1

We met at the Gostinyy Dvor metro station on July 20. She was wearing a summer flower pattern dress with ballerina shoes.

I led her to the Friendly Hugs Bar. We sat on a table in the back of the room with angle couches. She got a cake and a tea and I got a beer. She has downloaded a Russian-French dictionary on her phone. I teased about it but it was also a good sign of investment.

The whole date was in French. She was checking words in the dictionary every now and then. It was kinda funny and she felt a bit embarrassed about it.

The first 45 minutes was mainly comfort. She told me about her family, hobbies and that she still lives with her parents at 24 years old. I told her that she will just move from her parents’ to her future husband place in a teasy way. She hit me on the shoulder. She has a very cute, sweet and feminine smile and vibe. It was very pleasant I have to say.

I told her a few DHV stories about my volunteering experience on major sports events and from the different countries that I’ve lived it, supported by pictures (aka. photo routine). I was doing some social kino at the same time, like usual. She doesn’t kino back but she was not moving away either.

Then she showed me some pictures of her holidays in Greece and Cyprus. There were a few bikini pictures, which gave me an easy opportunity to through on some sexual spikes. It was about 90 minutes or 2 hours into the date when she told me that she will have to go in about 15 minutes as she had to catch a plane early in the morning to go on 3-week holidays with her parents in France and Spain. I took noted that I had to go for the kiss soon. We talked about the sites she was planning to visit. I gave her a few suggestions. Then I grabbed her hand to check her nails. She felt comfortable with it so I escalated further and touched her long red hair. Then, I moved up to placing her hair behind her ear so I could check her earrings. She was blushing and looked timidly away but she didn’t move away. When she turned back her face toward me, I went for the kiss and she accepted it. I stopped first. She said she is not used to kissing guys on the first date, and I didn’t say anything and went for a second kiss which lasted a bit longer. Then it was about time for her to go. I didn’t push. We just paid the bill and walked to the metro station where I left her after another kiss.

It went well and I would say there are 90% chances I will take her on a Date 2 when she will be back from holidays, even if lately I had a few girls ghosting me after coming back from their summer holidays. Fingers crossed!

Lay with the architect student




Pretty close with a bit bigger boobs

This is the rest of the story with the architect student. The approach to Date 3 is on this post.


Messaging on WhatsApp

At the end of Date 3, when she got back home she messaged me that she was she was indeed very tired but she also told me that she didn’t go back to mine because she didn’t trust herself and that she found me cute. She is rather shy when it comes to expressing her feelings in-person. My first thought was to try to find out more why she was afraid to get more physical. But then, I realized that it was too serious and logical, especially over messages. So I went the non-serious way and agreed and amplified. I replied that she should be afraid and runs as far as possible from me. She just sent me emojis of smiles and kisses. I went for the Date 4 request for the following weekend but she said she was busy. I just didn’t reply and the next day, she messaged me that she was going to the aqua park with her friends. I did some sexual banter about picturing her in a pink bikini. Then nothing until the date of Date 3, on July 28.

Date 3

What happened is that I randomly met her on Nevsky while I was daygaming. I saw her and went to talk to her. She instantly grabbed my hands. We did a bit a chit-chat over Google Translate for a couple of minutes. She told me that she was on her way to meet her friends and but that she will be done by 22:30, and she asked me if we could meet at 23:00. Meeting her so late, I really didn’t want to take her to a date venue. So I just went for it and asked her to come directly to my place, and we would eat some ice cream and cheese.

At my place, she just sat on the couch. I put the music on and poured her some orange juice since she doesn’t drink. I got myself a bottle of beer. We spent like 15 minutes balcony. Not much talking. She was just leaning against me.

Then we went back inside. I got the ice cream and she looked tired but we chit-chat a bit on the couch. She leaned against me again. Again not much talking. To be honest, it is rather tiring at some point to have to talk through Google Translate. I just looked at her and lifted her head up with my hand and kissed her full on. It turned to a make-out. It got heavier. She started to breath deeper. Our hands were wandering. I grabbed her boob over her top. She was clearly enjoying it. Then I processed with grabbing her boob under her top but over her bra. I tried to take off her top but she wouldn’t let me. My other hand moved down to her ass. I grabbed it full on. She let me. I played with her boobs over her top again and tried to take out her top again but she wouldn’t let me still! I loosened my belt, unbuttoned my jean and put her hand straight inside my boxer. She caressed my cock for like a few seconds but then took her hand out. I kept physically escalating putting my hand between her legs. Then tried to unbuttoned her jean but she wouldn’t let me. We made out more and more for a while. Then she asked me to stop. So I just stopped escalating altogether. She needed more time and comfort.

I suggested watching a movie. She agreed. I screened on The Age of Adaline on Netflix and went to pour me a glass of wine. I asked her if she wanted more juice. To my surprise, she said that she wanted some wine. Again she told me she doesn’t drink and has been drinking up to this point. I came back to the couch with the drinks. We watched the movie. While watching the movie we kissed every now and then but that was it. I think about an hour into the movie, she was started to fall asleep. It was about 1:30 am when she asked if she could take a shower and if she could borrow a t-shirt. I gave her a towel and one of my geeky IT t-shirts.

While she was showering, I was thinking that I really wanted to fuck her and I really didn’t want to wait for a Date 5. She was there, late date, and taking a shower at my place. I thought that I just had to push it more.

She got out of the bathroom with my geeky IT T-shirt and her pantie on. It was like in an American movie for teenagers. I got an instant boner. I walked it to her and pushed her again the wall and kissed her hard with both hands grabbing her ass full on. Then I pressed my body against her. I could feel she wasn’t wearing her bra. So I put my hand under the t-shirt and grabbed her generous breasts. She was clearly on. I told her that I wanted her. From her smile, I guessed she understood. I led her to the bedroom. I pushed her on the bed and moved on the top. I took my top off. She took off her (well mine) t-shirt. Then the rest of the clothes came off. I took out a condom from the night stand. She positioned herself in doggy and the rest is history.

She slept over and we had one more round in the morning. We had breakfast and she left.

The post-sex talk happened over breakfast.

She is only 20 years old and was in a relationship for 4 years. Her ex-boyfriend was her only boyfriend and she only had sex with him before. So I’m only the second guy she had sex with. She told that she made him wait for over a year!

She decided to have sex with me in the shower because she thought I was exotic and had a smooth skin. I’m Asian after all. The two reasons why she has been resisting was because she wanted to have sex with guys that she was in a relationship with and she was not confident regarding her bedroom skills as she only had sex with one guy before me.