[Lay report] Kazakh Pilates Instructor


I didn’t message after Date 3, thinking it was over. But surprising me she messaged me asking if I was mad and date requested me. But it turned out she is not very good in setting up the date so I told back the lead and set up the Date 4 yesterday at 10pm for wine in my new apartment.  At mine, it was pretty straight over, one glass of wine and then she initiated the escalation and we had sex. But I think the most interesting part is the post-sex talk.

Messaging on WhatsApp

After playing the Royal Flush card on Date 3 and knowing she has been in a relationship for 7 years and getting almost naked on my bed but resisting even then, I thought it was over and it was not gonna happen with her. So I stopped messaging her. But a week after, out of the blue, she messaged me: “Are you mad at me?😢 I’m terribly ashamed”.

I told her I was extremely mad but more disappointed and we shouldn’t meet again. To be surprised again, she replied with a date request: “You answered))I was worried! What are you doing on Wednesday at 19? And you love musicals?)”

I thought “One more date”. The theater was just two couple blocks away from my apartment [1], so I agreed. But it turned out she is not very good in planning dates apparently. I asked her a couple of logistical questions and she forgot that she had to make it to the theater from work for 7pm, which was impossible. Moreover, she also had to give a private fitness class to a client that had to fit into her wedding dress in a month and a half time at 10pm that night, which was a no-no for me.

I eventually took back the lead regarding the date planning. I proposed Saturday at 7pm in Galeria and we will go for wine in my new apartment, some kind of 1-on-1 house warming. But she had to work as a ring girl during a boxing match. Yeah, she gives Pilates classes at a studio, private fitness classes and she is also a ring girl. I asked her when she will be available. She said she will be free at around 9pm and can make it to Galeria at 10pm. So we agreed for 10pm.

Date 4

So as agreed, we met in Galeria. I lead on to my new apartment, which is a couple of blocks away in a heavy snow under my umbrella. She was grabbing my arm with both of her hands. I guess it was kinda romantic.

At my place, I gave her a quick tour, then poured some wine. We sat on the sofa. We talked a bit while drinking wine for like 15 minutes. Then it was pretty straight forward with no LMR. she initiated the physical escalation. She moved in and started kissing me. It quickly turned out to a make out. She took off my shirt and my jean. Then she unzipped her dress. I picked her up and carried her to the bedroom. Our underwear came out. She asked me to come in pretty quickly. She was so wet! Anyway, I think the most interesting part is the feedback or post-sex talk.

She told me that when I didn’t message her she thought she was worried and really thought she would never see me again. When she messaged me, she thought I would not reply and I was seriously mad at her. She has been thinking about me and wanted to have sex with me ever since the end of Date 3.

About the boyfriend, she didn’t tell him about me but she broke up with him over the phone. When she told me this, in my head, I freaked out a bit. But then she told me she realized that he is more a friend and that she needs something else. Apparently, the boyfriend got mad and cried on the phone and he is planning to come to St Peterburg to talk about it with her in person in the coming week.

She had to give an earlier private class the next day so she left at around 11:30. So the whole Date 4 lasted an hour and a half. But she asked to meet again tonight at 10:00. I agreed.

[1] I passed my probation period at work and finally found and moved into a permanent place.  



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