Lay report: Romanian accounting student – Long lead

Pretty closed to her but with brown eyes

This report comes late as the lay happened during my spontaneous trip to Bucharest during the first half of December. She is the second lay of this trip and last lay of 2016. The first one lay report is here.

I decided last minute to go to Bucharest purposely to try to close her and the other one. So it was a success!

Yeah! Another long lead girl. I’m gonna get tease by wings again! haha It’s good story as I approached her when I was still pretty much a beginner.

Open/Approach – Dublin in Dec. 2014/Jan. 2015

I don’t remember when I approached her exactly. It was somewhere between December 2014 and January 2015 back in Dublin. It was around 8pm I think. I was actually on my way back home from a Daygame session when I saw her waiting at the bus stop.

I approached her in a classic direct daygame way. I don’t remember what I said but I do remember that it lasted just 2 minutes top, maybe less as her bus to the airport was coming. She was on her way back home to Bucharest from a week in Dublin. I got her Facebook.

Facebook game for half a year

I can’t afford to go through all the Facebook messages but I did a lot of comfort and she was pretty responsive. She is student in accounting. She has been on and off with her high school sweetheart for years. She is kinda a mess and a drama queen. She lives in an central apartment where for some kind a loophole she doesn’t pay any rent and no ones bother to care. Overall, she has shared with me quite a lot about her life. She was easy and interesting to talk with. In term of frequency, we were chatting maybe every 2-4 weeks for like 30 minutes to an hour. Yeah it was quite an investment but well I was excited, didn’t have many strong leads back then and well she was one of the hottest girls I’ve gotten the contact from back then.

Date 1 in Bucharest in August 2015

At the end of August 2015, I was on an Eurojaunt trip in Bucharest with RoyWalker and 3 others daygamers and I went the a Date 1 with her.

I took her to the Bazaar bar. Same here, it was over a year ago so I don’t remember the details.

We met directly at the bar. She had a short tight back dress with flat shoes but gotten a couple of kilos. She actually called it out in a very direct way “I know I’m flat!”. I was thinking about agreeing and amplify but I decided to play it “soft” and say “Maybe…”.

We started out sitting next to each other. She was a bit shy at the beginning relatively to Facebook. I guess it is normal since just have a 2-minute in-person conversation only during the approach. We ordered beers and then just normal comfort chit-chat as far as I remembered.

Then we moved to another table closed to the windows as she wanted to smoke. It was still allowed to smoke indoors in Romania back then apparently. This is when I started to be more sexual and escalated. I told her that she had nice legs and her black dress was kinda sexy. I went of the first kiss attempt, she rejected it saying that we were just friends. I think I told her something like that she could see me as a friend but that I will try again as I found her attractive.

Back to comfort again then second kiss attempt. This time I remembered that I physically pulled her in so that we were lap-to-lap. Again, she rejected it. Then I used the Torero line “I’m a man it’s my job to try, you are a woman it’s your job to resist.”

I rolled back again, chit-chatted more then she told some that I was so confidence. I had no idea what I said and did to make her said that but that when I decided to go for the third kiss attempt and this time it worked. It was just a small light kiss.

I rolled back again and more comfort then we kissed again and it turned to a few minutes make-out.

I tried to pull back to the apartment but she had to wake up earlier for work the next day. Oh yeah, she was working part-time in a customer support center back then. I persisted a bit saying that it would just for a quick glass of wine but she wouldn’t have it. As we walked out toward the main street so that she could grabbed a taxi I did a last sexual spike. Letting her walking in front so that I could check out her ass. That’s another Torero‘s line.

Facebook game for a bit over a year

I couldn’t take her out again for the Date 2 during this Eurojaunt trip so back on gaming over Facebook messenger.

This time it was not as heavy in term of investment as before Date 1. A few spontaneous pings from time to time and like 30-minute long conversation every couple of months.

Again just comfort and some deep comfort but with more sexual spikes in general. But two interesting events happened over this Facebook game period.

