Lay report: Hungarian J-pop fan

Kinda like her with a softer face expression and bigger boobs 😉

The approach/open and iDate on Sep. 29, 2016

It was getting toward the end of my trip in Budapest with very mediocre results with no potential lay other than a lay with an Ukrainian flight attendant but it was a long game girl that I didn’t approach in Budapest.

It was last Thursday (Sep. 29, 2016) at around 5pm, I saw her walking back the central Budapest railways station and opened classily with a direct daygame approach. I teased that she was looking like a hamster. She hooked almost right away and asked me where I was from and what I was doing there. After about 10 minutes, I took her on an instant date at a Costa coffee around the corner. She complimented on my hair (I get that a lot ;)). She told me she was into Asian culture and that she had spent some time in Hong Kong and China. 10 minutes in the iDate, she had to go the hairdresser. I suggested to meet tomorrow* but she told me she won’t be available but would be available from 7pm on the same day. I was hesitating as I had a date with a tall blondie the same night at 8pm but this one seem to be more on. So I accepted it and would try to push the date with the tall blondie to 9pm.

Date 1 on the same day

Venue 1: California Coffee Company

We met at of the Oktogon tram station. She turned blond after going to the hairdresser. I found her sexier in blond :). I took her to a California Coffee Company for about 30 minutes. We went seating across each others. I went textbook comfort, we talked about travelling in Asia and jobs stuff. I found out she was 20 years old, she was working in Hong Kong and China for a year in clubs and bar and got back to Budapest a few months ago. Apparently her dad is some kind of important politician and she is from quite a wealthy family but since she decided not to live with her family anymore her dad decided to financially cut her out. I did a classic spikes, calling her a bad girl and lazy.

Venue 2: Salvador bar

I took her to a bar called Salvador a couple of blocs down the street. It was still early, around 7:30pm so there were plenty of space. I lead her straight to the back of the room with some couches and with low lights. The tension was getting way more sexual as soon as we sat down next to each other. We ordered 2 pints of local beers. She started to tell me that since she got back to Asia, she only date Asians. She has a preference for Japanese. I’m not Japanese but closed enough I guess :). She got into J-Pop when she was living in Asia. She showed me some videos on J-Pop groups on YouTube. I honestly didn’t like it and told her so.

I went through my photo routine which consist of pictures of me playing volleyball, sport volunteering experiences aboard and various travelling pictures with male and female friends.

Then, she mentioned that she has basically Chinese orbiters in Budapest that buy her stuff like the Hermés handbag that she was caring valuing at 22 000 EUR. A married Chinese business man bought it to her. I played anti-provider game, telling her I’m unemployed and living in my parents’ basement and can only afford to eat instant noodles.

She had a bracelet so I took her hand, hold it and she asked her it was from another (provider) guy. She said she bought it in Hong Kong. She squeezed back my hand so I just pulled her in and went for the kiss. She kissed me back. I let her know a bit about myself, between jobs, waiting for my work visa for Russia, etc. Then we kissed again and slowly turning out to a make out. At this point I was like “Ok, I have to cancel the date with the tall blondie”.  I excused myself, went to the bathroom and messaged the other girl to cancel. I got back and for 30 minutes it was between comfort discussion and making out. Then I went for the pull back. Unfortunately she said that she had to go back to finish a dissertation for school. I told that I would be just for a glass but she wouldn’t but suggested to meet tomorrow night. I decided to push more and too meet tomorrow. So we payed the bill and parted away.

Please note that on the spot I forgot that she told me during the iDate that we wasn’t available the next day but more on this later in the report.

Date 2 on the next day

We agreed to meet at The Vogue bar at 8pm. I got there a bit early. So I sat down, got a small beer and messaged her letting her know I was already there but that she could take her time. At 8:15pm, she was not there yet so I sent her a message asking her if she got kidnapped. She messaged me at 8:35pm that she felt asleep and just woke up and that by the time she had showered, dressed up and got there it would be 10pm/10:30pm. I was really pissed and usually I would have just left and forget about her. But it was my last in Budapest. I was flying out the next day at 2pm. So I messaged her that I was pissed but sucked it up and ask her if she was still coming and she said yes.

In the meantime, I decided to go back to my apartment to take a quick shower to wake me up and went to the date venue to double check that where still some couches available on the top floor.

She arrived around 10:40pm but with 2 female friends!!! They were planning to go to a bar then clubbing. She wanted me to join them. I was fuming! But somehow I still managed to keep enough cool so to speak. I just looked at her with the “WTF” face, said “Bye” and walked away. I was really mad and was messaging RoyWalker about it to release a bit my anger on my way back to the apartment. I was thinking that it has been pretty mediocre from the Daygame perspective in Budapest and that I would end this trip with a Date 2 with girl that was really on but showed up over an hour late with 2 friends.

