Lay Report: Miss Sunflower (May 2016, Tallinn)

Kinda like her with blonder hair

I have a few very raw approach, date and lay reports in doc. from my 2 years daygaming. I don’t think I’ll publish them all here as it does require some time to edit but every now and then when the time allows it, like now, since I’m bored at my parents’ place, I’ll put the more memorable ones.

This post one of them. She is memorable because, she is one of those girls that make you feel like stop gaming for her so to speak. The whole history is kinda romantic as well.

The street interaction and iDate

It was back in May this year. I was a sunny day, I approached her in the park right in front of the Viru Keskus. I went in direct like usual. Big eyes, blushing. I teased her on the sunflower she was carrying. Unfortunately I forgot what I said. She told me about where she got the sunflower and that she was on her way back from a singing performances. When she told me she was just on her way home but had 30 minutes before her bus arrives. I decided to go for the instant date. We just went to the coffee around the corner. I told her a bit about why I’m in Tallinn, she told me about her studies. She told me that she is Ukrainian but born in Tallinn and that she teaches Estonian to foreigners during her spare time. I just ignored it and kept gaming. 30 minutes just flew and suddenly she had to run to catch her bus. I got her facebook and she just vanished leaving her sunflower on the table.

Facebook messages interaction 1 and Date 0.5

It was kinda “romantic” since I had to take care of her sunflower for a couple of days. watering it.

Below the messages interaction following the iDate that lead to the Date.

img_1413   img_1414   img_1415

img_1416   img_1417   img_1418img_1418   img_1419

We arranged to meet again so she can collect her sunflower. We just met in front of a mall closed after work and went straight to my place to pick up the sunflower. Nothing special on that day, I didn’t know but she didn’t have time as she has to go back home to study for her math exam, so we just went to my place and picked up the sunflower and left to get her bus. On that day she also mentioned that she has a Russian boyfriend who lives in Spain. I just ignored it. This is why I called it Date 0.5. It was 30 minutes top. So back to messaging.

Facebook messages interaction 2

Tallinn is small city, even for a capital. It’s like around 450K inhabitant. So I’ve randomly run into her again. I forgot what I said but I followed up by messages in a chessy way to arrange the date. Some screenshot of the messages that lead to the date below. Here the funny thing, I almost fucked up the logistics as I thought the date was d+1 she thought it was on d-1. So we were still messaging, I was still on my daygame session break and she messaged that she was here. I checked the time and it was around 5:15pm which the time were supposed to meet but today. This is when I realize the she got confused with the day! Thanks god Tallinn is a small city so I went to the straight to the meeting point.

img_1421   img_1422   img_1423

img_1424   img_1425   img_1426

img_1427   img_1428

The Date

Venue 1: Park

I was planning to run my usual data venue which starts with a French bistro but doesn’t drink. So I took her to a park near by. We just sat on the grass for like 30 minutes. A lot of comfort with a few spikes every now and then. Very textbook. She turned out to be quite smart and interesting for her age (She is 19). She speaks and learns several languages, works and study at the same time.

Venue 2: Linnahall (closed soviet concert hall)

I bounced her to the top an now closed soviet concert hall. It’s basically facing the baltic sea. It’s a popular spot for couples. We went into deep comfort with questions about her family, crazier thing she has done, her dreams, etc. I learnt that she is a fruitarian. I heard about it but she is the very first person that I actually know who is one. She told the whole story about how she became a fruitarian. In return, I told her more about myself, how a grew up and my strict asian education and how it was growing up on Paris. I could see she was really into it and listened every single word. It was getting very windy. She was hungry so we went to a store. On the way there, I remembered that I did a little spike, I was checking out her legs, she noticed it and I called it out “Yeah I’m a guy, I enjoyed nice legs” with a wink. She blushed and said that she likes my honesty so to speak because most guys look but when she caught them off they just look away but that I wasn’t ashamed, to which I replied that I’m a man and this is normal.

