First impressions of St Petersburg

It has been a couple of weeks that I’ve arrived in my new home in St Petersburg. I’m lucky because I work in Tech/IT in Product and Project Management and since the past decade, experienced professional at in demand globally. So I got offer a job here and accepted it. As a daygamer, how could I not accept a job in Russia and live there?! haha

I’ve been mainly focusing on work so far as I am in a 3-month probation period and I need to secure it if I wanna stay. I’ve approached 36 girls so far, 35 of them in the central mall, Galeria and 1 in a subway station. It’s winter and freezing and foggy.

I’ve gotten 6 contacts (3 numbers and 3 instagram). 5 of them flaked, either not replying to the first message or dropped off after a couple of messages.

I got 1 date with a low 7. It was my first number close and just came back from the Date 2. Back to her but unfortunately no lay*. She was more a high 7 tonight (dolled up and sexy dress). A Date 3 should be on, and it’s not like I have dates lining up (yet!).

My impression so far is that girls are stunning, feminine mentally and physically, on par with Kiev with more variety and twice as big (5M people) but less English. I even have trouble not being distracted at work! And again, I work in IT! I can’t even imagine, how it would be like as a guy to work in a PR agency here.

For the people who complain that girls’ English in Kiev is bad, it’s worse in St Peterburg. You get Tartar and Central Asia girls as well, and from the business like women to the artist’s type. The hottest girl I’ve approached here so far was a Turkmen girl.

There are plenty of date venues to choose from and as an Asian, J-Pop/K-Pop looking guy, I’ve gotten more IOIs than in the Western world so to speak.

Life in general, it’s challenging without knowing at least some basic Russian. So I’m also planning to learn seriously Russian. Not for game but just to get my daily life here easier. So that next time I order a sausage I get a pork one and not a lamp one.

*I’ll try to make time to write a date report for this one.


One thought on “First impressions of St Petersburg

  1. […] January 2017 was the month where I ended my half a year Eurojaunt and started the new chapter of my life with a new job in St Petersburg. Which also means back to corporate life and 3-month probation period. But I do consider myself very lucky. As so far, it seems like I’m the only residence Daygamer in St Petersburg. It seems like the fact that Russia requires a tourist visa for most countries and that getting a long term and multi-entries visa are not easy, have been keeping this land mostly uncharted by gamers so to speak. If you are interested, I’ve shared my first impressions of St Petersburg on this post. […]


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