[Date 1 report] Tartar Math Teacher


I approached her about two months ago in Galeria only after a quick glimpse at her face. Longish text game where she declined or canceled the date request twice with screenshots included. Date 1 on March 18, with two venues which ended with a couple of kisses at the end after stronger escalation (verbal and physical) toward the end.

The approach

Another girl I approached in Galeria again. It was on January 21, so like two months ago. I was coming down the escalator when I saw her walking passed. I only caught a glimpse of her face. But she was petite, slim, with a significant chest, in skirt with small heels shoes. It’s triggered my DNA tug. I walked faster to catch her up. I tapped her on her arm, she stopped and turned her head. She took her earplugs off and I told her she look very cute and elegant but because she has unusual features, kinda Russian but not really at the same time, I continued with “You are definitely not from there. You don’t look like all the other girls”. She laughed and said that she is Tartar but officially Russian. I’ve heard of it and knew that there is a community living in Crimea si I was actually genuinely interested. I didn’t into questions mode but I went with a statement about how I knew “You are from Crimea and you moved to St Petersburg for love”. She laughed again and said that she was born in St Peterburg but her parents were from the South of Russia. She also said she teaches mathematics to kids (10-14 years old). I went to a routine story that I often used: “I can totally see kids running around you and some of them pulling our dress saying “Miss! Miss! He hurts me”. She laughed again and hooked by asking me if I was a tourist and my name.

I told her about my story of how I ended up here. A bit of DHV basically. By the book, like usual. I went into an assumption about her being introvert and how she prefers to do things alone. I was spotted on and started to invest a lot and telling all stuff about her. I thought it was on and doesn’t seem like she has any plans. So I tried to go for the iDate but then she told me that she needs to do some groceries shopping and then go pick her best friend up at the airport. I took her number and ended the interactions.

Messaging on WhatsApp

The text game part was rather long. She declined or canceled the date request twice. I had to revive her once with the “Alive?! ;)” message (credits to Tom Torero). We exchanged a couple of photo pings. Overall it was a light conversation. I was not needy when she canceled or declined the date request. Not the best text game for sure, but it did the work. Anyway, you can see the screenshots below.

Date 1

Venue 1: Coffeehouse

It was on March 18. We met at inside Nevsky Center. I led her to a nice and colorful coffeehouse on the food court floor. We were sitting across each other and ordered a coffee. She was dressing like a regular student in the West so to speak: Blue jeans, brown boots, beige top and light makeup. She was looking hotter the day of the approach. In my head, at that moment, I thought, maybe she didn’t get this is a date. In the case, it would have been on me. I was too friendly. It could be just me but when a girl doesn’t make an effort to dress well on a date so to speak, it does kinda turn me off a bit.

We started with some comfort chi-chat. It turned out that she was out the whole day and running from meeting to meeting across the city. It might explain why she had to be in more comfortable clothes.

She mentioned that she almost got married. She called it out a month before the wedding date and it was about half a year ago. I told her a bit about how my settling down to St Petersburg has been going. We finished with our coffee and I bounced her to Venue 2.

Venue 2: French bar/restaurant

For regular readers, you might have guessed already. I took her to Du Nord, my favorite date venue. It just across the streets from Nevsky Center and a couple of blocks again from the place I’m staying at the moment.

We took a table on the corner of the room, with a couch on one side and a chair on the side. She took the couch. I took the chair. I just asked her “white or red?”. She replied “Red”. I called the waiter and ordered two glass of Merlot. I know Du Nord’s drink menu by heart now.

We did like 5-10 minutes of chit-chat. She told me that her parents bought her the apartment she is leaving at and it was to for her and the guy she was supposed to get married to. She has been working hard and overtime to get the money to get the apartment renovated. She only has a few female friends and a lot of male friends. According to her words, she can’t stand girls talk. She gave me an example of if a girl asked her how is her hair. She would be honest and tell of that if this is bad that she would just say it. I just told her my personal opinion on how girls are more looking for validation on decisions that make than the true and blabla. She agreed. Since it was on topic and I moved to the discussion on how men and women can’t be friends (credits to Tom Torero again). She obviously disagreed. I insisted with a smile that at some point all her male friends would like to have more than friendship. She just said: “Stop it!”.

I moved on to another topic, which is travel and that would transition to my photo routine and move next to her. 😉

I asked her which countries she had been to and where would she goes if we could go anywhere right now. She listed a list of countries that I don’t remember the exact list but she has traveled a lot from a Russian citizen and she said the if she could go anywhere right now, she would go to Brazil. I told her I will show her my a few pictures of the places I’ve been too on my phone (photo routine). I moved next to her on the couch. She got a small reaction, I don’t know how to explain it but yeah it was too early I think. I guess the best way to describe it, it’s that she gave be a bit of a “cold” reaction. I just had to call it out in a fun way. I said that it was sweet and she was shy. She laughed and then it was ok. But yeah… It still gave me the hint that it was too early, not enough comfort or attraction. I honestly couldn’t tell. I just processed forward. I went through the pictures, DHV storying like usual. I noticed she was again more at ease and got a bit closer to me during the photo routine. I tested for compliance and put her hand on my lap but she took it off after a couple of seconds. So yeah not enough. So after the photo routine, I rolled back and move just a bit away from her.

She told me that next week she would go to visit her the best friend in Israel for 10 days. I asked her how is the friend going. She told me that she got back with the boyfriend and they are good again. I joked about the fact that she didn’t have to deal with the drama when she would be there. To be honest, at that moment, I was thinking if she was worth the effort. She was rather masculine in her behavior and that night she was not as hotter as I thought. She did lose some attraction points so to speak. I was feeling impatience in the way that I didn’t know if I was willing to put more effort. So I moved closer to her and decided to verbally escalate. She didn’t move or gave a cold reaction this time. I told her what made me approach her and how feminine she was that day. Surprise! Suprise! Well, she became a little bit more feminine and was blushing. I went a bit further verbally and told her that sometimes, I was not listening to her because I was distracted by her boobs. She does have a nice pair between us. She didn’t break eye contacts. So I went in for the kiss and succeed. She kissed me back. I took her hand, she didn’t take it away. I decided to try to bounce back to mine as that moment. But after checking the time on her phone, she said that she had to go in 10 minutes to meet up with a friend that is coming from Moscow. I didn’t push further. We got the bill and ended the date.



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