[Date 1 report] The soon-to-be-divorced stalker


Kinda like her but with a tongue piercing, more rock style and a bit less blonde.

The approach

She was a funny one so to speak. I approached her close to the Italian bridge in St Peterburg. She was slim, light blonde, about my height. I was plowing for a few minutes and the 3 pieces of information I got from her was her name, her job and what she was doing. I still went for the number but she wouldn’t give it. So I walked away.


Messaging on Telegram

But! The next week she texted me the below message and I didn’t give her my number.


Yeah! I know! Scary strange! But more on that later. So we moved the conversation to Telegram.

The rest of the messaging was easy, a couple of pings back and forth. I was also trying to find out how she found my number but she kept saying that it was her secret. I date requested her and she agreed. She also mentioned that she was preparing for the date by practicing her English before going to sleep.

Date 1

We met at my usual date meeting place, which is the Mayakovskaya metro station on June 8.  She looked way better than when I approached her. White undercut top, short black leather skirt, long black boots and sexy cat pattern legging.

I lead her to the Owl bar but unfortunately, when we got there, there was a talk going on. So I skipped venue 1 and went to straight to venue 2 at Sobko Lounge, a great seduction venue that I’ve randomly discovered while Daygaming.

We got a private cubical with 2 long sofas. We ordered some Georgian red wine and a shisha. I really wanted to know how she got my number. So she told me that I had my work badge hanging out my belt and she memorized my full name and the name of my company, which is actually quite famous in St Peterburg if you work in Tech. So she asked a friend of her that work at my company to look for my profile on intranet and well my number is listed there. I know… crazy and suspicious. And I called it out. Then she told me that she thought I was really cute but she is married but separated and on her way to get divorced from a 5-year marriage. So for 5 years, she got used to rejecting guys.

She also told that when I approached her, she was waiting for a friend, and they talked about me around a coffee. Basically, her friend asked her if she likes me and she obviously does and she regretted badly for not giving me her number.

During the date, she was constantly interrupted by messages and calls but she warned me at the beginning of the date that they did a product release at her work that day and she is the Product Owner in charge of the release so she would probably get questions from her boss and the support teams.

We talked about travel and then piercing and tattoos. She showed me her tongue piercing. I told her that I have never kissed a girl with a tongue piercing and it must be interesting. She just smiled and gave me the “You wanna try” look. So I went for the kiss and it turned out to be a makeout straight away. She made out for a couple of minutes until her phone rang again.

After the phone call, we moved back to comfort a bit. Then we made out again heavier. This is why I decided to go the bounce back. But she resisted. She told me that it was too fast. It was the first time she had kissed another guy another than her husband and on the first date. I told her that she won’t have to do anything that she doesn’t feel comfortable doing. Then she said that she knows but it was just too fast. So we went back to more heaving kissing then ended the date at around midnight as she wanted to catch the last metro.


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