Dec. 2016 report, 2016 review and kicking off 2017

I haven’t written any post for a while so I’ll just combine the December 2016 report, the 2016 review and how I’m kicking off 2017 on this post.

December 2016

I changed the ratios compared to previous monthly reports and do like RoyWalker by using the number of approaches as a base.


As you can see, I’ve done only 25 approaches in December 2016. It was basically more and less evenly allocated between Paris, Bucharest and Kiev. Yeah, last minute I’ve decided to go to Bucharest for a week while I was waiting for my Russian work visa to be issued to close two hot leads and it was a 100% success as I got the lay with both of them. They are here and here. All the dates except one were just the two girls I’ve laid.

I was hesitating between going back to Prague or go to Bucharest so I just messaged all my active leads in both cities and get a feel of where were the hottest leads so to speak and Bucharest was the winner.

As soon as I got my passport with my Russian visa, I headed back to my dear Kiev for girls of course but no lays there in December.

2016 Review

Unfortunately from January 2016 to June 2016, I don’t have any data. I was tracking my data when I started my daygame journey back in 2014 with quite a lot of details and heavy comments but it was quickly becoming a burner to maintain and I was going through the beginner’s hell on a steep learning curve part. It was kinda more demotivating to see my data actually as I was heavily approaching but with a terribly low conversion rate.

Fast forward to July 2016[1]. I’ve decided to track my data again but a way lighter version compared to 2014. I’ve decided to track my data again for two main reasons: the first one was because I was going on a lot of dates to nowhere and I just needed to get some data to analyze this problem, and the second reason was because I gave my resignation to my previous company in Tallin with a month notice, and took another job in St Petersburg. The recruiter informed me that the process to get a Russian work visa could take from a couple of months to a year. So I’ve just decided that I would just travel, study for some IT certification and daygame full time-ish until I get my visa. I thought also that it was a unique opportunity to track my progress and collect in-field data in all those cities about my daygame.

So I will just do a quick review for the first half of 2016 and do a more data-based review for the second half of 2016.

First half of 2016 (January to June 2016)

As mentioned already, I was living in Tallin back then. If you are interested I did a review on Tallinn here. I had a pretty high up position at work as I was part of the board of directors. So you can imagine that work was taking a lot of my time and consuming my vibe. Moreover, Tallinn is a small capital of about 450K people with a long cold winter so even though I love the girls there, the volume was low, even indoors. I was doing between 3 and 10 approaches per day but I think most of days I was doing less than 5 approaches.

As mentioned as well I was going on a lot of dates but got “only” 3 lays: Miss Sunflower and two, an SDL with an Australian solo traveler from gutter game and 17 years old Estonian on date 3. There was a SDL half Russian half Arabic solo travelled from Moscow but I forgot if it was in January 2016 or end of 2015. The Australian was mainly luck and I had a bit too much to drink as well.

Second half of 2016 (July to December 2016)

Let’s jump straight into the overall numbers.



As you can see I love Kiev. I’ve spent most of my time there. I’ve mentioned in another post[2], I’ve been going to Kiev since 2014. As a result, I have a lot of leads and every time I got back there I get more contacts. I’m afraid my relation with Kiev will be a “never ending”.

  • 367 approaches across 7 differents cities/countries
  • I guess about 3 contacts out of 10 approaches, it’s ok ratio.
  • I’ve been to 53 dates, iDates included…
  • And 11 lays.

Up to today, this period has been my best daygame period in term of dates, but especially in term of lays but remember that I was not working and basically free geographically and almost full-time daygaming.

Data about those 11 lays are below.


  • 4 lays with girls I’ve approached in 2014 and 2015 (long game leads)
  • 4 Ukrainians (Yeah! I love them!), 3 Estonians (including the Estonian/Italian), 2 Romanians, 1 Hungarian and 1 Australian. Lays reports are almost all on this blog. I’m lazy to hyperlink them. 😛
  • 5 Date-one lays: it’s really good for me! I’m giving some credits to Tom Torero. Up to around mid-2016, I was dealing with a lot of sexual anxiety. I think I still am. It was mainly due to my cultural background as an Asian and how I’ve been educated for most of my life. Basically, I was afraid to physically escalate during most date who lead to lot of dates to nowhere as mentioned earlier. So in short, he told me that no matter what, I had to try to kiss her within 30 minutes and try to bounce back to my place within 90 minutes. Yep, most of the time, they will reject the kiss and yep as well, most of them are not gonna go back to mine but I just had to do it so that my body would get used to physically escalating.
  • 3 Date-two lays and 3 date-three lays

Kicking off 2017

I’ve already got my first lay in 2017 during my latest trip to Kiev, right after getting my passport back with the Russian visa from the Russian visa center. I don’t know if I will write a lay report about her yet. It’s mainly a matter of time.

Unfortunately, I’m done with traveling and being able to dedicate most of my time daygaming. I started to work again on January 11 and relocated to Russia. This is my new home, at least for a good year. As a daygamer, Russia has always been a “promised land” so to speak, in term of volume of quality of girls. So far I’m not disappointed. But new job and new industry and kinda new field of expertise and on probation period until mid-April, I will have to prioritize work until then so that I can stay in Russia. I will still daygame. No worries! 2017 is the year of Russia for me! 😀

[1] The SDL is included in the number of lays

[2] I forgot which one




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