Date 1 with French-speaking red head Russian

I suppose some of you were expecting a report on my last lay:

It will be the next post and the one after. I “need” to write this Date 1 report so that I can wrap up July 2017.

Let’s jump into the story with a small red head Russian.

Redhead Russian
She looks pretty close to this girl


It was not during a proper Daygame session so to speak, where I purposely go out to approach. I had two friends visiting from Riga and I was on my way to buy a pair of towels in Nevsky Center.

I approached her on July 10 as she just entered Nevsky Center. I did a side stop and opened direct as usual. Then she asked me straight away if I speak French. I could head my accent. I replied that I do and we switched to French as her English was very limited but her French was actually pretty good. About 2 minutes in, she hooked and started to ask me many questions. She told me she was a technical writer and was on her way to the top floor to have dinner with her mom. I think just being French was a strong DHV for her. Anyway a couple of teases and few minutes of comfort chit-chat after, I went for the number close.


We messaged over good old SMS as she doesn’t use any online messengers and social media. It was pretty standard pings. We talked a bit about the VK festival and where she has learned French. She was reactive and the length of her texts matched mine.

She declined my first date request because she already had plans with some friends. But accepted the second one.

Date 1

We met at the Gostinyy Dvor metro station on July 20. She was wearing a summer flower pattern dress with ballerina shoes.

I led her to the Friendly Hugs Bar. We sat on a table in the back of the room with angle couches. She got a cake and a tea and I got a beer. She has downloaded a Russian-French dictionary on her phone. I teased about it but it was also a good sign of investment.

The whole date was in French. She was checking words in the dictionary every now and then. It was kinda funny and she felt a bit embarrassed about it.

The first 45 minutes was mainly comfort. She told me about her family, hobbies and that she still lives with her parents at 24 years old. I told her that she will just move from her parents’ to her future husband place in a teasy way. She hit me on the shoulder. She has a very cute, sweet and feminine smile and vibe. It was very pleasant I have to say.

I told her a few DHV stories about my volunteering experience on major sports events and from the different countries that I’ve lived it, supported by pictures (aka. photo routine). I was doing some social kino at the same time, like usual. She doesn’t kino back but she was not moving away either.

Then she showed me some pictures of her holidays in Greece and Cyprus. There were a few bikini pictures, which gave me an easy opportunity to through on some sexual spikes. It was about 90 minutes or 2 hours into the date when she told me that she will have to go in about 15 minutes as she had to catch a plane early in the morning to go on 3-week holidays with her parents in France and Spain. I took noted that I had to go for the kiss soon. We talked about the sites she was planning to visit. I gave her a few suggestions. Then I grabbed her hand to check her nails. She felt comfortable with it so I escalated further and touched her long red hair. Then, I moved up to placing her hair behind her ear so I could check her earrings. She was blushing and looked timidly away but she didn’t move away. When she turned back her face toward me, I went for the kiss and she accepted it. I stopped first. She said she is not used to kissing guys on the first date, and I didn’t say anything and went for a second kiss which lasted a bit longer. Then it was about time for her to go. I didn’t push. We just paid the bill and walked to the metro station where I left her after another kiss.

It went well and I would say there are 90% chances I will take her on a Date 2 when she will be back from holidays, even if lately I had a few girls ghosting me after coming back from their summer holidays. Fingers crossed!


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