[Date 1 report] Kazakh Pilates Instructor


I approached her in Galeria during my best Daygame session in St Petersburg so far. I got her number. Then some text game on WhatApps and took her out on a Date 1 about two weeks later. The Date 1 ended up with a kiss on the third attempt. We agreed for a Date 2 this Sunday with “pizza and wine” at my place. Hopefully, it will happen. As with girls you never know. I’ve approached a few Kazakh and Central Asian girls before but she is the first one I’ve taken on date.

Approach/Daygame mall interaction

If I remembered well she was the third approach of the session and my first good proper set that lifted up my vibe for the rest of the session.

When I saw her she was walking very fast. I had to run after her and stopped her by tapping her on the shoulder and just opened with “I hope you speak English”. She said “A very little”. I told her that I knew only about 10 words in Russian and actually said them and she laughed because of my terrible pronunciation and tried to correct me and touching me on the arm at the same time already.

I told her she looked cute and that she look like Japanese hamster because she had cheeks that popped out. I knew that she was from Central Asia but I still went with Japanese. Her English was limited but she was clearly trying. She was like a ball of energy and loud. I attract attention already because of my look, with her loud laugh, it was spotlight effect full on!

She told me that she was Kazakh and asked me where I was from. I told her quickly my story and told her that she was running to buy her 200 something pair of shoes. She said that she was on her way to meet her brother and she was late. She was touching me a lot so I felt comfortable puting my hands on her hips to number close with “Ok, you have to run. As you guessed you know I think you are attractive… and fun. So another time we should go out for a glass of wine”. I took out my phone and gave it to her so she could input her digits.

Messaging on WhatsApp

It’s short enough to post the screenshots and do the blurring. As you can see, classic texting: pings, tease, vibe and date request.

Date 1

As you can see on the below WhatsApp screenshots, she was late. Actually 30 minutes late. I was planning to take her to a coffee in Nevsky center as a Venue 1 and bounce to Du Nord as a Venue 2 but because she was late, I decided to skip Venue 1.

She arrived with a big smile and showed me the French béret hat straight away. I asked her to put it on but she wouldn’t. It’s strange, she is expressive and loud-ish but shy at the same time.

I lead her out of Nevsky Center to Du Nord, which is basically across the street. At the Du Nord, I lead her to a table with a long couch on one side and a chair on the other. She took the couch. Right before sitting down, she took her her coat and she was wearing an elegant black short dress and I remember thinking “Amazing legs!”. I took her coat and put it on the hangers that a few feet away. I actually accidently dropped her coat on the floor. I picked it up straight away and looked quick to her direction to see if she saw it and she was looking in another direction.

I came back to the table and she said “I saw it” and we just both laughed. I just asked her if she preferred red or white red and she just replied that she would take the same wine as me. I called the waiter, ordered 2 glasses of Merlot and she said she had to use the bathroom.

The glasses of wines arrived and she came back right after and sat down. She said she was feeling a be strange because the couch was like shorter so while sitting I was significantly taller than her. Oh! I forgot to mention that she is shorter than by a couple of inches.

I took it the opportunity straight away to sit on the couch as an excuse. I kinda 4th walled it so to speak by saying “it was too fast too early to be so closed to you. You might hit me” and put her purse between us. I remembered also that she put her phone in her purse at that moment, which is a good sign that she was enjoying the date.

She said that she is small and she won’t hit me. I spiked it up saying that “Apparently the small ones are the most violent ones”. She laughed. She was laughing a lot during the date in general, and again she does have a loud laugh. But somehow, I like it!

We went into some comfort chi-chat. She told me that she had 5 or 6 Pilates classes today, that she was living right outside St Petersburg. She studied art in a school in the Hermitage. But her first job was a border officer at the Estonian-Russian border. She worked and lived there for a couple of years. Then moved back to St Petersburg to become a Pilates and dance instructor.

Then we moved into travels topics by asking her if should go anyway in the world where she would go. To which see replied “Spain”. I asked her why and typical answer the good weather. I moved into the photo routine, with is mainly composed of travel pictures. She got closed, lap to lap, and I just go through the pictures and telling stories and anecdotes as I’ve done a dozen of times by now. At some point, she actually put her head on my shoulder, to which I said “You shouldn’t do that, I’m toxic”, she laughed and hit me. I gently hit her back and it thought like it was a good moment to go for the kiss. But she moved back her face. I drank some wine and said “It’s ok. I understand it’s too fast”. I carried on with the photo routine, my hand was on her lap, she was touching my hand. Then I called out that her hands were quite warm and just grabbed them from a couple of seconds. Then she said “really?” and grabbed my hand. I looked her in the eyes with more intensive eye contact but she couldn’t handle it. In general, she can’t hold eye contact for more than a couple of seconds. I teased her about her popped-out truly hamster-like cheeks telling her that I so felt pinching them and actually tried but she said that people are watching and feel embarrassed. Well, the exact words she used was “I’m ashamed”.

After this, she actually tried to hold eye contact but couldn’t but I just felt like going for a kiss again but failed again as she turned her head. I just smiled, she did the same. By that time, there were only couple of people around but I thought that based on her reaction “I’m ashamed”, I probably wouldn’t be able to kiss her if I don’t fully isolate her. So I tried to bounce back saying “I have a bottle of French rosé at home, let go to my place for one glass to end the night”. When they were a bit of a silence, hard to explain but I could feel it was too fast for her. Then she said “We have time and I’m a good girl”. So I just followed up to set up the Date 2 with “Do you like pizza”. She replied yes that she love margarita. I kept going with “Do you like movies?”. She said yes as well. Then I said “Let’s do wine, pizza and movie at my place for our next date”. She agreed and said that she is available Sunday. I lead and said “Ok, 18:00 in Galeria, in front of Starbucks”.

I went to the bathroom and on my way back to the table I grabbed our coats from the hangers. We put our coat on and left the venue.

We walked to her bus station which was just across the streets on Nevsky Prospect. Her bus was coming in couple of minutes so I decided to wait with her. I took some distance, b standing like a meter away from her. She noticed it (obviously) and said “You are ashamed of me?!” and laughed loudly with usual. Then she came right next to me. I called out her laugh “You know with your sexy but loud laugh, we draw people attention for sure”. She looked at me straight into the eyes and I went for the kiss. It was successful this time. The bus arrived, she got it and end of the Date 1.




3 thoughts on “[Date 1 report] Kazakh Pilates Instructor

  1. Nice date report. Will be interesting to see if the lay comes through on Sunday. Kazakh flag would be nice one to have.


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