Date 1 with a Tattooed Eskimo

A stereotype pic but she actually look like that with tattoos and with regular clothes


It was on July 9, after work. I saw her on the Anichkov Bridge in front of me.  She was wearing a very short black leather skirt, black leather boots and a low cut white top. She was also covered with tattoos. I’ll be honest, on the spot, I thought she was filthy and totally looked DTF.

I waited until she crossed the bridge and opened her from the side as she was turning into Vladimirskiy.

I got a bit of an audience as we were in front of a bar with an open terrace. She flashed a smile and seemed to like the approach. Her English was basic but good enough. I bantered on her purse as it was in a shape of a milk brick. I also told her that she will fit well in Camden in London with her fashion. She hooked after a couple of minutes by asking me where I was from. A classic.

We moved into comfort conversation, I remembered looking down to her low cut top a couple of times and she noticed but I didn’t care and just smiled. I found that she was a waitress and was an Eskimo. It was a first. I really thought she was from somewhere in Central Asia. She seems to fancy me. The set was going well. So I tried to go for the iDate but unfortunately, she was on her way to have wine with friends. So I took her number.

Messaging on WhatsApp

We messaged every now and then for a month! As a waitress, she was on a restaurant/bar industry schedules with a lot of night shift and working on weekends. Moreover, she was changing restaurants. I asked her out of a couple of times but the timing was always off. I thought it was a dead lead but she messaged me, on August 2, to let me know she will be available the coming weekend. So we agreed to meet on Sunday, August 6, at 18:30 at Mayakovskaya.

Date 1

She arrived dressed in a sexy grey dress and black leather boots. She got another tattoo and to my disgust, she had shaved off her hair on one side of her head! Yeah, I really didn’t like it. But well we were there already so I thought I’ll invest in one venue, one drink and go for the pull back. Just process and see. I led her to the Howl bar, we ordered wines.

I didn’t care to burn her so we did just 5 minutes or so of chit-chat and I moved straight into the photo routine and started to physically escalate. I pulled her to the bench next to me. and put my arm around her shoulder a couple of times, then I went for the hands. Moved up to her ear by checking up her earrings. She was not reciprocating my escalation but she was not pushing back either. We talked a bit about wine. She is an expert.

To be honest I was not so much attracted to her anymore but I was just telling myself to just forward. We finished our glasses and I told her I had 3 bottles of wines at home from Italy, Chile and New Zealand, and that we could go have another glass at mine. She enthusiastically agreed.

At mine, she sat on the couch while I was pouring the wine. I went to join her on the couch and she was telling me about Eskimo cuisine. Then I led the conversation toward her tattoos. I found it she had 11 tattoos. I asked her which one was her favorite. She lifted up her dress to show me a big tattoo of the Beauty and the Beast on her lap. I put my hand on the tattoo and “pretended” to examine it.

Then I just pulled her in for a kiss. She accepted it. She kissed me back and we made out. I knew it was fast but I went straight to caressing her boobs over her dress. But she stopped me and said it was too much. I just agreed. We made out a bit more then went to get more wine. We resumed the make-out. I grabbed her ass. She stopped me again. I tried to put her hand on my cock but she wouldn’t. She told me that I was quite bold and that she usually doesn’t even kiss on the first date. I didn’t say anything and went for more make-out. I went for the boobs again but she stopped me again. That’s when I decided to stop and actually ended the date. I had to work the next day and she was not attractive enough anymore to push further into the night. So I told her that I understand, that it was getting late and that I had to go rest. She agreed and I walked her out of the building.

I haven’t messaged her and she hasn’t messaged me as well. I don’t think I’ll message her again.


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