Tom Torero, thanks for everything

On Friday, I got message from RoyWalker “You have head about Torero?”. The first thing that came into my mind was that maybe you got sued or arrested due to this piece of shit or article and it remind me of an exchange of tweets between BroodingSea and Mr While Daygame that didn’t make sense and eventually did.

Roy processed with “He killed himself yesterday”. It took me a few seconds to process it. I couldn’t believe it. I was massively sad and also incredibly pissed.

Nick, Roy, Lee and others have payed him tributes. This is my post to honor him.

First time I’ve been Tom was during the “Under the belt” talk in London. You can read this first encounter on Roy’s post.

Then a couple of years later when I was leaving Tallinn, we had a call and several email exchanges. My major sticking point back then was my physical escalation that he helped to overcome.

The second and last time I have met Tom was in Saint Petersburg, during a join-bootcamp with Mystery and Beckter. We had a couple of pints with them. I chatted with Mystery and Beckter but I spent most of time with Tom, bouncing ideas about Russia. He was interested on how has been my life in Russia and with the girls. He thought that with my look and style, I was killed it.

Back then, Nick’s materials were too advanced for me to grab and apply concretely. While, as many have already highlighted, Tom has the skills to break down daygame into simple, actionable steps and most of them were free in form on vlog and podcasts.

It is undeniable that without Tom Torero’s material I would not be gaming today. He has a massive influence of my daygame during the early days. He and Nick have shaped my journey and built my game foundations. I will be eternally grateful to his teaching.

I’ve devoured many of Tom’s materials during the first couple of years on my player journey. However two come into my mind: His book Daygame and his first podcast of his series about loving women.

From all the comments on multiple sources, it is cleared that he has changed and saved many lives. Ironically, he was the one who needed help. I am aware that this is easy to say and I am stating the obvious, but I wish he would have reached you.

Tom, wherever you are now, thank you, Rest In Peace.

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