Date 1 with Radio Journalist

It was the first girl I’ve approached and number closed in a restaurant. Well, a restaurant where you place your order at the counter, wait for your number to be called to pick up your food. I had to be persistent over WhatsApp to get her out. It has been a while I haven’t invested that much into messaging!


It was on July 18, It was a long day where I got out of the office rather late. I decided to hit a Vietnamese(-ish) place to get some dinner. I was just sitting on a table and eating when she got into the restaurant and ordered her food. The main reason I noticed her it’s because she reminded me of Kristin Kreuk, a celebrity crunch I had when I was in high school.


Very similar but with bigger and brown eyes and different fashion style.


I’ve never approached in a restaurant, more because I’m not used and some spotlight effet. But as I said she looked too much like Kristin Kreuk for not giving it a shot. I waited until I finished eating to open.

I went in direct like always. I was about to banter when she said “Wow!” and told me that I was confident. Her English was good! Then, I mentioned to her that she looks like Kristin Kreuk. She didn’t know who she was. So I googled a picture of her to show her. She asked in which movies did she played in. I just mentioned Smallville, the TV show. I told her that I’m going sit down because it was getting awkward to stand there as I was sitting.

We moved into comfort. She told me her mom was from Eastern Russia and her dad from Northern Russia, which is why she has this specific Slavo-Asian look. I learned she works as a radio journalist in a university radio.

Five minutes in, she said that she really had to finish her food and go to see Spiderman Homecoming with a friend. So I took her number and exited the restaurant.

Messaging on WhatsApp

After the feeler message, I pinged her a “Windows into my life” type of ping: “Just came back from volleyball. I’m gonna sleep like a rock”, which led into a conversation about sports.

A day later, I pinged her another “Windows into my life” type of ping: “Having lunch just now! Long morning”. She replied with a message about her work.

Two days later, I photo pinged her a new picture of my breakfast. She replied with a photo ping of her shopping bag.

I went for a date request but declined because she wanted to have a lazy weekend.

I pinged her again a couple of days later but she didn’t reply. I waited 4 days and sent her a resurrection message: “Alive?! ;)”. She replied with “Yeap)))! How are you?”.  Then we had a few back-and-forth messages about fruits. I told her I was an orange melon guy. She told me she was a mango girl. I teased about tasking too sweet. She said: “Noooo”. I replied: “Yeeeeessss!” and: “We will never get along! You want to fight?! ;)”.

Then I went for a second date request. She said that she would let me know later and then told me the next day that she couldn’t and only told me she was busy. Obviously, I didn’t ask for more details as it would have seemed needy, and just told her it would be for another time then.

Two days later, I went for a third date request. She declined again as she had to go to her friend’s birthday. I just left it there without a reply and I was thinking it would be a dead lead. But three days later, she sent me a video of her showing me her new and only tattoo. It was a pink butterfly. I told her it was sexy but blue would have been better.

Then the next day, I pinged her a poster of a party I was going to and she replied with a photo ping of her new handbag. I teased her about the bag being too elegant for her. She replied that I didn’t know her. I replied playfully that it was all her fault that I didn’t know her as I have been trying to get her out but she has been pushing me away.

She replied that it was no one’s fault. I amplified: “What?! Come on! It’s so obvious that is totally 200% your fault! ;)”. She just replied with a smile emoji.

Then I went for another date request and she accepted it.

Date 1

We met on August 10 at 20:00 at the restaurant where we met. I got there 5 minutes late. When I got there she was already sitting and waiting for her food. I went to order mine at the counter.

We just talked about our day while eating. She also told me why and when she moved to St Petersburg and bit about her family. I did the same.

After we finished eating, I took her to the Howl bar. She got a cider and I got a beer.

We did more comfort and then started asking questions from the question game so to speak: “What are the craziest thing you’ve even done?”. She gave me a boring answer, which was moving to St Petersburg was the craziest thing she had ever done. I teased her on this and she just said she was a rather serious girl. I moved on to travel related questions. Like make Russians and I guess many European girls, they like to go to Spain, Italy and Portugal.

I logically transitioned to the photo routine and asked her to come to sit next to me on the bench. She complied. I flipped through the pictures and classily telling her stories about the places on the pictures.

Then I took her hand to check her nails and moved to caressing her hand. She let and didn’t pull back. So I kept physically escalating by first intensifying my eye contact, she blushed a bit, as for sure she knew I was starting to move things to a more sexual level. I complimented her hair and touched them. Then she turned her face. So I decided to roll back. We went back to comfort. We talked about movies and I mentioned that I can’t see any movies at the cinema in St Petersburg as they don’t screen them in English. Then she went for like a monologue for a couple of minutes. I was really just half listening, I was just looking at her face, her lips and I really wanted to kiss her. So as she was talking, I put her hair behind her ear and touched it and slowly pulled her in. She was still talking but she knew it was about to kiss her and stopped talking. I went for it and just got a small kiss. She said it was too fast and that she doesn’t know me enough. I agreed and told her the truth, that I was just in the moment and felt like kissing her. She asked if all French men are all so direct. I said “Totally!”. She blushed and I went in for another kiss. I got a small kiss only again. I decided to stop escalating there as it would have definitely appeared too needy if I would have. We went back into comfort for 5 minutes or so before ending the date.



3 thoughts on “Date 1 with Radio Journalist

  1. I just read several months of your posts. Good job. I really feel like you’ve developed a disciplined approach to this – always going to a place you’re familiar with and being assertive with what you want.

    Question – during your text game, do you message whenever? Do you avoid the weird times like late at night or on weekends to avoid appearing needy?


    • I actually mainly message late at night and on weekend because actually don’t have time during the day. I used too a lot of effort and over analyzing the messaging part: making sure I wait and don’t reply straight away, making sure I message at specific time, that I say specific words, etc. Nowadays, personally, I just calibrate, depending on how was the set, if she likes to messages or not, how responsive she is, etc and how I feel. If she is not into it I go for the date request anyway, if she wants/can, great! If not I next her. If I really fancy or during time where I’m short on girls, I might give it another try. Note that this doesn’t apply to long game.


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