Ukrainian long leads


I’m currently in Kiev, half Euro-jaunting. But I’ve decided to come back here again because I had 5 dates scheduled with Ukrainian girls from previous trips back in 2014 and 2015 that I have been keeping on text/Facebook/WhatsApp/VK game. This is just and update on those 5 girls.

Petite student from Vinnytsia: I approached her in summer 2014 in Kiev and I had a Date 1 with her last week, on October 6. I was a bit sick that day but I still decide to go. She had very limited English and we had to communicate using Google Translate most on a train. She is kinda a mess and I’m not sure why but I started to lose interest during the date but I escalated physically more out of habit. We kissed a bit and ended the date as I was not feeling well. I’m pretty sure I can get a Date 2 but she won’t be a priority.

Petite brunette IT recruiter: I approached her also in summer 2014 in Kiev. I took her out on a Date 1 last week, on October 10. She was very masculine, career oriented. Those kind of girls usually turn me off a bit. We still kissed and made out and I tried to pull back to my apartment but she wouldn’t as she had to go back and kept working. I can take her out for another date for sure but she won’t be priority as well.

Marketing student from Donetsk: Another one that I’ve approached in 2014 but in spring during a long weekend trip to Kiev. The Date was cancelled as she had to back to Donetsk. I should be able to get her out if I stay in Kiev until November when she will be back. She was the one that I found the most attractive. 😦

Catholic Redhead: I approached her in 2015 and we went on 3 dates back then. I pulled her back every time and go her down to her underwear every time as well but she wouldn’t let me go further. We went of a Date 4 last Saturday and again pulled back and got her down to her underwear but not lay. I’ll think this one worth a separate report/post.

Small blondie Environmentalist from Kharkiv: I got the notch. Lay report to come. 🙂

So to sum-up: 1 lay, 1 near-miss, 2 Date 1 and 1 Date 1 cancelled.


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