[Date 1 report] Russian cardiology student – Failed SDL


Petite Cardio student
Kinda like her


It’s a failed SDL attempt. I approached her off a strong IOI while I was walking down Nevskii with a bag of Nespresso capsules on my way home. She was just walking around after her friend flaked on her. So I tried to go for the SDL. I took her to Venue 1 where we kissed a bit. I tried to bounce back to my place but she got cold feet in front of the door. We went to a Venue 2 in a Karaoke room. We sang, drank some beers and made out heavily. She was all over me so I tried to bounce back again. But she got cold feet again. She just stepped in the apartment and stepped out after 2 seconds or so. I lost her as she hasn’t replied to my messages.

The approach

It was in the evening, around 7pm on Friday, May 12, I was coming back from the Nespresso store with some capsules and walking down Nevskii back to my place when I saw her when I was passing by the Kazan Cathedral. I developed the habit of looking at every single girl now. So when I looked at her she flashed me a big smile. She was a 7 and pretty plain looking. But it was too big of an IOI. So I walked back after her, tapped her on the arm. She turned back and gave me a big smile straight away. I just said “Hi” and told her that she couldn’t smile at me and not come to talk to me. She laughed, said her English was not good and told me that I looked cute.

I teased her about being a dropout student from her way she was dressed. She said she that she was studying cardiology and hooked by asking for my name and what I’m doing in St Petersburg. I found out that she was just walking by herself after her friend flaked on her. I was thinking straight away “SDL” I playfully said that a guy probably approached her friend and she has decided to go on a date with him instead of meeting her and she should do the same thing. She said “maybe”. Then I just told her to walk down Nevskii with me as she was just walking around alone anyway. She just followed my lead. We just did some comfort chi-chat on the way down. I told her some DHV stories about how I ended up living in St Peterburg. She was fascinated. At some point, she asked me where we were going. I told her that, at first, I was thinking about dropping my Nespresso capsules at home but then I decided to take her out for a drink in the Howl Bar, the same newly opened bar not listed on Google Maps yet. The same bar as I took the fortune teller to. She didn’t react and just followed me.

Venue 1: Howl bar

We sat at a table close to the window with chairs and a small couch. She sat on the chair and I sat on the couch at 90 degrees angle from her. We talked about our respective hobbies. I learned that she a Taekwondo black belt and from Southern Russia. Then I processed with photo routine and told her it would be better if she sat next to me so I could her the pictures on my phone. Nothing new here, I have a pretty set DHV story for each picture now. We were pretty close as it was a small couch.

Then, nothing new again, I ran the ring routine by taking her hands and fingers while I was explaining the characteristic of each god. Then I just arranged her hair by putting her hair around her ear to check her earrings. And I went for the kiss. She accepted it and she kissed me back. I rolled back and asked her questions from the question game while holding her hands. As we were about to finish our drinks, I went for the pull back by saying that I have a nice bottle of rose wine from New Zealand. She agreed. I got the bill, we put our jackets on, I grabbed the bag of coffee capsules and led her to my place, which is right across the street.

Unfortunately, she got cold feet right in front of the door and said “Let’s go to another bar PLEASE”. She insisted on the “Please” so I didn’t persist. I dropped the bag of capsules and took her to a bar that I don’t know the name, located right a couple of blocks away, on the 5th floor of a building, right above the Mayakovskaya metro station. You actually need a code at the gate and then a key to get into the bar [1].

Venue 2: Private bar

I forgot what time it was but the bar was pretty empty and well I guess since it’s kind hard to find and restricted somehow, it makes sense.

We got a welcome tequila bomb shots on the house at the bar. Then we went on isolation straight away in a Karaoke room with some beers. We actually had quite some fun. She was singing some Russian songs and I was singing some English songs, from the Beatles, to Backstreet boys. Yeah! Cheesy! But still very fun.

We kissed a bit between songs and then we were making out more and more. I think after about an hour, she was all over me. So I decided to try to bounce back again. I told the I was pretty tired, it would be just for one glass of wine and the view is nice from the balcony as I live on the top floor. She agreed and we walked back to my place.

Again, at the door, she got cold feet and said she should go home. I insisted a bit and told her that she should at least come in for a quick tour. She just crossed the door for like 2 seconds and went back out.

I stopped there and walked her out the building. She got a taxi and went back home.

Some thoughts

I lost her. She hasn’t replied to my messages. It was too fast and I guess she needed more comfort. She probably has buyer remorse. My bad but I don’t regret it. It might be strange to understand for some guys but even if I lost her I still glad a push it for my man ego or whatever you call it. Maybe I should have tried to go for a toilet pull. haha

[1] I got it from a girl I’ve meet in a bar that organized parties.


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