Lay with Crazy Russian-Yakut girl

This is a long due lay report. I started it a couple of weeks but never got the chance to finish it until now. Yeah, I have been very busy.


This a girl I’ve approached bar over a month ago, maybe two months ago, [1] while I was out with a few colleague for a couple of beers. She was with a group of friends (guys and girls) but I noticed she was looking at me from time to time. She had an interesting look, Russian mixed with some Asian features. I will find out later that she is half Russian half Yakut [2]. So she had some kind of Mongol/Turkic blood.

Russian Yakut.jpg
Kinda like her with a bit more boobs.

To be honest, I chickened out of approaching the whole group even after getting obvious IOI, and was just hanging out with my colleagues. About 30 minutes later, I had to take a piss so went to the bathroom. When I got back, she was outside smoking alone. It was just the perfect time to approach. So I went outside and opened with “Hey! I hope you speak English”. She replied that she does and I followed with “I noticed you were looking at me”. She laughed and I just started stacking telling her that she was Russian but she had some kinda of Asian features. That when she told me she was half Yakut. I honestly didn’t know anything about Yakut people. So she went into a semi-monologue. I was just half listening and I couldn’t help but look down at her cleavage. She noticed so I just called it out saying that I’m a man and I enjoy admiring girls. We both laughed it off. At least there were no doubts anymore that I found her attractive.

She told me she was in a 2 or 3 years nursing program under some kind of scholarship, in the way that after completing the program, she will have to go back to the Sakha, to work there for a hospital for a few years. I grounded and told her about myself and what I was doing in St Petersburg.

I noticed that she was about to finish her cigarette, so I decided to go for the number but she didn’t want to give it to me. But gave me her Telegram ID instead and we both were back to our respective friends.

Messaging over Telegram

She was pretty cold over Telegram for a couple of weeks: giving one-word messages or short sentences and were taking quite some time to reply. I just assumed that she was not on. So I stopped messaging her. But surprising after a couple of weeks, she messaged me out of nowhere “What are you going?” and we started to message again with basic comfort topics: work, food, holidays. I did a couple of photo pings, where I was in business trip in Guilford/London.

One photo ping of a Belgium waffle with whipped cream and ice cream turned the conversation more sexual. I messaged her that it was tasting like a piece of heaven. She said she wanted to try. I replied that it’s only for bad guys and good girls are not allowed to try. She replied that she was not good. I amplified telling her she was too good and a total angel. She replied that she was cute and sweet. Then I amplified again and told her “Yeah sweet and cute like a Belgium waffle. I would eat you”. She got back to me with “Pervert!”. I replied that I was a professional pervert and she should know that by now.

Then she told me that I wanted to rape her. Yeah I know! WTF! But then she continued saying that I seem dangerous but she likes it. I told her she should run far away from me. Then she said that if I tried to rape her (yeah again!) she can fight me off. I told her that maybe she will rape me and I should run far away from her.

Then she told me she would rape me with her Iron Fist technique. Yeah, I know, this is getting crazy-ish. But I kept going and asked her if she likes sado-BDSM stuff. She didn’t reply and just accused me of getting excited by her. It was totally verbally direct. I went on telling her that she likes it and asked her out. This whole crazy and somehow very foward attidude will make more sense on the date. So just bear with me for now.

She agreed but she said no sex. I asked her if she really thinks I was a beast. She replied that she was young and she doesn’t have experience like me. I told her that she doesn’t have to do anything that she doesn’t feel comfortable with and she was welcome to leave anytime during the date.

Date 1

As usual on dates, we met at Mayakovskaya metro station. Shit tests started straight away and all the way to the lay. It was just shit test after shit test from then on. I was one minute late and she called it out with an angry or maybe pretended angry face. We started to walk and she wanted to go another way. I just ignored with a smile and kept walking. We got into the coffee next door. I asked her to find a table and I will order the drinks. She refused. Again, I ignored it and she followed me to the counter, I didn’t ask her what she wanted and just ordered two lattes. We went to see at the table next to the windows. Her first question was “What do you want from me?” and continued without waiting for my answer with “I hope not sex”. In my mind I was actually thinking “This is gonna be fun”. I kept ignoring her tests and smiled. But she asked me the question again and this time followed by “A relationship”. This time I replied “We just met. Should I asked you to marry me now?” and went on a married couple role play. She finally cracked a bit of a smile.

I didn’t ask her anything and she went on a monologue about politics and how the government don’t support small regions in Russia and the difference between Russian and Russian citizens. I asked if she always talks so much as a tease. She hit me so I hit her back and told her that I was surprised she wanted to be a nurse as she was not sweet at all. It was like that during the whole venue 1! We finished our lattes and I led her to the Howl Bar. On the way there again she asked “Are you gonna rape me?”. I just laughed.  Again a lot of this will make more sense later.

At Howl bar, I sat on the couch and she got the table. We got a bit more serious and actually even went into deep comfort naturally. She took me about her childhood and how poor her family was and showed me some pictures from her home city and her family, even pictures of her when she was a kid and teenager. I did the same and told her more about myself and my life in Paris. It was a rather emotional moment and I just felt it was the right time to go for the kiss. I pulled her in but she wouldn’t let me and called it off “Are you trying to kiss me? Pervert!”. Yeah, you know when we learned that with girls most of the game is sub-communication, well she was just calling out everything that was obvious or subjective. It was actually fun at the moment. I rolled back in term of physical escalation and tried to take her hand but she would let me. I tried to start the photo routine and told her to stop next to me but she wouldn’t comply.