A couple of minutes after I got back to the apartment, to my surprise, she called me. She apologized and said that she would like to spend time with me as she knew I was leaving tomorrow. I asked her if she will come along she said yes. I asked her to come to meet me at the Starbucks near my apartment, which was also closer to the date venue.

Venue 1: Café Zsivago

So we met at Starbucks and we went to Russian style coffee called Café Zsivago. It was date venue recommended by a fellow Daygamer. It’s small but a great place because it’s rather quiet and with private rooms with couches on the top floor. We ordered 2 glasses of wine at the bar and went up to one of the private rooms.

I was still pretty pissed that I haven’t completely cool down. She explained me that it was planned that she would go to party with her friends that night. That’s when I remembered during the iDate that she told me she was not available the next day. So she was planning to go on date with me earlier in the evening and then go party with her friends. It also turned out that actually it was one of her friends that told her to call me and go meet me. They know how she is into Asian guys and told her that it’s difficult to meet cute Asians in Budapest. In my head I was like “Good! She and her friend find me cute”.

I was ok and cool down after those explanations. On date 1, I couldn’t manage to get her to tell me what she was doing in Hong Kong and China as a job but she eventually told me. She was a cocktail girl/waitress in premium club in Hong Kong and a club dancer in China (Guangzhou). Apparently there are plenty of Central and Eastern European girls working in bars and clubs in China and South East Asia. She was a bit ashamed to tell me. At first I thought about teasing her and moving into my sexual conversation straight away as it have been smooth transition considering the topics but I would see she was not every proud so I let it go and didn’t go expand on it more. She asked me a typical shit test question “Why are you single?” to which I replied that I have girlfriend per day of the week and per country and that the Friday girlfriend in Hungary was opened due to a recent argument. She laughed and hit me on the shoulder. That’s when I pulled her in and kissed her. By the way, she was looking amazing, dressed up for clubbing, tight short red dress and black heels shoes and all dolled up. I remembered thinking that she does have a body of a club dancer. We went for another round of drinks and she wanted do to shots and went down to order 3 different shots: vodka, tequila and I actually forgot what was the last one.

After the first one or 2 shots, she was telling that she has a boyfriend in Hong Kong and in China. The one in Hong Kong was Japanese and the one in China was Chinese and even since she can only date Asian guys. As an Asian, I wanted to hear more about it but it was getting late and to be honest I was quite turned on and I just wanted to get more physical so I pulled her in again we were making out. She was caressing and squeezing my hand so I said to drink the last shot and go to my apartment for some wine. She didn’t say anything and I just lead. I stood up, grabbed her hand and just lead her out of coffee/bar.

Venue 2: The apartment

The apartment was a couple of blocks away so we got there in a couple of minutes. In the apartment, we took off our shoes, she went to set on the couch, I put the music on. Then went to get the bottle of white wine and the glasses. I poured the glasses, sat down next to her and we were just talking about the apartment. That I was well decorated and etc. I think it was a bit passed 1am at this point. We did the cross hand arms cheers it glasses. I’m not sure how we call this kind of cheering in English. I asked her if she could go anywhere in the world right now where would she goes and she replied Hong Kong. I was not that surprise than I asked her what she likes about it. She mentioned the street foods that it’s amazing for shopping and safe day and night. She continued commenting on the fact that she thought that mentally I was way more European than Asian, to which I agree and told her a bit more about my life growing up in France. I pulled her in again, put her arms around my neck and kissed her. She moved in closer and we were making out for a while. I started to unzip her dress but she zipped it back up as we were making out. I was like “Ok, roll back!”. I suggested to watch a movie. I put on put a classic: Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona (credit to Tom Torero). I chromecasted it on the TV screen using my phone. She was leaning on me with her head on my shoulder.

Get ready for stream of LRMs

About 30 minutes, I looked at her and she looked me back and said “What?”. I told her she look beautiful and went for the kiss, which turned to another making out session. I put my hand on her lab and slowly moved it up under the dress while making out. As I tried to put my hand on her pussy (over the underwear) but she moved my hand away. I rolled back again and poured some wine and went back to watching the movie. About 10 minutes after, I escalated again, making out and this time she put her hand under my shirt. I grabbed her ass, looked her her and said “nice and firm”. She grabbed mine and said “not too bad”. We resumed the making out. I went for unzipping her dress again and this time she let me. I took the dress half down and she stood up and took it off completely. She was in red lingerie like her dress. I remembered thinking “Damn! What amazing hot body!”. I stood up and took off my shirt. I turned her around, put her against me and grabbed her boobs over her bra. I turned her back, told her how sexy she was and made out again.

