October 2016 – Daygame Report


I’ve spent almost the whole October in Kiev besides 5 days in France after my Budapest trip, and I didn’t do any approaches there.

Let’s jump in to the numbers.


Three lays

The Hungarian J-pop fan that happened on my very last night in Budapest and two long game girls in Kiev: the Ukrainian Environmentalist and the Vinnytsia shy student.

Obviously, three lays in a month is amazing but I would like to emphasize that 2 of them were from long game, which is great on one hand but on the other hand it also means that my game is still rather slow. I’m a slow learner when is come to game so I’m not expecting to get faster game from a month to another. Hopefully it will be progressive over the next months.

The dates: most of them were from long game girls

Update from the girls mentioned in the Ukrainian long leads post

  • Petite student from Vinnytsia: I got the lay.
  • Petite brunette IT recruiter: She left for a month long business trip in Boston.
  • Marketing student from Donetsk: I had a date 1 with her in 2015. It was just a quick coffee right before I had to head the the airport. The date 2 happened yesterday. I managed to bounce her back to the apartment but no lay. Me on top of her making out with my knee pressing between her legs was the further I could go. She had her clothes on.
  • Catholic Redhead: I had a Date 4 with her. Same as for the the 3 other dates with her. I had her back to the apartment, got her down the her underwear but no lay. I’m giving up on this one. Her religious believes are too strong. I can’t afford to invest more time on her.

Other significant dates

  • Tall Ukrainian Lawyer: She is another girl from long game, also approached in 2014. Date 1 on Oct. 27 where I got a couple of kisses. She was very k-selected. She is a great girl, smart and feminine but my guts are telling me that with my current skills, I would have to go over Date 3. To be continued…
  • Blondie PR manager: It was a failed SDL on Oct. 22. She was the hottest girl I’ve been on date with in October. I approached her at around 8pm on Khreshchatyk on my way on back to the apartment. She hooked quickly because she likes Korean guys and is learning Korean. Yeah another one. I’m not Korean but close enough. I took her to an instant date in a coffee around the corner and as we were both hungry, we went to get some pizza. It was obvious that she liked me (touched my arms multiple times, grabbed my arm, squeezed my hand back). So I decided to go for the bounce back to my apartment with the “I have half a bottle of wine”. Back at my apartment, we were making out when she got a message from her boyfriend (!). She instantly snapped back to “reality” and left.
  • 29 years old Ukrainian Statistician: I got her Facebook in Gulliver mall on Oct. 12 and took her out of Date 1 on Oct. 18. We kissed but as she lives far and had to work earlier the next day I didn’t manage to pull back. I really thought it was a good date but she hasn’t replied to my messages even since the Date 1. I should have been more persistent and regret it now!
  • Brunette graphic designer: I got her number on Oct. 13 on Khreshchatyk and took her out for a Date 1 on Oct. 23. It was a terrible date, very boring. She didn’t make an effort to dress up. It usually just turned me off.

Ended it with a regular

I had a regular in Kiev, a 24 years old marketing consultant. I’ve spent most of my first week in Kiev with her. I approached her in 2014 (yeah another one from this magical year 2014) and we slept together in 2015. We have been meeting everything I’ve been to Kiev ever since. I do care about her, she is very feminine, sexy and extremely fun girl to be with. It was more than sex with her. But she told me that she had met a guy in spring and that it was becoming serious. She wanted an exclusive relationship with the goal of getting married and have a family. It was not something that I could give her. At least not at this stage of my life. So after an emotional talk, we ended our relationship. She deleted my number and blocked me on VK to be fully committed to make the relationship with the guy she met in spring. But! She asked me to keep her number just in case I change my mind.



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