Lay Report: Ukrainian flight attendant – Very very very long game


Approach/Open in Kiev at the end of August 2014

It was back in August 2014, when I started to really actively daygaming, about a month after meeting my very first wing RoyWalker in Dublin. I was living there back then. We were very newbie as you can imagine. I decided to take a quick trip to Ukraine to visit some friends that I met volunteering in Ukraine in 2012. I was mainly in Odessa and Nikolaev, and stopped by Kiev for 2 days on my way back to Dublin.

In Kiev, I’ve decided to do some solo daygame. My approach anxiety was sky high because I was pretty much not very experience, solo and abroad. I was wandering around the main street (Khreshchatyk, where apparently has been getting burned this summer ;)) for hours without doing a single approaches. Then I eventually managed to bring myself to do a few “hit and run” approaches before seeing her just getting out of a shop.

It was a while ago so I don’t remember much besides that I went direct, found out she was from Donetsk and a flight attendant based the Middle East on a family visit. We talked a bit about Donetsk as I’ve been there and ended up getting her number.

Long text game for months

We were communicating on WhatsApp. Unfortunately, I don’t have history of our messages from back then anymore so I’m trying to remember as much as I think as writing this post. We chatted once or twice every month or 2 months about different things from our life back in our countries to relationships. She was sending me photos of her in cities where she was on stopover and layover for her job. She is extravert and has energy in general and now that I think about it, I was friendly and any girls would have put me in the friend zone, maybe she did and I got out later, hard to tell.

First date in Kiev in spring or summer 2015

She messaged me that she would go to visit her mom in Ukraine for a week so I decided to take some a week off to go to Kiev. I wasn’t just going for her, I also had a few leads from my Ukraine trip from August 2014.

We met at a coffee on Khreshchatyk that is now closed unfortunately. I used to take all my dates in Kiev there. Again it was a while ago, I really don’t remember well the banter, teasing and what I did for comfort but I did go for the kiss. She rebuffed me a couple of times but eventually we were lightly making out. I attempted to pull her back to my apartment but she said that she had to take an earlier train in the morning.

Back to another long text game period

It was pretty much the same as the first text period before the first date, a lot of comfort, pinging but we moved on to more sexual conversations. I remembered once that I playfully told her that her boobs were just ok then she reacted saying that her ass is great and that guys love it, and love to take her doggy style but she was not a fan.

I think around the end of 2015, she got a boyfriend, an Australian guy, living in Perth, a doctor, pretty boy kind guy, as she was flying there while regularly as a flight attendant. I was not pissed but I remembered thinking “shit” in my head as it seems like she was very into him.

Anyway, fast forward to around July this year, she announced me that she broke up with her boyfriend because he was way to jealous as asking her about every guys that she would add on Facebook, with whom she was going go out, if there would be guys and even asked her not to work on flights to Europe. He was very afraid of European guys.

Second date in Budapest on September 18, 2016.

Before coming to Budapest, I just randomly pinged her that I will go to Budapest and luckily it turned that that she had a layover in Budapest on September 19, 2016.


She landed late morning and had plans with her crew members later that day so she could only do lunch. I just agreed and thinking that I would just take it from there.

I met her at her hotel at 1:30pm to maximize the time as she got to her hotel at around 1pm. When we met in the lobby she jumped on me giving me a massive hug. We went to a pub around the corner to get some lunch. We just chi-chated, she wanted to know about my cousin’s wedding that happened before coming to Budapest. She told me about which nationalities are the worse passengers and which are the best ones. We were seating at a table for the food. She ordered pork ribs and fries, and a beer and I got a burger and a beer as well. She was eating with her hands a quite manly dish so I teased her a bit telling her “That’s so sexy. I’m completely turned on”. She replied with a “fuck you” and showing me her middle fingers. I forgot to say that she swears a lot! I teased her multiple times in general about it as you wouldn’t expect this from a flight attendant working for one of those Premium Middle East Airlines.

After finishing our lunch, I tried to lead her to another place but she wouldn’t. She was saying that she was too tired as she landed from a long haul flight from Perth in the morning, and wanted to take a nap before going out with her crew members. As we walked back and getting closed to the hotel, I told her that I was thirsty and it would be great if I could get some free bottle of water from her hotel room as I know fancy hotel usually have free bottles of water in rooms. I know! I know! Such as shit excuse to go back into her hotel room. But it worked! 😀

In her hotel room

When we got into the room, she took off her shoes and let down her hair. I was looking at her and in this very moment I was really feeling that she was really hot and sexy. She caught me staring at her and said “What?”. I told her that she was sexy with her hair down and just grabbed her by the waist and went for the kiss. She kissed me back and then moved to making out. As a diligent game student, I stopped first and sat on the bed. She followed and sat next to me. I looked at her in the eyes for a few seconds and she kissed me and making out again but heavier for a couple of minutes. I stopped first again and then she just said “You want me right?”. She is a very forward girl in general, she is really not afraid to say what she has in her mind. I paused for a few seconds and said “I’m not sure. Try to convince me”. Then, she sat on my laps, facing me and we made out. I unbuttoned her blouse and threw it on the floor. Then she suddenly stopped, got up and told me to wait. She was still in her work outfit and only had one set of it. She didn’t want to mess them and get winkles on them. She picked up the blouse, put it nicely on the chair, took her her pants and put in nicely on the chair as well, and sat back on my laps in underwear.We resumed where we left off. She pulled off my tank, I took off her brat and sucked her tits. That’s when she asked the magic question “Do you have a condom?”. The rest is history.

Debrief and thoughts

I asked her when she decided to have sex with me. She said it was when I grabbed her by the waist and kissed her. It turned her on. I guess I just gave her a heavy slash of masculinity by doing that but I just really felt like it on the moment.

She is the second long lead that I’ve managed to get a lay with. The other one was also Ukrainian. I have a lot of long leads in Ukraine, as I’ve been there 5 times since 2014 for short trips. I’m more a Date 2/3 lay person. Fast escalation and SDLs and even Date 1 lays are still something that I’m struggling with and working on. So this is not the best when Daygaming while travelling. I haven’t counted but many of them dropped off. From my experience and in my opinion, long game is like running a marathon and it can be frustrating depending on the girls and because it requires regular constant time investment to avoid leads to drop off.


5 thoughts on “Lay Report: Ukrainian flight attendant – Very very very long game

  1. >> asked her when she decided to have sex with me. She said it was when I grabbed her by the waist and kissed her. It turned her on.

    I have a theory that when you are dominant with a girls “large body parts” it will turn her on more.

    Grabbing a girl around the waist with one arm, pulling her in… perfect example. Or hooking an arm around her thigh, dragging her across the bed… They love it.

    Grabbing her wrist is good… Hooking your whole are around her waist is better.

    Good post, man.


    • >> I have a theory that when you are dominant with a girls “large body parts” it will turn her on more.

      Especially her. She actually became a great “friend” and she has been complaining about how men have been losing their balls and how she needs a man that can pull her back at her place. haha

      Liked by 1 person

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