Lay with the architect student




Pretty close with a bit bigger boobs

This is the rest of the story with the architect student. The approach to Date 3 is on this post.


Messaging on WhatsApp

At the end of Date 3, when she got back home she messaged me that she was she was indeed very tired but she also told me that she didn’t go back to mine because she didn’t trust herself and that she found me cute. She is rather shy when it comes to expressing her feelings in-person. My first thought was to try to find out more why she was afraid to get more physical. But then, I realized that it was too serious and logical, especially over messages. So I went the non-serious way and agreed and amplified. I replied that she should be afraid and runs as far as possible from me. She just sent me emojis of smiles and kisses. I went for the Date 4 request for the following weekend but she said she was busy. I just didn’t reply and the next day, she messaged me that she was going to the aqua park with her friends. I did some sexual banter about picturing her in a pink bikini. Then nothing until the date of Date 3, on July 28.

Date 3

What happened is that I randomly met her on Nevsky while I was daygaming. I saw her and went to talk to her. She instantly grabbed my hands. We did a bit a chit-chat over Google Translate for a couple of minutes. She told me that she was on her way to meet her friends and but that she will be done by 22:30, and she asked me if we could meet at 23:00. Meeting her so late, I really didn’t want to take her to a date venue. So I just went for it and asked her to come directly to my place, and we would eat some ice cream and cheese.

At my place, she just sat on the couch. I put the music on and poured her some orange juice since she doesn’t drink. I got myself a bottle of beer. We spent like 15 minutes balcony. Not much talking. She was just leaning against me.

Then we went back inside. I got the ice cream and she looked tired but we chit-chat a bit on the couch. She leaned against me again. Again not much talking. To be honest, it is rather tiring at some point to have to talk through Google Translate. I just looked at her and lifted her head up with my hand and kissed her full on. It turned to a make-out. It got heavier. She started to breath deeper. Our hands were wandering. I grabbed her boob over her top. She was clearly enjoying it. Then I processed with grabbing her boob under her top but over her bra. I tried to take off her top but she wouldn’t let me. My other hand moved down to her ass. I grabbed it full on. She let me. I played with her boobs over her top again and tried to take out her top again but she wouldn’t let me still! I loosened my belt, unbuttoned my jean and put her hand straight inside my boxer. She caressed my cock for like a few seconds but then took her hand out. I kept physically escalating putting my hand between her legs. Then tried to unbuttoned her jean but she wouldn’t let me. We made out more and more for a while. Then she asked me to stop. So I just stopped escalating altogether. She needed more time and comfort.

I suggested watching a movie. She agreed. I screened on The Age of Adaline on Netflix and went to pour me a glass of wine. I asked her if she wanted more juice. To my surprise, she said that she wanted some wine. Again she told me she doesn’t drink and has been drinking up to this point. I came back to the couch with the drinks. We watched the movie. While watching the movie we kissed every now and then but that was it. I think about an hour into the movie, she was started to fall asleep. It was about 1:30 am when she asked if she could take a shower and if she could borrow a t-shirt. I gave her a towel and one of my geeky IT t-shirts.

While she was showering, I was thinking that I really wanted to fuck her and I really didn’t want to wait for a Date 5. She was there, late date, and taking a shower at my place. I thought that I just had to push it more.

She got out of the bathroom with my geeky IT T-shirt and her pantie on. It was like in an American movie for teenagers. I got an instant boner. I walked it to her and pushed her again the wall and kissed her hard with both hands grabbing her ass full on. Then I pressed my body against her. I could feel she wasn’t wearing her bra. So I put my hand under the t-shirt and grabbed her generous breasts. She was clearly on. I told her that I wanted her. From her smile, I guessed she understood. I led her to the bedroom. I pushed her on the bed and moved on the top. I took my top off. She took off her (well mine) t-shirt. Then the rest of the clothes came off. I took out a condom from the night stand. She positioned herself in doggy and the rest is history.

She slept over and we had one more round in the morning. We had breakfast and she left.

The post-sex talk happened over breakfast.

She is only 20 years old and was in a relationship for 4 years. Her ex-boyfriend was her only boyfriend and she only had sex with him before. So I’m only the second guy she had sex with. She told that she made him wait for over a year!

She decided to have sex with me in the shower because she thought I was exotic and had a smooth skin. I’m Asian after all. The two reasons why she has been resisting was because she wanted to have sex with guys that she was in a relationship with and she was not confident regarding her bedroom skills as she only had sex with one guy before me.



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