Lay report: A Romantic week with a 25 year old virgin Siberian

I haven’t been posting for a while. Busy life so this blog has to go down in term of priority. But I finally got some spare time to tell you the story of this very K Siberian 26-year-old tourist that took the virginity on the second date with long iDate which was more like Date 1.

It was at the beginning of August, on a Monday. I was walking down Nevsky after work and was thinking if I should go home and cook dinner or dine out when I saw a very cute Asian looking girl among the crowd. She was denim short, trainers and a white top. She was a bit smaller and I thought it was Kazakh.


I went in and tapped on her shoulder. She gave me the “WTF is this guy look” until I told her she looked cute. She blushed straight away and looked down. She found out she was a tourist and lived in an industrial town east of Siberian. She was that for a week after spending a few days in Moscow.

She asked me what I was doing now and I told her that I was thinking about where to have some dinner and decided to go for the iDate by telling her she could come with me. She was alone and visiting so I thought why not see how far I could push it. We went to Little Italian, a small restaurant of Nevksy. All tables outside were taken so we had to sit inside.

We got some wine and share a pizza. I went into comfort, she told me she studied in Moscow and moved back to her Siberian town as her mom went to. She got raised by a very traditional and strict single mom and 26 years old. It was her first time traveling without her mom and told me that she has been enjoying the freedom of not having her mom around. After the dinner, we told a long walk down Nevsky, toward my place. I was hoping to bounce but I didn’t happen that night.

I took her to a beer garden, I got a Belgian beer and she got a latte. We sat next to each other on a couch. But I could feel it was not feeling comfortable with me so close. So I move back a bit and she natural turned her body toward me but every time I would move closer she will move back a bit.

At some point, she called it out and said that she is not used to be alone with a man and doesn’t comfortable with men. She fancied me I could feel it but it was definitely too fast for her.

After about an hour, we left the beer garden and walked down Nevsky a bit more until Mayakovskaya metro station went we ended the iDate. We agreed to meet the next day at Mayakovskaya at 19:30.

The next week, I went straight to meet her after work. She dressed up that day, she would an elegant red dress on, let down her hair and put her pink heels shoes. I complimented her on her look and she giggled.

I led her to Howl bar. We sat on the edge of the windows and go some wine. She told me about her job. She was working in logistics for some kind of gold trading company and how many she was to get such a job in such a small town. I asked her if she was ever thinking about moving to Moscow and St. Petersburg. She said she would love living in Moscow but her mom would be against it. I decided to dig a bit deeper regarding her relationship with her mom and found that she is very protective even though she is 25 years old. They live together and she basically goes straight home after work. I asked her about her life in Siberian. She spends her weekends with her best friends, they walked around in some park or go to some coffee places and restaurants. They almost never go to bars and drink. She told me that she has drunk more alcohol with me so far that her entire life.

We moved into our previous relationships topic. She only had one boyfriend when she was studying in Moscow for 2 years, and yeah during those 2 years, they never had sex together. I told me this on the next date. I told her about a couple of girls I’ve dated.

At the point, it was more comfortable with me sitting close to her. I tried to go for the hand. She would timidly let me touch her hand but she definitely didn’t feel comfortable with this. She was politely rejecting all my physical escalation attempt. She knew what I was doing and I think I got a bit impatient and she could see it on my face. So she actually voiced out that she likes me and find me cute and interesting. She opened up a bit and told me that she felt ashamed to feel uncomfortable with men outside beyond friendship.

This is when the mess up part came out. She started to tell me about the root cause of this feel of men. When she was a kid and her dad would come back home drunk, he would hit her and her mom. Her parents are not divorced. But it’s like blocking her on the psychological level.

I decided to change a bit the mood. So we left the bar and went of a walk. I told me that I would stop trying to touch her today but offered my arm and told her she could take it whenever she felt like it. She would try a couple of time and let go after just a few seconds until she eventually could grab it longer while we were walking. I decide to end the date then as I was getting tired myself and nothing would likely to happen that night. We hugged goodbye.

We meet on for Date 2, two days later, as the next evening, she went to go see black swan at the theater.

At meet a 20:00 for Date 2 at Nevsky metro station. She put on a blue summer dress showing more cleavage around her boobs, still had her pink heels shoes and her hair down with some waves. I really wanted to fuck her badly and decided that I would push as much as I could during this date.

