Lay report with a French Speaking Blondie

This a very late lay report. As mentioned on last September review post, I’ve been extremely busy with work.

French speaking blondie
More a cute face than a hot face but body is close enough.

Messaging on Facebook

Following the Date 1 with ended with near miss. We are back on Facebook Messenger.

More multiples reasons the timing was not great to get her out again for a Date 2 at mine for a Raclette and wine, as seeded on Date 1. I’m not gonna go into too many details as it was a long thread from basically the end of Date 1 on August 23 until Date 2 on September 20.

But to sum up, we talked about wine glasses, red heels shoes, MacBook [1], Thai food and her work. She messaged me a lot of pictures: her lunch, her shopping, her weekend with friends, her friend’s wedding and her holidays with he mum in Italy.

I finally took her out on Date 2 at mine for a Raclette a month after.

Date 2

We met a bit after 20:00 directly at my place. She showed in a black cocktail dress and had ridiculously high heel shoes but damn she was looking fine!  She also bought a bottle of red wine. I took the bottle, told her she looks very sexy but that I’m sure she can’t wait to take out those shoes. She just replied “Oh YES!”. We both laughed.

She sat on the couch while waiting for the potatoes to be cooked. Everything else was already set up. The raclette machine, the cheese, and the smoked meats were already on the table [2].

I opened her bottle of wine and we get a glass while waiting for the potatoes to be ready. She just told me about her day and I told her about mine. I hold her hand a bit but nothing more.

After 10 minutes or so, we moved to the table and we basically had dinner and talked about some comfort chit-chat blabla.

She asked if I had something for dessert after the meal. I didn’t have anything and I just told me that I was the dessert. Yep! Cheesy like hell! But she laughed and said that it was nice.

We moved back to the couch with the bottle of wine and the glasses. It slowly got more sexual as we were sitting comfortably next to each other and eyes contact got stronger and deeper as well. She clearly wanted to be kissed. So I pulled her in and we kissed, which quickly turned out quickly to a make out. It got slowly heavier and she started to put her tongue deeper into my mouth. Our hands starteds to wander. I stopped the make out at some point and looked her her. She was blushing and I told her it was cute. She hit me. Then I pulled her in again but kissed her on her neck and smelled her. She was getting more and more turn on.

I led her by the hand to the bedroom, she was a bit hesitant and she said she wanted to use the bathroom. After about 5 minutes, she came back without her tights. Yeah! Definitely a very green light!

I pull her down on the couch and kissed her heavily and grabbed her ass. Then I put her hand on my dick over the jean. She started to caress it. I unbuttoned my jeans and she put her hand under my boxer and started to give me a handjob. I tried to put her head down me she wouldn’t.

I grabbed her hand again and led her to the bedroom. This time with no resistance. I pushed her on the bed and went on the top and started making out. I slowly move my hand up her leg under her dress and as soon as I touched her pussy over her string, she screamed and moaned. Her string was very warmed and wet. I pulled it down slowly her along her legs slowly while looking at her and took off on. I went back on the top and fingered her. Then I took my t-shirt and she took her dress off. I took off her bra. I leaned back a bit just to enjoy the view. She had proper bouncy boobs and I’m a boobs guy. I went back at her for more kissing while fully grabbing her boob for a few minutes then she told me to grab a condom. I went in and we had sex. We had a post-sex talk and went on for another round with her on top.

Post sex talk

She told me that she really would like to find a good man and have a serious relationship and she basically told me that I would be a great boyfriend. But she knew I was not looking for a relationship. I’d never clearly said it but she could feel it. It was the main reason why she hold off on Date 1. The other reason was that she didn’t shave properly her legs as she was not expecting sex.

She knew that Date 2 at mine means sex and she wanted it. She has had sex for over a year! And last time it was with her ex.

She found blowjob disgusting.

She told me she loves my ass and labs. She said that they are smooth and firmed. OK, OK, too much details! But I guess I’ve been squatting for nothing.

[1] Yeah… I know, not a sexy topic but well it’s “normal”. 

[2] I know kind romantic and cheesy but well it worked. 



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