1. Online sexual escalation with naked pictures!

It was one night in January 2016, I was sick in bed this day, fever and sore throat and got bored so I decided to do some text game with some girls that I daygame approached and who live far or when I was traveling. So with her, we messaged for more than an hour. I started to remind her of our date then the kiss, then make out. Then I draw the picture of what would have happened if she wouldn’t had to leave during our Date 1. I went into details about how I would have taken her clothes off with details and step-by-step. She got into it and play along. Then when we got into the taking the bra off part. I asked her how her boobs are like, size, nipple color. She answered then I asked her to take a picture of her boobs and send it to me. She replied she was shy. I said that it was ok if she didn’t want to. Then to my surprise she took the picture and sent it to me! It keeps escalating and she sent me 2 more pics of her naked, full body, in front of a mirror this time. She asked me to send a picture of my dick and sent it to her as well. But I didn’t do it because you never know where this kind of pictures might end up on the internet. None fair but well I didn’t force her to send me her naked pics.

I’ll be honest, that night I was thinking about booking the next flight to Bucharest.

Sorry guys but I don’t feel comfortable posting the pictures even blurred ones! 🙂 If we ever meet in-person I’ll show them to you. 😉

2. She fell in “love” with me

It was around March/April 2016. She started to tell me she was feeling jealous of girls I’ve been adding on Facebook and told me that she thinks she has feelings for me and we went into a conversation about relationship and asking me why I didn’t want be with someone. Then she started to tell me that she missed me from time to time and one day she told me that we couldn’t talk anymore and she had to block me on Facebook and Whatsapp because she was liking me more and more, and she couldn’t move on and wanted to give her high school boyfriend another try. So she did. She unfriended me on Facebook and blocked me on Whatsapp.

Fast forward to summer 2016, she messaged me on Facebook kind out of the blue. Classic girl game “Hi! How are you?”. We started to communicate again she told me that it didn’t work out with her high school sweetheart. I’ll spare you the reasons. She said she didn’t have feelings for me anymore but she was still very flirty.

Date 2 and 3 in Bucharest in December 2016

Fast forward again to the beginning of December 2016. As I’ve already mentioned I went back for her and another Romanian I’ve approached in Kiev a few weeks ago.

Date 2

We met for a Date 2 in the same bar as Bazaar. It was a quick date and unplanned date. We were supposed to have the date the next day, basically on the Date 3 day. But it happened because she messaged me “What are you plans tonight?”. I took as she was keen to meet that night.

When I saw her she was slimmer, like the day I approached her. She obviously been working on losing those couple of kilos. I complimented her on that straight away and she thanked me.

It don’t remember much of what we’ve talked about in details but she brought back the relationship topic a few times and mentioned that she wanted to settle down and family. I was thinking “Is he trying to boyfriend me?” in my head. Toward the end we went outside and sat on a bench as she wanted to smoke. After she finished smoking I pulled her in and kiss her with no objection. Even with the “online virtual sex” over Facebook messenger and that we made out already back in August 2015, it was still over a year ago so I was still expecting some resistance to the kiss but no, she took it. It turned out to a light made out. I tried to pull with a classic “Wine at my place, let’s go for one glass”. But she wouldn’t come back and said that she had to work the next day and was tired. I insisted a bit more but nope! But we agreed to meet tomorrow as planned and to have pizza at my place.

Date 3

So the next day we met for Date 3 and we have been messaging multiple time during the day. She was asking me what she should wear and if she would wear heels. I asked her to wear a sexy short red dress with red hight heels shoes. I just love red in girls! 🙂 To make disappointment, she didn’t have any red clothes and shoes. She turned out in dark blue tight short dress and black boots. She was still sexy as hell.

We met in front of my apartment and went to get order the pizza together. The pizzeria was just a block away from my apartment.