I took her to my favorite bar/coffee place toward Sennya square. We sat on a table next to the window. I sat on the edge of the window and she was sitting on a chair. She got a coffee and I got a beer. She took me about her day and the black swan play with quite some passion and emotions. We decided to order some snacks, got a cheese and meat plater, which moved the conversation toward food. She told me she is a good cook. So I went into a role play that when we will get married in 10 years, I would sit on the couch all day long and she would cook me delicious dishes and bring me beers. I added more “color” telling her that she would work her to bring money home to dine and wine me. She laughed and started to touch my arm and laps.

We got a second round of drink, this time I got a red wine. She started to take my hand. So at some point I told me to move next to me on the edge of the window. She complied and called out that she was impressed by herself as she could be closed with a man and be ok enough (her words).

I tried to put her hair behind her ears but she froze and said it was too personal. She kept drinking and she started to thank me for those amazing dates and how brave I was to hit on her on the streets. In my mind, I was like “Yeah, if she knows how many times I’ve done that”. She was having a great time in St. Petersburg thanks to me. Her words again.

She kept going and told me she would like to kiss me but she can’t. I went for it but she moved back and said again that she couldn’t. I rolled back and didn’t say anything. She did a bit of talking but I was just being quiet. She thought she had some something wrong. I just said no and that I was just listening to her.

At some point she said:

“If I drink more and kiss you, would it be ok’?”

I just laughed and tried to kiss her again. But she still would let me. At the point, I was starting to lose hope on the lay. So we got the bill, left the bar started to walk back toward Mayakovska.

It was a long walk and I was tired of talking and her as well so it was rather an awkward quiet walk. When we got closer to Mayakovska and was about to part away to go home. I thought “Let’s go for the bounce back anyway” and told her that I live a block away and she could come for one more drink. To be surprised she agreed and followed me.

At the place, we took off our shoes, I gave her a little tour and she sat down on the couch. I opened a bottle of red. I played it safe and decided to sit on the other couch.

I asked her some questions from the question games. Very general questions are first and then we moved into more sexual ones. When I asked her “What part of her body she likes the most”. She said her legs. I replied that she does have nice legs. Then she told me on Date/D2, she put on her the red dress and pink legs to highlight her legs. I told her to come to sit on next to me. She complied and started to escalate further. He put her legs over my laps and had my one of my hand on them. She just looked at me with a smile. I grabbed her head by the back and pulled her face in for the kiss. Successfully this time. She suddenly switched gears and sat on my laps facing me and started to kiss me harder with both of her hand on my hair.

I had my hands caressing her back and then on her ass. She froze a bit but let me kept going. I pulled her dress up and put my hand under it this time. It was all good as well so  far. I move my hands up her back to unhook her bra. She stopped kissing me and looked at me with some kind of shocking face. I just smiled.

When I put my hand on her boobs, she moaned and said it felt so good. I stood up, carried her by her legs and moved to the bedroom. I took her my top and my jean first. Then took off her dress. She instantly covered her boobs with her hands, moved to sit at the top of the bed and covered her body with the duvet. That’s when she told me that no man has ever so her naked before. I went to sit next to her and asked her if she was a virgin. She timidly confirmed. So I said her that in 2 years with her ex-boyfriend, they have never done it. She confirmed by nodding. She called out that she felt embarrassed as she is 25 years old and never had sex before. Well, considering her issues with guys, it makes sense.

I started to kiss her again, she kissed me back heavily. I went under the duvet myself and put my hands on her boobs again, she moaned and screamed “Daaaa!”. I went on the top and then started to play with her lips down there. She was clearly wet and pushed out a few more “Daaaaa!”. This is totally turned me on! I grabbed a condom from the nightstand. She gave a scared face. I told her I would go slowly. She timidly said “Ok”. So I slowly put it in. It was very tight. She screamed a bit and totally put it in and took it out. A bit of blood came out but that was it. I finger banged her a bit, she was moaning and then I grabbed another condom but fucked her properly this time.

After the sex, she took me it was fantastic. Well, it’s not like she could compare with anyone else. I thanked me so many times that I lose count of it. She told me that when she agreed to go back to mine, she was thinking that we could kiss and more but the sex was not an option. But when I had my hand on her boobs when we were on the couch, she got really turned on and thought that she wanted sex. But yeah she froze and got cold feet then she realized that she was half naked. And finally, she told me that she felt safe with me and felt that I won’t hurt her.

I offered her to stay over but she wanted to go. So she ordered a taxi. I walked her down and kissed her goodbye.

We met again 2 days later. We took her for a nice dinner in a steakhouse before walking her to the railways’ station. She went back to Moscow for a couple of days before flying from there back to Siberia.

She said we will try to be back or asked if we could try to meet in Moscow next week. We will see.

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