Daygame has changed me and my life for the better or the worse


As you’ve noticed on this blog, I’ve never written so-called mind wank or inner game post so to speak. I’ve been trying to keep this blog as concrete and from field experience as much as possible.

My workload at work has gotten heavier that I’ve been very tired after work. Which made it difficult to motivate myself to do any proper Daygame sessions. During the past 7 days, I’ve done a mere 6 approaches. They were just spontaneous and very lazy sets on the verbal game level that are far from my top game. But still managed to get 3 numbers out of those 6 approaches and all responded to the feeler message. Yep! Not too bad!

I started to read The Deplorable Cad from Krauser a bit before my reconnaissance trip to Rostov-On-Don but hasn’t gotten the chance to read it further until this morning. By reading it and therefore Krauser’s journey covered during the period in the book, it made me think about my own journey since 2014 in Dublin with the infamous RoyWalker and how much I’ve changed, for the better or the worse. So here my some random changes in no particular order.

  • I’m not so keen on going to any kind of social events anymore: Before I became good, or more good enough in Daygame, I used to go to social events and group hobbies like mixed volleyball, wine tasting or salsa events. But the true is that I was more going there so I would meet girls. Don’t get me wrong! I do like I volleyball, wine and the dancing. I’ve been actually playing volleyball for more than 10 years in at a competitive level, despite my height and I love wine but in the back of my head, I admit that it was more as an opportunity to meet girls. Nothing wrong with that but nowadays, when I go play volleyball or drinks some wine or beers, I don’t care are all if there are not girls are all and fully enjoy volleyball or the wine.
  • I’ve embarrassed my introvert nature: I’m naturally introvert. It’s very likely why I like Daygame more than Nightgame or any other games that require dealing with groups for an extended period of time. Without a lot of coffee and energy drink, put me in a proper nightclub, my energy will go down close to zero in an hour. In a social event like a networking even I’ll hold 2 hours. Even in Daygame, if I do a 2-set, it’s the equivalent of doing 3 single sets in term of energy. Yeah, I’m not shy but I’m definitely an introvert. So I enjoy spending time alone or doing activities alone, such as reading and traveling.
  • I’ve stopped trying to impress or seeking for peer approval: I remembered that pre-Daygame period, I was going to many social events, or even try to be in a team or joining a department so that I could be with the cool guys to look cool myself. The true is that most of the times I didn’t enjoy it, I was going to those events and being part of some groups so that I wouldn’t look like a loser and impress other people. Basically, try to increase my coolness level. Yep, pathetic! I know. I was also spending more money to impress, like buying a lot of rounds of drinks and fancy band clothes. Nowadays, the most expensive piece of clothes I have is an 80 EUR pair of boots and all my stuff fit into a medium size suitcase and backpack. So I’ve also naturally cut down many expenses. But I don’t save more as I also travel more.
  • Overall I enjoy more my job: I’ve always been geeky so to speak and love Tech, IT, startups and innovation in those fields but I was also trying to impress and therefore used to work like crazy to get promoted and get fancy high-value titles. Nowadays, I couldn’t care less about my work title, people could call me intern that I wouldn’t give a shit! But because I’ve stopped doing those kiss-ass work or communication to be more visible to other managers, I’ve been enjoying more the Tech projects overall. And surprisingly, I’ve actually offered to take on more interesting projects and people has been asking me to be part of their team. But I’ve turned down most of those opportunities. As much as I like Tech and IT, I do want to get enough personal time.
  • I’ve lost some connection with some very close friends: I have a group of best friends. Most of them are in Paris and we’ve known each other since kindergarten and primary school. We are still very good friends thanks for close to 30 years of friendship. But they all have a different kind of life. They are all married or engaged, some of them have kids. When we meet, it’s ok, we are nostalgic and talk about old times but most of the time. But most of the time, the topics are about mortgages, buying apartments, cars, even life insurances and more and more school stuff for their kids. It makes sense in their situation but I just feel so far away from those talks. They know that I game but not the details and none of them know about this blog. They respect my lifestyle and my choice and almost all of them approve it. I’m guessing it would be a different story if they knew the details and if they read this blog. But obviously, I’m more and more out-of-sync with their life. To be honest, it does make me sad.
  • I moved to Russia: I’ve always had an international life, even before starting to Daygame. Ever since I was 20 years old actually. I’ve studied in 3 different countries and worked in 8 different countries including Russia. But Daygame brought me first to Estonia and then to Russia. I started daygaming seriously in Ireland and I was working for, what most people in the Tech industry and even beyond would consider as one of the best Tech companies in the world with all the perks we can imagine from a renowned Tech company. However, I felt like in a golden cage and sorry to the Irish but I was not happy neither with the quality or the quantity of girls in Dublin. So I decided to take a job in Tallinn, Estonia mainly because I wanna to able to approach and lay hotter girls! I spent there a year and mastered Solo-Daygame there. The quality is higher than the Western world for sure! But there I was missing the volume! I wrote a post about my year in Tallinn. I needed quality but more volume. So I took a job in Russia and moved to St Petersburg. My journey here is all of this blog. So yeah, Daygame has brought me to Russia.
  • I’ve become more selfish and care less about the world: I’ve been more about enjoying my life and my Daygame journey and as a man in general. I took advantage of being able to travel and girls. I don’t care and don’t feel an inch of a guilt for trying to lay and laid girls who are in a relationship, engaged or married. If they can just stop me anytime. It’s so strange in a way as I used to be a romantic and treasure love to speak. I care very little about how has been happening to the world, whether is politics, wars, global warming and even that people think, bad or good, I don’t feel a thing.

Many things I used to do pre-Daygame period was to be cooler or appear cooler, more impressive to impress girls (and guys). But I guess when you know you, I can just walk out the door and approach girls with enough success, as a man, your life just has to change!

This is the me right now for the better or the worse! Hard to tell how my life would be in the future.

Ok! I’m off spending the end of the weekend with the Kazakh Pilates Instructor!


One thought on “Daygame has changed me and my life for the better or the worse

  1. Yup.

    I’d say post-game, everything else looks bland and boring. In my case, that also happens to include family and friends, though not sure if that’s a universal experience.

    Either way I’m glad that game exists.


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