Venue 3: Pirita beach

At the shop, she got a few bananas, then I decided to bounce her to the beach in Pirita. It’s like a 5-10 bus ride. We got into the bus and we met a colleague of mine who is also Ukrainian. We talk a bit about Ukraine and Kiev. He left a couple of stations after. Arriving at the bus, we walked along the beach, it was very quiet, not many people. It was rather late for Tallinn, about 9:30pm if I remember well. Note that at the moment, it’s getting white night-isa in this part of the world getting into June and in July, specially the sun go down for just a couple of hours per day.

It was fun, she actually grabbed my hand and leaded me closer to the sea. I said something cheesy like I was going to melt and that I was an ice cream. Haha anyway. It was very romantic, I pushed her in the water, just the feet, she screamed, she tried to push me in the water as well but she didn’t succeed. Just a lot of fun emotions. Then we sat on some swings and well and more comfort while swinging.

Then we went to sit on the sand, it was totally not planned but with the view, the beach the sun setting, it was very cinematic. So this is when I went for the kiss. After that I accused her of setting this all up, the sun setting, the beach, the all ambiance, she laughed but then kissed me back and called me a “Sunny melting banana” to which I replied “You are like banana and I’m like a sun” referring to a message exchange about being a sunflower and being the sun and that she needs be to survived.

More kissing. Then suddenly, she checked the time and realized she missed her last bus from the Pirita beach station to her place and that now she had to go back to the city center and take a bus from her. In my head I was like “Yes!” haha.

Venue 4: My place

So we took a bus back to the city center. I decided to pull her back with the phone charging excuse. But really, again, the reason doesn’t matter, girls really know what it means and she has been to my place before to pick up the sunflower.

At my place, since she is fruitarian, I just blended her a smoothie with the last banana she had left and some apples that I had. I got for a glass of rosé wine. I put some music on, we sat on the couch drinking then we started to make out. I lead her to the bedroom, laid her down to the bed. We talked a bit. Then, it naturally escalating: making out, the clothes came down and the rest it’s history.

Post-sex interview

After the sex, I asked her when she knew she was attractive to me, she said within the first few seconds. She said that she was attractive to my boldness of her stopping her in the park, and she thought I was cute (+2pts for me ;)). She also liked how cheesy confident. I did say quite a lot of cheesy bullshit.  But she thought it was playful and charming.


We were kinda in a open relationship until she left to Spain in mid-July to join her boyfriend. We did couples stuff, like going to see the movies, walking in the park, she also tried to teach me Estonian.

I was actually very into her. We connected well and I did felt heart broken the day she left to Spain. Sometime, I still catch myself thinking about her and being jealous that the boyfriend is fucking her.

Final thoughts

Mainly because of her very special diet of only drink and eating fruits so no alcohol as well, I had to improvise and couldn’t run my usual date logistic. I believe I got luck a few times with the logistics, specially when she missed her last bus from the beach station. Some gamers think that she missed it on purpose. 🙂




6 thoughts on “Lay Report: Miss Sunflower (May 2016, Tallinn)

  1. Hey liking the blog posts, was wandering have you day gamed in western counties like the uk and the usa , how do they react to the fact your asian , im only asking since im indian myself,


    • I started daygaming in Dublin. I did my first 600-700 approaches there. I’ve done like 50ish approaches in London and maybe 10ish in Paris but it was over a year ago when I was still going through the beginner’s hell. Personally and probably lucky, I’ve never felt that being Asian was a disadvantage with girls and I can’t remember ever getting bad reaction for girls. This is something I heard a lot. But I advise not to give a fuck. It doesn’t worth it worrying about it or even worse, use ethnicity as an excuse. This is the roll of the des. We are born as we are and be proud of our heritage. I know I am! we just have maximise what nature gave us and game through it. FYI, I indirectly know 2 indians gamers that are pretty good.


  2. Loved reading this lay report, as it had a nice romantic journey to it. You put in some good details. I feel you’re very honest in retelling what actually happened and it’s inspiring to Asian guys like myself who want to date more outside their ethnicity and culture. 😊👍👍


    • Thanks man! Maybe I got lucky but I have never had any issues dating girls outside of my race. I’ve heard that “expression” a few times, mainly from former Asian American colleagues and some forums/groups and it makes jump in my head every time I heard that. I had one Chinese French girlfriend back in high school and went on date with 2 asians from daygame only.


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