[March 2017 review] No lay month…


In this review, I go through my Daygame stats, my thoughts and self-evaluation on why I didn’t get a lay this month (so to speak). I also give an update on the dates I had. There is also a quick report on a girl that approached me in the metro station and another game adventure during a semi-formal cocktail event. Finally, I’m starting to report my gym progress at the end of the post.


MARCH 2017
Approaches Contact info iDate Date 1 Date 2 Date 3 Date 4 Lay
65 17 0 5 1 0 0 0
26% 0% 8% 2% 0% 0% 0%

My basic daygame is back to normal so to speak. Racked up 65 approaches, 17 numbers and get out 4 girls on a Date 1 from those 17 numbers. The other Date 1 was a girl I approached in January.

My stacking seems to be back to normal. In general, I could feel like I could be in the moment and flow.

As mentioned in the February 2017 review, I wrote down some routines material to last for a couple of minutes for the most common types of girls I would see here in case I’m just not in the moment and too much in my mind for whatever reasons. And they did help, especially for the first approaches of the days.

But no new lay [1] :(. The last time I didn’t get a new lay was pre-blog period in April 2016. So 6 dates all together but none of them converted. More on this later in this post.

Quick update on this month’s dates:

  • Tartar Math Teacher: She is in Israel at the moment and I’m not really motivated to see her again as she was kinda masculine in her behavior. We will see but she is definitely going down on the prioritization list.
  • Kazakh Pilates Instructor: Out of all my dates in March, she is the one I would like to lay the most. But the Date 2 ended up a bit cold. I’ve decided to roll back. We are still messaging but so far it’s 50/50 whether or not I’ll get a Date 3. A fellow gamer gave me plausible feedback that there might be a third party involved.
  • Russian Economist Student: It’s likely a dead lead. Her last message was that she has to study a lot and nothing even have time for her friends. Whether is true or not. Unless she re-engages, I’m next-ing her.
  • Bi-sexual Russian K-Pop Fan: This one is strange. She was dead tired but still decided to go on a Date 1. She clearly fancies me but she has been less reactive over messages ever since. I won’t wanna speculate. I’ll keep texting and see how it goes.
  • Cute Russian Hamster: She was my last date of the month. We are supposed to go on a Date 2 this week. I haven’t scheduled it yet.

I’ve been thinking why I haven’t been able to convert any of those dates into a lay and below my take on this in no particular order.

1. Russian girls (in Russia) need to be taken in more dates: For those that are familiar with Russian girls, some gurus have mentioned that in Russia, bearing in mind the normal distribution, the game is slower and girls have to be taken on multiple dates. I’m starting to think from field experience that it might be true.

2. Not pushing hard enough in term of physical escalation and bounce back to my place [2]: This one might be a weasel but in weekdays I can’t do “crazy” physical escalation and battling LMRs until late in the night at the moment. I gotta work the next day and I’m still on probation. So I gotta perform.

3. Comfort feels boring: Yeah it’s so strange. When I started to have dates, I used to like comfort and genuinely enjoy knowing girls and connect. But since around the beginning of the year, I’ve been bored of doing comfort. I still do it lately it has become more and more of a burner. I still do it but it has been more and more like literally a chit-chat with less and less soul in it. I just can’t wait to move as quick as possible to verbal escalation.

Other Game

A crazy Tartar

I’m not counting her on my stats because I didn’t approach her. She approached me. I have to give her credits for that. I was just standing on the elevator when she tapped on my shoulder. I took off my earplugs and she opened with “Are you Japanese?”. She was very slim, limit skinny I would say, but quite cute. I took the lead from there and teased her straight around about picking up guys in metro station. She said she love Japanese guys. I mentioned I was not Japanese (but close enough I guess). She said it’s difficult to find Japanese guys in St Peterburg. I know it seems rather long for just being on an elevator right? But St Petersburg’s metro network is the deepest in the world my sources are correct. You can easily stand on the elevator of a couple of minutes. Anyway, we reached the top of the elevator and walked to the exit. Outside the metro station, she showed me a few pictures of her trip to Japan. She had to go to work (she is a bartender) so I got a number and Facebook.

I took her on an unexpected date after the original date (with the Cute Russian Hamster) got postponed. It was short, we went to a bar-restaurant called Del Mar [3]. She was crazy. She yelled at the waiter because her juice was too sweet and yelled again because the music was too loud and wouldn’t pay. We ended up the date shortly after. She suggested to meet again yesterday. I just said “We’ll see”. Eventually, we didn’t end up meeting on Saturday (meaning yesterday). She messaged me again today asking for my plans today. I can’t meet her today. Maybe next week. I can’t tell if she is really crazy, high or a scam.

France-Russia Cocktail event sponsored by the French embassy

I went to a semi-formal event sponsored by the French embassy. Of course, I knew they would be girls and I might as well game. But I’m still new in St Peterburg so I thought I might as well get some connections and make some friends.

I don’t know if I should be surprised or not but 90% of the girls were Russian and 90% of the men were French. I don’t need to explain further, I think we know what I mean. 🙂

It was still a formal-ish event so I was just being social and mingled. I was just moving from set to set so to speak, focusing as much as I could on my sub-comm as being more verbally direct would be uncalibrated. I ended with 11 numbers/facebook/vk. Oh! I was all in French.

3 girls have been responsive to my messaging so far, including the host, a beautiful Azerbaijani-Russian girl, petite with a generous chest.

Gym – 5×5 Stronglifts

I’m starting to report on my gym progress to push me some pressure and make myself accountable. If you are not interested, free feel to stop reading now. There is nothing on purely on game after that.

  • Body weight: 59 kg
  • Squat: 87.5 kg (best: 97.5 kg – April 14, 2015)
  • Bench press: 47.5 kg (best: 60 kg – April 12, 2015)
  • Deadlift: 85 kg (best: 87.5 kg – April 15, 2015)
  • Overhead press: 37.5 kg (best: 42.5 kg – April 15, 2015)
  • Barbell row: 47.5 kg (best: 57.5 kg – April 12, 2015)

[1] I still get some with my regular, the Russian Singer

[2] The second half of physical escalation and bounce back to your place kinda go hand in hand. 

[3] A really cool venue for escalation. 


4 thoughts on “[March 2017 review] No lay month…

  1. Ey man, just thank the effort you put in your blog. I’m a spaniard newbie in the game and also on the short side (1,67).
    I’m starting not to give a fuck about that issue, and when I see you having success, I motivate myself.

    Keep well!


    • Thanks man! Yeah I’m documenting my journey so that I can look back when I’ll be 90. 😉 I’m glad it get you motivated. I wish I would be 1m67 tall! 😉


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