I tried a few times with a smile until she asked me again “What do you want from me?”. I pulled out the “I’m the man, you are an attractive girl and it’s my job to seduce you”. She just replied “Oh! You think I’m attractive?” I replied “No, you are obviously repelling” and didn’t give a fuck about being smooth and pulled her in again to try to kiss her. But she wouldn’t let me. At the point I was thinking either she is playing with me or she was just one of those girls who doesn’t like to kiss in public. So I went for the bounce back without asking her. I asked for the bill. I told her to grab her purse and put on her clothes. Surprisingly, she didn’t give me a shit test. We went out of the bar and started to cross the street, she followed me and finally asked me where we were going. I told her “To my place. I have some wine and I felt like drinking some”. She said “Ok but no sex”. I was still amazing how forward she was in a way! I ignored it and kept walking by to my place.

I forgot to mention that she was wearing a sexy black dress with black heel boots.

Back at mine she sat on the couch and I voiced turn on the music on my Google Home. I said she didn’t like the music. Yeah, she kept going with the shit tests. So she voiced stop it. I was just opening the wine and poured it on the glasses. I went back to her with the glasses and sat next to her but she called it out again “What are you doing?”, then stand up out the stuff on the other couch and sat there [3].

She finished her glass pretty fast and poured herself another one, and my surprise, she went sat next to me and put her legs over my mine. I will be honest, at the point, I really wanted to fuck her. She was making me feel horny and took the decision to push it a hard as I can even if I had to burn it.

I went for the hand again, but she would let me. So tried again, told her hand and pulled her in faster and with more force. It’s not my style but she actually loved it that I was more aggressive so to speak. Again, a lot of those will make more sense later.

She started to have fun with my Google Home and asked it to play different songs and there were all hardcore heavy metal song. I went for the kiss again but she moved back her head. But then told me she wanted to show me about the Yakut kiss. I was curious so I let her. Basically, the Yakut kiss is basically putting the nose on the cheek first, sniff it and then a light barely touching kiss on the cheek. Yeah, very conservative and friendly kiss. I was not a fan and told her. She went on about how it was romantic and hygienic.

The date started at 20:00 and it was past midnight, I bounced her back and I haven’t even manage to properly kiss her yet.

But that when the closed to 3 fucking hours LMR and her showing up her cock tease skills started.

She went to use the bathroom and came back without tights and sat on my laps facing me. I tried to kiss her again but she wouldn’t let me again. Then she went on the dinning table and danced for a while, maybe 10 or 15 minutes. She took her her bra off while keeping her dress. I was going insane! I was really turned on at this point. She went back to sit on my lab and was pushing her body against me but every time I would try to put my hand anywhere on her body, she would stop me. Then she started to fucking slap me! First slap was ok but then she slapped me a second time and this time it did hurt! I didn’t it so I grabbed her by the hips and moved her off me.

She complied and said that she won’t slap me again but she will during the sex! She went to get her phone and started to show me pictures of her on sexy poses at first and then closed-up pictures of her boobs, ass and pussy. Yeah…. crazy crazy naughty! I was reaching my playing game tolerance line. I grabed her hand, led her to the bedroom and pushed her on the bed. I went on the top and tried to kiss her again. But she moved her face. I got off her and I was about to call it a quit. But she took off her dress. The one piece of clothing left was her pantie. I went back on her and tried to kiss her again. It was another no. I was really getting tired of game or being gamed, so I put my foot down and told her “It’s enough! Just leave! I’m done playing game”. She was a shocked and said “Ok! Ok! I’m sorry!”. I went in for the kiss again and soon after we were making out. Finally, we are kissing 5 hours-ich into the date! I started to caress her boobs and played with her nipple. She kept asking me grab her nipples harder and harder. I seriously thought I would hurt her. But she was loving it and got more and more turned on. She slapped me in the face again. She tried to slap me again but I stopped her and told not to do it again [4].

We went it on her with me on the top and she started to scratch my back very hard and then she bit me hard on several places. She was also slapped my butt multiple times and asked me to slap her and she obviously she wanted to be slapped very hard.

One of the bites mark she left on me

She had sex five more times that night until the sunrise and she wanted me but I was dead.

I tried to have the post-sex interview but she wouldn’t reply seriously to any of my questions. So I was not able to find out when she decided to have sex with me and what she liked about me.

The view after she got back from the shower in the morning


We met again about a week later but she was too weird/crazy for me sex-wise. She was showing me regular porn videos at first, then videos about a man without legs having sex with multiple girls, then a video of a guy with massive pending testicles with people playing with them. When we had sex again, she wanted me to slap and hit her harder. She ruined my back by scratching it until bleeding. I was honest with her and told her that I didn’t like it and that actually turning me off. She told me that the more I hurt her the most she felt alive. Yeah… Maybe a girl for some of you guys but really not for me!

[1] I only track my Daygame.

[2] People from the Republic of Sakha Republic.

[3] I have another couch but I put a guest blanket and two pillows there on purpose so that there is only one couch girls can sit on.

[4] Maybe I’m too vanilla and some of you guys like that but I really don’t!


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    • I guess you never knows. Plenty of tattooed girls are pretty normal regarding sex and the other way around. But I definitely don’t like girls biting and slapping me, or asking me to hurt them or almost hurt them. I’m too vanilla and too nice 😂

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