Hong Kong Trip Report – Nov. 10 to 24, 2017

t-ara eunjung hong kong (3).jpg

This is a quick post to summarize my recent trip to Hong Kong. It was not a Daygame trip. It was a regular holiday. I had some family here that I haven’t seen for years, so personal business take care of and also to relax and enjoy some good food. I don’t get good food in Russian unfortunately.

But as any Daygamer, I couldn’t help but get at least a taste of how it is to Daygame in Hong Kong and here at the stats for this trip.

Approach 32
Contact info 7 22%
Date 1 3 9%
Lay 2 6%

Yep! Two lays on Date 1. I was very surprised by myself. Especially with only 32 approaches. I really believe I got lucky. The two lays were from strong/obvious IOI: The Indonesian Intern and the Filipina Domestic Helper.

The third Date 1 was very hot a Chinese-Japanese. She was one of the hottest Asian I’ve ever approached and taken on a date. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to fuck her.

Unfortunately, compared to RoyWalker, who got laid with a local celebrity, I didn’t get to get to lay a local Hong Kong girl and I should be back there someday to get the Hong Kong flag.

I’m not into Asian girls but I don’t dislike them either.  I thought the overall quality was low, like a sea of 6s, some days 7s. But with 7-ish million people, of course,  I did see some hot Hong Kong girls. I’ve scared a lot of them out. It seems like RoyWalker had the same experience.

I’ve softened and got less direct on my approaches but still, all my Hong Kong leads flaked or ghosted me. But the sample (32 approaches) was too small to make any proper conclusions.

Below the list of places/districts, I’ve daygamed in Hong Kong.

While I was there I’ve stayed a week around Sheung Wan and the second week in Soho. I prefer Soho, as there are way more date venues around.



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