Then I lead her up to the bed. It was a mezzanine type of apartment, the bed was on a open floor on the top.

The bed on the mezzanine on the top


On the bed I took off my jean, went back to making out and tried to put her hand into my boxer but she wouldn’t and was caressing my cock over the boxer.

I unhooked her bra, grabbed and then suck her tits. A small scream** went off her month. I tried to go down under to her pussy again with my hand but she stopped me again.

At this point she had only her pantie on and me my boxer on. I pined her down on the bed, kissing her harder, with my knee pushing between her legs. She was breathing harder and harder and a few screams came out but she was really controlling herself. I’ve tried a couple of more times to put my hand under her pantie to finger her and to pull down her pantie but she would stop me every time but was still kissing me hard, with her hands all over my back and ass.

At this point, I don’t know what time it was. My phone was down on the couch. The alcohol from the shots was really kicking into my system. I’m not a good drinker and very rarely do shots so my head was starting to spin a little bit. I was still trying to arousal her as much as I could but with the head spinning a bit, the fatigue cumulating and I was starting to get frustrated. So I just gave up on trying to have sex with her at the point and just laid down on the bed and told her that I was tired and we should sleep. I felt asleep almost instantly.

Then I think about a couple of hours later, I could feel her kissing my neck and then my chest. So I woke up, well I was still half sleeping. She kissed me and then making out again. She put down my boxer and started to play with my cock. I went for the pussy again and this time she let me pull down her pantie. I fingered her and it all escalated quickly from then and we were having sex.

We had a the post-sex talk under the pillow for at least 30 minutes, went for round 2 and went back to sleep again.

I actually woke up in panic as I had to go to the airport and a shuttle bus would be waiting for me at 11am. I went down in hurry to check my phone and I basically had less than 30 minutes to pack the rest of my stuff and at least for a quick shower. So I asked her to leave.

Debrief/Post-sex talk

She told me that she wanted to have sex as soon as we were making out on the couch but she doesn’t usually have sex so fast with guys and she only had sex when she is in a relationship. She was insisting on the fact that she is a good girl and not easy. While I was sleeping she was only half asleep and she was totally tuned on and eventually thought that she couldn’t miss the opportunity to have sex with a guy that was her type.

More to my Asian brothers

The rest of this post is more a feedback from her to my Asian bros. I’m going to generalise of course. I haven’t been thinking either to post what she told me about her experience with Asian guys in Asia and in San Fransisco or not (she was there for a month with 2 friends). As it could be portrayed as a bit negative but at the same time it’s just one girl but I thought that it was very valuable for Asian guys.

She is a pretty girl who has gotten quite crazy about Asian guys, specially Japanese during her time in Hong Kong and Guangzhou. She also took the opportunity to travel to some countries in South East Asia and Japan while she was in the region. Now she can’t see herself dating other guys than Asians.


She told me how much she was frustrating about Asian guys not making a move. She would gave all the IOIs in the world that guys still wouldn’t come and talk too her in clubs. She always had to take the initiative and approach then the conversation starts rolling but here comes the next problem. When she would feel attracted and would like to move to a more romantic level, she had to take the initiative again. She told me that she would get physically closed to Asian guys, grabbed their hands, they still wouldn’t make a move to escalate!

The exact words that she used was “How much of my girl pride should I swallow?!”.

To be fair, I used to be guilty of this, chickened out and being afraid to escalation and I think even now, once in a while I still am. This is just my impression from Asian guys on forums, from Asian male friends and from male relatives but it seems like for Asian guys (generalizing again), sexual anxiety is actually an even bigger roadblock than approach anxiety.

I hope this is not gonna sound like bragging but this girl was extremely surprised that I approached, that was direct in my intend and lead her all the way to the bedroom and sex. She would have never thought that an Asian guy would be able to do that**.

To conclude, to my Asian bros: FUCKING MAN UP AND GROW A PAIR!

*I usually don’t go for the date question on set but it was leaving Budapest so I went for it.

**My sex vocabulary in English is very limited

***To be fair, she did some leading


4 thoughts on “Lay report: Hungarian J-pop fan

  1. Nice girl. Good story. Respect for your persistence!

    “I played anti-provider game, telling her I’m unemployed and living in my parents’ basement and can only afford to eat instant noodles.” – I had to laugh out loud. That is soooo good, esp. when I think back when I tried to be the half-assed nice guy provider puppy… the best things in life are free!

    ““Why are you single?” to which I replied that I have girlfriend per day of the week and per country and that the Friday girlfriend in Hungary was opened due to a recent argument. She laughed and hit me on the shoulder.” same with that – I had a similar one in my repository but this one is just amazing…

    thx keep going

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