[February 2017 Review] Need to go back to basic stacking

Here are the numbers for last month:

Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 23.02.20

February 2017 was even quieter than January 2017. I’ve done less approaches. Only 44 vs. 67 in January. Winter is tough in Russia and besides a quick trip to Tallinn, Galeria has been my only playground in February. As Ricky Roma mentioned on his post “SPb in Winter – It’s all about Galeria

Four dates in total. The two Date 2 were long leads from my quick trip to Tallinn (the Ukrainian Medieval Dancer and the Estonian Agro Student).

The Date 3 and Date 4 were the same girl which resulted in a lay (the Russian Singer). It has been a difficult month for most Daygamers I know. I guess I could consider myself lucky to have gotten a new lay.

Like in January, stacking/be in the moment was an issue. After watching the first part of Daygame 3.0, I realized how lazy I am and how I’ve depending too much on my mood and vibe.

I’m on probation period until April so I’ve been working a lot at work, which obviously affected my vibe. I know I shouldn’t use that as an excuse.

So as Tom Torero advised in Daygame 3.0, I’ve started to write down 3 general game stacks based on the most common type of girls here and that I usually approach and reading them on while commuting to work. I was learning and using routines in-set when I started but dropped them somewhere along the way. Let’s try to go back to the basics again and see.

One positive thing, it’s that I got back to the gym on a regular basis again after almost 6 months Eurojaunting with rather bad diet and only working out from time to time. It feels good. I’ve been making the gym on the same priority as Daygaming and I intend to keep it that way. For the ones that are interested, I’ve been following the 5×5 stronglifts program since 2014. I am by no mean a fitness/workout specialist but it has been working for me and it fits my schedule. It was recommended to me by retired PUA Johnny Wolf, who is now a successful Digital Nomad and he goes by Johnny FD now.

I forgot another positive thing, I’ve met Ricky Roma, a Daygamer based in London. He was there for a bit more than a week and we did a couple of sessions together and got some beers. It always a pleasure to meet Daygamers who can walk the walk.


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