Who is Seven?

I’m Seven not my real name. Just a nickname to stay anonymous. Long story shorts, I am:

  • In my thirties
  • A 5’3 tall Asian man, officially French, who grew up in the Paris region.
  • A Daygamer strongly influenced by a retired Asian PUA (Johnny Wolf) from the ABCs of Attraction, Tom ToreroNick Krauser and RoyWalkerDaygame, my wing with who I’ve started daygaming with, in Dublin (Ireland) back in 2014.
  • A world traveler (mainly solo)
  • A Tech executive in the corporate world
  • A proud introvert!
  • Currently based in St Petersburg, Russia.

This blog is to put in writing my journey and thoughts as an Asian Daygamer but also as a man in this big beautiful world.

Note: I’m not a native English speaker, so bear with the typo and grammar.

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8 thoughts on “Who is Seven?

  1. Hey mate, great write-ups and content. Found my way over from Krauser’s site. Can you please do a post on how you track your results, what your system is? It’s pretty in depth and I’m wondering how you keep up with the maintenance.


    • Hey X,

      Thanks for the compliment.

      Regarding tracking my daygame activity, I’m not sure it’s worth a post. It’s a simple spreadsheet on Google Drive. One row per approach (value: date of the approach) and multiple variables per columns such as girl’s name, city, country, ethnicity, contact info (value: “1” if I got her contact), iDate (value: “1” if I had an iDate), Date 1/2/3/n (value: date of the date), Lay (value: date of the lay). It’s pretty much depends on what you would like to track.

      It’s not as high maintenance as you think. Obviously, the more variables you would like to track the most challenging it is it to maintain. But on the daily basics, I just add new approaches, fill in the city, country, girl’s name, contact info, location type (value: streets, mall, in-store, etc.), iDate. It takes me a couple of minutes. Then when I get a date, it’s just one date/lay to fill in.

      Then I’m daygaming through my day, I use an iPhone app (http://www.kountly.com/) to track approaches, location type and contacts and report them to the spreadsheet when I’m home.

      Every month or couple of months, I just go through those the leads and update if they are still active or not with a Yes/No.

      Trust me, my spreadsheet is low maintenance, I know Daygamer track if the girl hooked, blowout, tease, duration of the set, etc. by recording every set or recording the details and feedback after each set and report all those details back to their excel spreadsheet when they are home.


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