So we got the pizza and went back to my apartment. She went out to balcony to smoke while I was getting the plates, taking out the wine and glasses. I didn’t join her on the balcony. It was too cold! haha

I put the pizza and wine on the low table in front of the couch instead of the kitchen table (logistic!). She came back inside. We sat on the couch, cheered with the wine and chit-chatted while eating the pizza. She was telling me about her day that she works a lot to earn money and blabla. I parodied the lazy husband “Once we get married I would sit on the couch drinking beers, eating steaks and watching sports the whole day while we would be out earning money to take care of me”.

We finished eating. I poured more wine. I pulled her into my arms. While drinking more wine, she brought back the relationship topic about wanting a family. I was just non-reactive and at some point I cut her out and kissed her then we were making out for a while. I rolled back and she bought back the relationship topic again asking me why I didn’t want a girlfriend and be in a relationship. I played the I’m looking for a girlfriend for each country and each day of the week and that she could be my Friday girlfriend in Romania. She laughed and hit me. I kept going saying that I have too much love to give and one girl could handle it. I pulled her in again for another make out session. I put her hand on my leg. She left it there and then started to caress it. I was walking my way up to the boobs with my hand but she stopped me. Still making out. After a few minutes, I tried to escalate again and tried to grab her ass. She stopped me again. Kept making out. I put her hand on my cock over my jean but she took it out. We kept making out some more and then I stopped and rolled back. I went to the bathroom to take a piss and regroup in a way thinking that I was too “on” and I had to chill.

I came back to the couch and poured some wine. I asked her sexual questions for the my usual questions game so to speak without making it a game, like when was last time where was the strangest place she had sex. She replied in the toilets of a night club when she was 17 years old with the high school sweetheart boyfriend. I asked her what she liked about me. She replied that she thought I was cute, confident and smart. I asked her if she had ever kissed and had sex with a girl. She had kissed a girl and didn’t like it. I forgot exactly how but she managed to bring back the relationship, looking for a boyfriend, wanted a family topic on the table again and was asking me serious questions with a straight face about why I didn’t want to be in a relationship and obviously because of the way she asked it she wanted a serious reply. At the point I decided to reply to her seriously and told her that I wanted to be freed, travel, meet more girls, enjoy life, etc.

She got kinda sad and I could try she was disappointed. I tried to pull her in but she wouldn’t let me. Then she told me that she really likes me. She said to “let us a chance as a couple and see how will go”. I’m not into lying to get sex. So I told her again that was not on the same place as her on this level. At that moment, I thought it was not going to happen so I gave up. I told her again, in short, that I’m not looking for a relationship that she should go. She sadly agreed and put her coat and her boots on. I kissed her good bye and closed the door.

I sat back on the couch with a bit of blue balls and feeling a bit down and that I’ve invested a lot of time and effort on this girl over for past 2 years.

I was cleaning the table while someone was knocking at the door. I opened the door and to my surprise it was her standing there at the door. I asked her if she forgot something. She said no and asked if she could come in. I let her come in and closed the door and asked her what happened and why did she come back. I was really confused.  Then she started to hug me then kiss me. I gave her my very confused look and she said exactly “I want to make love to you”. I asked her “no strings attached?”. She just nodded. I let her by the hand to the bedroom and from there on they were no LMRs all the way to the sex.

I offered her to stay over but she didn’t want to because she had to go back to her place to do some packing as she was going back to her hometown to visit her parents for a few days.

This is gonna be bluepill-ish or beta-ish but I was feeling uneasy.  So I posted my feeling at that moment on one of the 2 forums/groups that I’m subscribed to. I posted “I do feel uneasy now to be honest. Maybe we shouldn’t have had sex for her sake you know…” and JT Tran kinda lectured me.


Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Kinda pathetic so to speak! 😛


We have been in touch over Facebook messenger and we were just wishing each other “Happy New Year” recently when she announced me that she got back with her high school sweetheart boyfriend and he proposed to her on New Year Eve and she said “yes”!!!!

This is just a guess but as mentioned they have been on and off for years. This is just a pure guess but I think they were at least kind together when we met. There is no way the guy would just proposed like that just after getting back together and her saying “yes” or is there?!


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